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The Four Brothers ~ Completed by KimberandAshes
The Four Brothers ~ Completedby KimberandAshes
Gemma isn't what you would call normal. With a genius IQ, a not so great home life, and a hard time staying in tight spaces, the girl's got a few issues. She never thoug...
My perfect mate (manxman) by Alphabeta421
My perfect mate (manxman)by Alphabeta🐺
Lander Evans has everything the Alpha title, the Crescent Moon Pack, his family but there's one thing he doesn't have and that would be his mate. Lander is 23 and wonder...
We meet again by abrokebitch_
We meet againby abrokebitch_
Lorelei Gray/Bottura , a 16 year old mother and assassin lives with her 2 Bestfriends. - They were all Oprans.. Lorelei's family said really hurtful things to her and g...
Me and the Gretchen Boys by SleepQueen06
Me and the Gretchen Boysby Dreamlover
Carmen has a lot of issues... especially family ones. But now she has an opportunity to have a whole new family and a whole new lavish lifestyle. This is her chance to f...
Evelyn by ladygreytea1
Evelynby ladygreytea1
Found amid a winter storm as a baby, 19-year-old college student Evelyn Smith is beloved by her small Alaskan hometown. A regular volunteer at the public library where c...
Kartavya by Winterrnightt26
Kartavyaby viviyan
An accidental marriage. So will they fall in love? Is it gonna last?
Izuku's my Omega (Tododeku) by Ava282136
Izuku's my Omega (Tododeku)by Shoto Todoroki
Ever since Shoto Todoroki knew more about Izuku Midoriya before the Sports Festival. Shoto started to fall in love with Izuku. Izuku fell in love with Shoto as well but...
What we used to be? (Todobakudeku) by Ava282136
What we used to be? (Todobakudeku)by Shoto Todoroki
Izuku Midoriya lost her mother from her adopted dad, Luis White. Izuku runs away after school to go find a Pro Hero and tells evidence what she saw. Izuku got adopted by...
The Cold Mask by Mae-Rae
The Cold Maskby Mae&Rae
"What I feel right now even if I have my notebook or create something new with Chemistry I wouldn't describe it" she said and kissed my cheek once again ...
GETTING OLDER, criminal minds by hotchavist
GETTING OLDER, criminal mindsby hotchavist
SLOWEST UPDATES EVER, I APOLOGIZE! ❝ I'VE HAD SOME TRAUMA, DID THINGS I DIDN'T WANNA ❞ getting • older song by billie eilish ━━━ taps into the pain of growing up and the...
KODIE WORLD  by bodaknii
KODIE WORLD by bodaknii
This is 18 year old kodie sweet,smart,shy, and everything good KODIE doesn't have the best life but she pushes through it What will happen when KODIE meets 21 year old...
Keep My mind running (EddieVr X Reader) by AshGaming3609
Keep My mind running (EddieVr X AshGaming3609
Your going on about your youtubing life and you come across the boys playing VrChat Will you find someone that will truly love you or will you stay single like a pringle...
Bad Boy Brady by Bookworm_Tina
Bad Boy Bradyby Tina
"I don't trust you." Amelia said in all honesty. "Smart girl." Brady said. Amelia took a step closer. "But," Brady stopped what he was bu...
I Don't Need Love by Hey_Radha
I Don't Need Loveby Radha
Studies, done! Career, set! Now the next big thing in Meera's life is Marriage. And she has decided what type of groom she wants. Cute? Caring? Loving? Nope! Keep t...
YN ×BTS Mafia Stepsiblings by AmshidaA
YN ×BTS Mafia Stepsiblingsby Amshida. A
She is lonely She is broken She is depressed She only wanted love but she got hate What will happen when a a girl named Choi YN who had a tough past which made her cold...
Dragon hero (BNHA x dragon reader) by Im_Hungry2006
Dragon hero (BNHA x dragon reader)by Im_Hungry2006
This is the story of a female night fury that was left at the door of Katsuki Bakugo. Her mother and species was never to be seen again also known as extinct. Bakugo too...
YOU NEVER EXPECT by joy_bliry
YOU NEVER EXPECTby joy_bliry
"I'm the most eligible bachelor of America I'm a billionaire and you're rejecting me" "YES" "Tell me what you want I'll give you anything" ...
Our Dirty Little Liar~ by RealMysteryStay
Our Dirty Little Liar~by ♡ Jayden ♡
Top Stray Kids Bottom Hyunjin Don't like don't read 🤷‍♀️ ● ○ ● ○ ● ○ ● ○ ● Hyunjin didn't grow up with a normal life, he has many secrets and he planed to keep them sec...
"HIS PRECIOUS" by shreeee_writes
ARJUN JAI DEVA - The man with strong aura. His one glare can make people weak. He is rich , cold, arrogant , and hot . He is every girls dream man . He has everything b...