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Ms. Sweet and Mr. Caring by Photon_world
Ms. Sweet and Mr. Caringby Photon_world
A sweet Story about a Girl Sanya, who is kind, soft, quiet and friendly in nature. Things take turn when she goes to a college. Sanya encounters with the person whom sh...
His Obsessed love by Author_Fiction99
His Obsessed loveby Author_Fiction99
He's a Self-centered, Remorseless, Stubbornly, Dominant and Arrogantly Rich Guy. Patience, Compromise, Love not his Forte. So what'll happen when unexpectedly, Love won...
The story of Danna Rodriguez and Aron Mondragon Danna Rodriguez a young,sweet,kind and beautiful woman born and raised in Mexico, at the age of 20 she moved to Los Angel...
Tiger's White Lotus || Taehyung Cold Brother Series || *[On Hold] by khp777
Tiger's White Lotus || Taehyung ♡ khp-fics ♡
Cold love? Hate love? It's strange how a cold love or hate love can be highlighted in a sibling story. It does, He is a cold brother. She is a soft sister ...
GB1:Owned by a Gangster[BXB/MPREG✓] by infierous
GB1:Owned by a Gangster[BXB/MPREG✓]by P.C
[Gangster Bachelor #1] [Under editing] There was a gay named Austin Probadora Uy, mapupunta siya sa isang lalaking nagngangalang Travis na isang gangsta.Aangkinin niya a...
Unexpectedly Love by Rylleekai
Unexpectedly Loveby Rylleekai
"Sanay akong masaktan sanay akong paasahin pero sana kahit minsan nag karoon din ako ng parte sa puso mo, kasi kahit ganoon ka ikli lang yung pinag samahan natin...
DIA WANITAKU  by jelitaric
Isaac Muhammad , seorang yang sangat beradab dan tidak sombong walaupun datang daripada keluarga berada . Nur Emendda sebaris nama yang mengegarkan jantung hatinya keran...
SLAYY A ART BOOKY❤️❤️❤️ by Delilstarr
SLAYY A ART BOOKY❤️❤️❤️by Rouxls Kaard
XIRUS by africangoddesss
XIRUSby africangoddesss
Part 2 of the LX series On Xirus' eighteenth birthday, his parents die in a tragic plane accident. Having no other family members, the government sends him to live with...
Write My Wrongs ✓ by amaraxwrites
Write My Wrongs ✓by 𝘢𝘮𝘢𝘳𝘢
[complete] #1 "I'm a goner for you smile, mi perla," He said before dipping his head to capture my lips with just as much passion as the first time. Mi perla. ...
Loser Lessons by __JAG__
Loser Lessonsby nell
What's it like to be a loser? Annalise Fitzgerald has no idea...that's why she needs lessons. She's used to being the most popular girl in school, but when she has to go...
Humble Me (Jacquees Love Story) by VoKayy
Humble Me (Jacquees Love Story)by VoKayy
Jacquees is fresh from tour, he's got it all, the money, the girls, the fame. In his prime Jacquees can be found at every party, his ego is to the fullest. Come to find...
ECHOES  by preunoia
ECHOES by preunoia
I always thought you'd be the last person who would do something like this to me...
Lohiem Tree Goddess  by xoxocokebarbie
Lohiem Tree Goddess by Lily G
A sweet nature loving fairy gets entangled within the Tree Goddess's tree and has a strange encounter
"Fate's Crossroads: Love in the Shadows" by Mindspark15
"Fate's Crossroads: Love in the Choi Hye Rim
"Poverty may limit our resources, but it cannot diminish our capacity to love, create, and inspire."
Anya by veronicasoli
Anyaby Veronica
By day, Tyler codes for the million-dollar video-game company he created. By night, he saves innocent girls from being sold to the black market. *** Tyler and Anya met i...
When Legends meet Magic {A Pjo And Harry Potter Crossover Alternative} by Nico_Di_Gaygelo
When Legends meet Magic {A Pjo Damn i look like dead mona li...
"Ten half bloods shall answer the call, Against the Dark Lord, who later shall fall. The light, the Dark, and sky solely fight, Or The magical world shall descend...
Jealous: An Abusive Love Story by LoveeLost24
Jealous: An Abusive Love Storyby LoveeLost24
Jealous: An Abusive Love Story
A Dose of Love by Irockdude
A Dose of Loveby A & T
Rishi Sharma is young, educated and successful. A successful Investment Banker, with brilliance that is supported by dedication, drive and passion - passion to earn mone...