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Break Me by EarbanaSahmot
Break Meby UnsettledMist
Deep down he knew he loved it...The degrading words, the feeling of hands around his neck, the feeling of welts and bruises all over his body...he knew deep down, He lov...
The Sadist's Handbook by marquis_of_the_shade
The Sadist's Handbookby S
The handbook guide for any and all sadists.
~Fuck Off~shigadabi by Marie_texts
~Fuck Off~shigadabiby Marie Texts
this is just a smut/lemon filled story for you guys, there will be some fluff at time but it'll be very small bit. The first few chapters will be only small bit of lemon...
My Love, His Curse by WitchBitch91
My Love, His Curseby Brianna Jones
This is a story about Ember who meets a dark and mysterious man named Tiedon at a beach party, who ends up kidnapping her. Ember, enjoys how dangerous he is, but is it m...
Chaos ; Joker x Reader  by audreywrites720
Chaos ; Joker x Reader by Audrey
A world of chaos surrounds (Y/N). She hears stories about the Batman, the mob, the Joker, the GPD. The Joker begins to take over Gotham city. He robs a bank with a few g...
In the story where jennie is very very toxic, sadist and a complete villain. Lets all find out what "REGRETS" are we talking about And the prologue begins...
Inferno by ShradhaJayaprakash
Infernoby INT_Rud3_R
And If you want to use me, I could be your puppet..
Where Y/n get kidnapped by the most dangerous three Yakuza leaders of Asia. - TWICEJLINEFANFIC @demiandoll©2022
Bring It On; In It To Win It (RIREN) by gayfanficslol
Bring It On; In It To Win It ( alex
Eren and Levi always go against eachother for completions. To them, everyone is not too good for them. Eren and Levi both write songs about their lifestyles and how they...
Mango by jowitthebooks
Mangoby cocoinfused
[Mature content] James was just your average guy when he met her. A mysteriously, deviant girl with dark eyes that ate him alive. When he was around her never knew when...
Warmth Of Seduction #Wattys2020 by Diamond_Ash_Writer
Warmth Of Seduction #Wattys2020by Diamond Ash
"Oh c'mon, I know you're attracted to me, I saw you staring at me" She said as she flung herself on the stranger. "You're drunk, go away" The strange...
Became a Furry by sanariasepher17
Became a Furryby Sanaria Sepher
Kevin is a gay furry who lives a normal life until suddenly he died after getting hit by a truck. When he wakes up, he gets himself in someone else body, which is a furr...
FATAL TRAGEDY! by massdestructer
FATAL TRAGEDY!by Gary Goodspeed
Deku has lead a depressing life He holds a secret. A secret that hurts the people around him. A secret that has been kept unknown from everybody. Which was simple, until...
POSSESSED ; Daenerys University by SuitorofHell
POSSESSED ; Daenerys Universityby Selene Judy Volkswitch
Daenerys University seemed to be like any other catholic school. Girls are separated from boys. Being taught with lessons and good deeds. But how would people react if t...
Balalaikas Child [Remastering] by Jackdreemurr
Balalaikas Child [Remastering]by Yumi
Without any family, running homeless in the streets of Moscow, a badass woman, Balalaika takes you in, being a mercenary is hard work, and getting shot isn't fun, as you...
It's Not Easy To be A Man After Travelling To The Future by BLOODY_EMPRESS_V
It's Not Easy To be A Man After Flaming_Sky
After dying from a strange terminal illness, Ling Lan was reborn into a world 10000 years into the future. Although she dearly wished she could just live a peaceful and...
Sakara in Diabolik lovers by MoiraCochrane8
Sakara in Diabolik loversby Moira Cochrane
Sakura dies in the 4th great shinobi war and is summoned by Karlheinz to teach his sons! maybe Yui too. 'ahh, screw it. I'm dead anyways.' On she goes to teach these pes...
Hawks x Dabi by Potato_Trash_45
Hawks x Dabiby Squishy
Fluffy for days. Plot. That's about it. Hope you enjoy. Main character may or may not die. Haven't decided yet.
Touch Me And You're DEAD [REV! TSUNA!] by VeliusWings
Touch Me And You're DEAD [REV! Raven
Sawada Tsunayoshi younger brother of Sawada Lekatsu, direct descendants of Vongola Primo.. Tsunayoshi also know an as Tsuna/Tuna WAS a child who is very smart, kind, p...