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Sex Island by IWantToBePurple
Sex Islandby Boo_Face
Who would have thought a deal to protect them could actually form a weird, sexy, threesome relationship? Definitly not Kaden and Ally. When they both experince a weird p...
  • threesomecouple
  • masochist
  • death
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Chains by DarkRoyallty
Chainsby ♚DarkRoyallty♚
Ezmy was an almost average young woman. She had a promising career, suportive friends and the perfect boyfriend. Her friends take her out for night of fun since she's al...
  • darkroyallty
  • sadist
  • sexpet
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Captured | #1 ✓ by DarkerFantasy
Captured | #1 ✓by • elijah •
Caleb is a man with a singular interest in revenge. Kidnapped as a young boy and sold into slavery by a power-hungry mobster, he has thought of nothing but vengeance. Fo...
  • kidnapped
  • stockholmsyndrome
  • love
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The vampire's princess by guccisisss
The vampire's princessby guccisisss
#9 in werewolvesandvampires !! I suck at writing descriptions :p It is the year 4022, vampires have slinked from the shadows and taken over the world. They are governmen...
  • werewolvesandvampires
  • love
  • maturethemes
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ΕЯЯΟЯ by fabrilia
ΕЯЯΟЯby f a b r i l i a
#1 in internetlove Most people usually finds their special ones through friends, dating apps and social occasions, but that's not the case for everyone. Daisy Brown foun...
  • darkweb
  • adultfiction
  • obsessed
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Touch Me And You're DEAD [REV! TSUNA!] by VeliusWings
Touch Me And You're DEAD [REV! Raven
Sawada Tsunayoshi younger brother of Sawada Lekatsu, direct descendants of Vongola Primo.. Tsunayoshi also know an as Tsuna/Tuna WAS a child who is very smart, kind, p...
  • guardians
  • khr
  • kindness
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The School's Doctor Is A Kid by Not_A_Killer_Unicorn
The School's Doctor Is A Kidby Zion
"Excuse me, but aren't you a little young to be a specially trained doctor?" They asked the child with a dumbfounded look. "Yes, yes I am." The child...
  • tamaki
  • murder
  • hikaru
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AMBW Experimentation Baekhyun *Exo* by blackpopper
AMBW Experimentation Baekhyun *Exo*by Person Of Color
AMBW Baekhyun is a male escort who has a share of strange women. What happens when he meets a woman who isn't so strange? This book has no filter.
  • love
  • bdsm
  • interracial
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Fifty Shades Of Kris [completed] by Jeeezzxx
Fifty Shades Of Kris [completed]by Jennxxxi
Найз залуугаасаа салсан Ча Сүми дээр эгч Ча Сэёон ирж татгалзахын аргаггүй санал тавин, залуухан халуухан чинээлэг ноёнтон Ву Ифанаас ярилцлага авч, тэдний харилцаа эхлэ...
  • fiftyshades
  • bossy
  • seyoung
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Not A Love Story  by Anna1Ariana
Not A Love Story by Anna1Ariana
If you're looking for heart-warming, fluffy chapters then you're looking in all the wrong places. But if you're like me ,a person who doesn't believe in love but only pa...
  • bdsm
  • sadist
Sadist | The King Of Mafia by _Gypsy_Girl_
Sadist | The King Of Mafiaby A.Dee
I entered his room, my eyes filled with tears and my heart pounding fast. He had his back towards me, wearing a black tux, he stood tall. "You wanted to know how I...
  • possessive
  • fiction
  • drama
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Sex Metal Barbie // lashton by gothboi5sos
Sex Metal Barbie // lashtonby devilish angel
Dark rumors are just that - rumors, but Ashton's ruined image isn't a problem to Luke because even if other's can't see past article headlines, he can.
  • gay
  • calumhood
  • 5secondsofsummer
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Merciless: BDSM  by GiantSnails
Merciless: BDSM by Beauty
"Tell me what you want, my little slave." Mercy laid me down, arms pinning me to the bed I tried so damn hard to melt into. I moaned, "Please.. don't make...
  • masochism
  • submission
  • discipline
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++Seesaw++ by Minjinssi
++Seesaw++by 🍓🍓🍓
Хоосон дүүжин дээр ганцаараа дэнжигнэж байгаагаа одоог хүртэл ойлгоогүй хэрэг үү?
  • sadist
  • love
  • twins
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Best friend Dom? by cookiesNmilf
Best friend Dom?by cookiesNmilf
Amelia and Lydia has been best friends since kindergarten. Even since then Amelia has always been rough and demanding while Lydia has been incredibly shy, sweet and inn...
  • lesbian
  • bdsm
  • kinky
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Sadist next door by Nico_story
Sadist next doorby Nico
Jungkook's life was boring until a certain professor turned his world upside down and made things complicated.
  • gdragon
  • gkook
  • jeonjungkook
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The Alpha King's Little Mate by demonstrativee
The Alpha King's Little Mateby d
Unlike most werewolves, Charlotte finds her mate at only the age of three. What she doesn't yet understand is how mysterious and knotted into her life the Alpha King is...
  • agegap
  • kings
  • werewolfking
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In Love With the Sadist  by _krizzy_
In Love With the Sadist by Krizzy
"Go to hell." I say as I press my teeth together clenching my fists. He presses me harder into the wall. "I'm already there and soon, you'll be by my si...
  • fiction
  • romance
  • relationship
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Property of a Vampire by TheVampireMaster
Property of a Vampireby The BoogieMan
Human trafficking isn't rare, very common. Girls kidnapped, manipulated, used like objects. Vampires mostly participated in this along with the auctions. They needed blo...
  • master
  • neko
  • humantrafficking
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My Master - Yoonmin by Eviolus-
My Master - Yoonminby ♡
Yoongi and Jimin meet at a bar after Jimin's bestfriend has a rough break up. Jimin finds out Yoongi is being abused and tries his best to help him and get him out of th...
  • masochist
  • master
  • yoongi
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