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Are you facing trials? Problems? Difficulties? Are you tired of trying? You want to give up already? Are you looking for Inspiration and Motivation? You look down on you...
Sky of Quotes (Completed) by MysteriousDryad
Sky of Quotes (Completed)by Dryad
[Completed] In this book, you will see quotes variating from hard times to inspirational! The goal of this book is to motivate, inspire, and most importantly help other...
Quotes The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fu*k by Alamsyahism
Quotes The Subtle Art of Not Fuad Alamsyah
Important and interesting quotes from the Mark Manson's book titled The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fu*k.
Inspirational Stories & Essays (Part 1) by scribblerbibliophile
Inspirational Stories & Essays ( Yuchae Moon
These things aren't mine, credits to all the writers who wrote these wonderful and awesome writings. I found them on the web and would like to share them to you. These s...
Advice For The Christian Girl|♡ by Eternela
Advice For The Christian Girl|♡by 𝐄𝐭𝐭𝐲
It isn't easy finding good godly advice. But I don't want girls out there to feel like they are alone. Like there is no place for them to go. I want them to feel like th...
Quotes That You'll Love! by taynu1996
Quotes That You'll Love!by taynu1996
A bunch of random quotes that i love and I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I did. Please dont forget to like and comment.
Uplifting & Inspirational by sweetmiracle97
Uplifting & Inspirationalby sweetmiracle97
Words to uplift, inspire and hopefully mend a lost, broken soul. Most impressive rankings: #1 -uplifting #1 -poems #1 -positive #2 -inspired #1 -encouragement #2 -Jesus...
Significant; Seungjin ✔ by woojinsbeautifulsoul
Significant; Seungjin ✔by 박태환 (*^▽^*)
❝I don't even know who he is and I think I'm already falling for him.❞ In which Seungmin keeps getting little notes that turn from motivational quotes to love letters in...
101 Quotes  by eternalsilence371012
101 Quotes by ✅offline
Just a bunch of random quotes from famous people, books, movies etc. that I got from Google.
Suits Quotes by VictorianVictor
Suits Quotesby Victorian Victor
This book contains quotes from a tv show called suits. it is really good you should go watch it. A lot of these quotes will be from one of the mane carecters Harvey spec...
HOPE [Motivational] by poetickaleidoscope
HOPE [Motivational]by Fatima Muhammad Sani
Scribbles to keep you hopeful and motivated.
The World Needs a Warrior, Not a Worrier (to fight this COVID-19) by Dantles
The World Needs a Warrior, Not a Dauntless
Poetry Book to motivate the world in a battle against COVID-19
You Are My Sun And Moon by lekharams
You Are My Sun And Moonby lekharams
Due to circumstances in his wedding she is asked to be his bride he doesn't have choice does she , no... They were not forced but left without any option .... So they...
THE EMPRESS by anjanadstifler
THE EMPRESSby anju d high flier
You are the boss of your life. When in doubt SLAY in your LIFE! When you are not in doubt you will definitely be SLAYING! There were times where all I wanted was motiva...
Best Motivational Quotes  by ArcticKaturn
Best Motivational Quotes by K.E.H.
Each of these quotes are original, and mine. I hope you enjoy all of them; I had a lot of fun making this quote book! If you want me to add your original quotes to this...
Book Of Quotes By Taha by captaintaha9
Book Of Quotes By Tahaby Muhammadtaha Ibrahim
If you don't think there's magic in writing, you probably won't write anything magical. Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing. These ar...
book quotes || one by Mielai__
book quotes || oneby Yumiko F
My fave inspirational book quotes
EVERY DAY HAS IT'S STORY by benazirmohammad54
Ito ay REALIZATION lamang sa bawat pangyayari sa ating buhay. Sometimes we feel hopeless about life but we need to realize that we do have several options to feel motiva...
Zenneight Alejandro is a joyful girl, a lovely, and a good person. But for unknown reasons, she became a girl who hid her face, and she rarely talk, inshort an Introvert...
An Abundance Of Thoughts by onthethornhill
An Abundance Of Thoughtsby tristan
"loud spoken poetry from a quiet boy." This an original poetry collection with short poems. This collection deals with experiences with loss, sadness, love and...