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Sweet Blood by Arestella
Sweet Bloodby hamsa mamiscal
Athanasia is a normal princess who is heir to the throne and future Ruler of the empire, living her life peacefully. Suddenly getting lost in the forest stumbling upon t...
Nine's Soulmate by Indiadanna
Nine's Soulmateby India Danna
Who is Nine's soulmate among his teammates? Started 6 March 2022 Ended 16 April 2022
aku dijodohin sama idolaku  by ga_ada
aku dijodohin sama idolaku by embreem
cerita seorang wanita yg di jodohin sama idolannya sendiri
unknown world || tokyorevenger× reader by anime_funfiction
unknown world || tokyorevenger× Funfiction
A girl from a different dimension was killed and got reincarnated and became the daughter of an billionaire He met the tokyo manji gang and became there friend She also...
THE SERCRET OF LARA SANDOVAL by binibining_marikit12
THE SERCRET OF LARA SANDOVALby binibining_marikit12
this is an story of a ordinary woman and she meet the prince of united kingdom because she is so smart and gorgeous and she fell in love to the prince and marry her she...
Bad(small Story) by Morethanyoubaby
Bad(small Story)by 🌈🌙
ზეინი:თვალს ვერ აშორებ გეი პორნოს,მგონი მოგეწონა;)
Bughead -one shots by pinkmasters001
Bughead -one shotsby Butterfly/riverdale🦋
Just some sad one shots about one of our favourite couple!!🥰😍 🚨Taking requests!!🚨 Started:7th of february 2022 Finished: on going
COLLAPSE by selvi030
COLLAPSEby سِـيلڤي
أغلقَ التلفاز يشعرُ بالإنتصارِ .. هل أصبحَ حديث الساعة الآن ؟ رائِع اللعبة أصبحَت مشوقة و هذا يروقُ له و كثيراً .
"Your My Fear"(BTS Series #5) PARK JIMIN by jen_nieZERO5
"Your My Fear"(BTS Series #5) Gina Gianna Flores
Park Ji-min (박지민), better known by his stage name Jimin (지민), He is a vocalist and a dancer of the biggest boyband in the world BTS. In all the group jimin is the only M...
Extinguish The Heat Fanfiction by only-maleficent
Extinguish The Heat Fanfictionby Maleficent
Praca brała udział w konkursie literackim na Pizgacz Army, który był związany z twórczością @Pizgacz. Praca NIE jest kopią, jest to fikcja literacka zbudowana na potrze...
message1 by Morethanyoubaby
message1by 🌈🌙
CODES by outcaxt
CODESby riri
Do you love decoding codes? Here are some codes you must know with their examples as your guide.
Armionie (a Harry Potter and Hermionie Granger love story) by rpgamergirl6
Armionie (a Harry Potter and Yuki Kiryu
Ron breaks Hermionie's heart after discovering he has feelings for Luna. So Hermionie decides to stop waiting, She dumps Ron, Leaving her heart open. Harry decides to st...
Folklore Before Sleep by Oktasiane
Folklore Before Sleepby Oktasiane
Dogeng sebelum tidur untuk usia remaja ke atas, Baca, Bayangkan, Tidur. Yang suka bikin skenario sebelum tidur wajib baca. Semoga menghibur😉 "Can you be mine?&quo...
One shot Collection by ptrsh_prxttyy
One shot Collectionby ptrshxprxttyy
One shot ramdom stories colloection because is boredom. Note: this is all completed but madadagdag pa yan. Status: complicated ☃️🌸
The True Beauty by eraaaa11
The True Beautyby E.R.A
what's beauty for you? is it about being almost perfect? is it the person you see in magazine? does beauty really need to have plastic surgery to be called that he/she i...
Would you rather? Choose? Pick one? Who among? ANYTHING ABOUT YGE
[APH] Akademia W. by MyDadLoveMex3
[APH] Akademia PruskiZiemniak ;_:
Wszystkim powszechnie wiadomo , że każde szanujące się państwo uczęszcza do Akademii W- uczelni owianej płaszczem tajemnicy , znajdującej się w środku świata . Jednak dl...
Loud house x reader  by Ro3ie_
Loud house x reader by Ro3ie_
Ur family left you at the loud house at the age of 9, Telling they heard to run to store really quick they told you to take your bags with you for some reason Now I'm h...
Borba za njegovo srce by romantic__woman
Borba za njegovo srceby romantic__woman
Nekako mi je Aleksandra više preduzimljivi tip koji nikada ne bi dočekala da joj „dogori do nokata", pa tek onda da reaguje.. Ona je ta koja je sa manje stega i ako...