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Past Demons Haunt by Golden_Elephant
Past Demons Hauntby Golden_Elephant
Skyla is a seventeen year old girl living with her drunken addict of a mother and her stepfather who is no better. When she was five years old her parents divorced, her...
Hurt and Abused by bluehoney
Hurt and Abusedby bluehoney
After being abused by her father for years, Celine is sent to a boarding school where she meets a group of guys that teach her what a life without abuse is like.
Living With The Anderson Boys | ✓ by XmysterysmileX
Living With The Anderson Boys | ✓by Talesha Mitchell
| Highest Rank: #23 in Teen Fiction | ---------- I wrote this when I was, like, 13 or 14. I will be editing this throughout the month of January, 2019. I apologise for t...
Deadly by M_Y_S_T_E_R_Y_9_4_8
Deadlyby M_Y_S_T_E_R_Y_9_4_8
A girl with a dark and torturous past and a guy with a strong attachment to her together through one hell of a storm of secrets, lies and thrill "You don't know me...
Chronicles of the Assassin | ✓ | #wattys2019 by MyDearAuthor
Chronicles of the Assassin | ✓ | ProQueen
Don't let the expectations and opinions of other people affect your decisions. . . . . . When I parked it, all the stares were on me. I flicked my hair to one side and I...
LOVED BY MY BULLY (TXT Beomgyu) FF✓ by MysteryStylus
LOVED BY MY BULLY (TXT Beomgyu) FF✓by BlueRosé
The biggest bully in highschool and his minions. Those little annoying, arrogant, stupid freaks. Always giving me a headache. I hated them. I hated them like hell. But...
Adopted By A Gangleader by MaddarHattar
Adopted By A Gangleaderby Lolololo
Rose Valentine is a girl that been through hell and back and still makes it her mission to stay alive. Finally she gets the home she's been looking for. But it isn't wha...
Trust issues {mattia polibio} by mattiapolyb1oh
Trust issues {mattia polibio}by mattiapolyb1oh
COMPLETED 🚨 ⚠️warnings⚠️ 🚨 -suicidal thoughts/ cutting -abuse mentioned ❗️Read at own risk!❗️ In which y/n has trust issues. Will she ever trust again? Read to find...
My perfect mate (manxman) by Alphabeta421
My perfect mate (manxman)by Alphabeta🐺
Lander Evans has everything the Alpha title, the Crescent Moon Pack, his family but there's one thing he doesn't have and that would be his mate. Lander is 23 and wonder...
His Motive (Sample) by Mae-Rae
His Motive (Sample)by Mae&Rae
People tremble just by hearing his name Xavier Fero'dell is a man of power , feared by many and known by all. His authority reaches the roots of the underground world an...
Ready for war by makayla571204
Ready for warby KashShii🥵
Her uncle runs the game, the streets, and the niggas in them. His works, play to win. She plays for keeps.
Criminal Minds  by honeybb123
Criminal Minds by lee
Sofia Reid is a 16 year old, kinda depressed, but very smart. She comes from a broken family, and an abusive father. So, she runs away to her uncle, the one and only Spe...
The Alpha and the Warrior by thirteen-twenty
The Alpha and the Warriorby Katy-did
"I- I don't know..." He stumbled over his words and I took that as my chance to get out of there. I couldn't do this right now. I had more important things to...
Broken Arrows ➵ Oliver Queen by Jexica101
Broken Arrows ➵ Oliver Queenby INMATE 4587
❝I see the hope in your heart, and sometimes you lose it, sometimes you're shooting broken arrows in the dark.❞ In which a former hactivist aids a wanted vigilante, and...
Miraculous Ladybug x Male reader (on hold and being fixed) by Thetruealpha56
Miraculous Ladybug x Male reader ( The shapeshifter
(M/n) (L/n) is a quiet person with a mask that covers his mouth. He had gone through a bad past to the point he cant trust others. He lives in America but moves to Paris...
Karma is the Baddest Bitch of them all by Maroonpiglet
Karma is the Baddest Bitch of Maroonpiglet
"Mirror mirror on the wall who's the baddest bitch of them all?" - Sour Patch Ashley is the baddest of them all. She is what you would call a bad girl. She doe...
Double A by bluwubird
Double Aby Bluebird
"What the hell?! Get away from me you horny wolf!" I grumbled. It growled. Damn this wolf is almost as annoying as Ashton. Come to think of it, exactly as ann...
In Your Eyes..(Jikook Fanfic) by BTSForever_1367
In Your Eyes..(Jikook Fanfic)by ♕리사♕
"W-what happen? Y-you...!" "Baby... It's only in your eyes~" Everyone will do anything just to protect their own 'family'...Same goes with Jeon Jungk...
Stay by KinsKBooks
Stayby Kinsey Kidder
It all started with a simple kiss. But it turned into a complicated-and sometimes toxic relationship. Kassandra thought that Chris was perfect. She thought that they'd g...
Adopted  by itsofficialgigi_
Adopted by Gigi Brown
Will kyann be able to trust les twins after being adopted by them read to find out