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Darkus and minus by MCPELuisTuican
Darkus and minusby MCPELuis Tuican
Insane people were alwais qualified to use darkus bakugans. What happens when the craziest minus decides to start playing the game?
Jaune: mechanical brawler of Haos and Aquas.   by Deltarex2000
Jaune: mechanical brawler of Saul Sanchez
cardin exposed jaune transcript, which cause his friends hate him, even pyhrra as well. Worst arc family disown him and his former team replace him with his sister. but...
Not Just a Game  by Battle_Brawler
Not Just a Game by Battle_Brawler
Lynn Crest is ranked as the seventh best brawler in the entire world. She has always been okay being on her own with her partner Bakugan Leonidas, and it is her dream to...
Dark Brawler: Defenders of Vestroia(Bakugan New Vestroia x Male Reader) by JJHM2004
Dark Brawler: Defenders of The Ultimate Trickster
They came out of nowhere, launching a sneak attack. Before we knew, the Vestal people had conquered New Vestroia and captured all the bakugan. But nobody messes with our...
The two vampire progenitors in DxD by MihaiAlexandru178
The two vampire progenitors in DxDby Mihai Alexandru
In the DxD universe exist a large number of supernatural races. One of them being vampires. Now what would happen if the two most powerful vampires who are the most powe...
BAKUGAN M.S x MALE READER (Rewritten) by Mmcprim
Checkout my original story on my profile ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Y/n is a new brawler in the Interspace and with hi...
Izuku Yagi The Guardian Of Pyro by nejirexdeku580
Izuku Yagi The Guardian Of Pyroby green chicken storm
Izuku yagi son of all might and green tornado number 1 and 5 ranked heroes he is born quirkless unlike his twin sister izumi causing him do be neglected and bullied by h...
Harry potter: mechanical brawler of Haos and Darkus  by Deltarex2000
Harry potter: mechanical brawler Saul Sanchez
After defeat of voldemort, Dumbledore convinces potters to separate potters 3 children so Charles be trained. Harry and Elizabeth are sent to dursley to be raised from t...
izuku: dark rider/duelist/brawler  by Deltarex2000
izuku: dark rider/duelist/brawler by Saul Sanchez
izuku yagi, son of toshinori and inko, you are heros, and sister of Izumi. izuku got his qurick from his father , love by friends exept katsuki and shoto. But izuku and...
Bakugan Battle Brawlers: The Brawler chosen by the Doom Dimension. by DarkStrike2608
Bakugan Battle Brawlers: The Ren the Dark Magical Toad
One day, mysterious cards began falling from the sky. These cards appeared throughout the world and one day, small spherical objects; The Bakugan, emerged from them. A g...
Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Male Darkus Reader insert by kashawn2000
Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Male kashawn2000
Another story to keep me busy and keep you all entertained, this time we're entering the World of the Bakugan battle brawlers. Y/N=your name L/N= last name e/c= eye col...
My Hero Academia Deku's Sister by Lonelystarforever
My Hero Academia Deku's Sisterby FairyFall
One day a girl pro-hero came and visited the school after being asked to help with class 1-A after hearing everything that happened to them. Then finding someone and lea...
Female x Male Reader One Shots by Beedrill2001
Female x Male Reader One Shotsby Beedrill2001
Romantic short stories involving female characters from various franchises and the male reader.
Animee Girl School HAREM X MALE Goku /FNAF READER  by wolfbrent
Animee Girl School HAREM X MALE wolfbrent
You were always so shy before and everyone always seem to back away from you but when you were transferred all girls school all the girls has feelings for you but which...
Bakugan X Rwby Vol 1-3 by BalanceGaming98
Bakugan X Rwby Vol 1-3by BalanceGaming98
When Dan and Drago are accidentally pulled in between dimensions they are thrown into the world of remnant and must join forces with 4 girls from the academy of beacon.
YOU'RE OURS | Mafia (Bakukiri X Reader) by Beaniepoo2
YOU'RE OURS | Mafia (Bakukiri X Binnie
A girl named Lee y/n, who is an ordinary school girl. Gets taken by two powerful mafia bosses in the city Preview ??: did you find the information of her? ??: not yet si...
★𝐇𝐈𝐌★™ by slvt4lano
★𝐇𝐈𝐌★™by lano<3
'-'_꩜ 𝘐. 𝘔𝘪𝘥𝘰𝘳𝘪𝘺𝘢 .𖥔 ݁ ˖ what happens when a tatto artist and a stripper fall in love?
Bakugou x y/n LOOK AT LAST CHAPTER IF YOU ARE DISAPPOINTED  by Bakugous_hairline
Bakugou x y/n LOOK AT LAST NagitosHair
I would advise you to read my other story this is out of character, short, cringe, etc (THIS DOES HAVE SOME S3XU4L PARTS IN IT)
he's not [that] bad / magdan by haosbabe
he's not [that] bad / magdanby maria
in which magnus joins the awesome ones to fulfil his selfish needs - but falling for the red streaked boy wasn't part of his plan!