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Damnation ➳ jb [COMPLETED] by kingraxuhl
Damnation ➳ jb [COMPLETED]by かなり
•[DAMNATION: /damˈneɪʃ(ə)n/ noun 1.condemnation to eternal punishment in hell.]• - - So, what happens when you start catching feelings for the #1 fuckboy of the univers...
  • justinbieber
  • fiction
  • unexpected
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purpose ➵ liskook by junkhoek
purpose ➵ liskookby ➻ B α ɾ Ⴆ ҽ ყ
❝ You're a good kisser. ❞ ••• She was the reason why he still wanted to live. She was his only purpose. One rainy night, Lisa, along with her friends, go to a cafe to f...
  • purpose
  • fanfiction
  • lisa
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Reasons To Stay Alive by scarred_blue
Reasons To Stay Aliveby Shameeka
Title is self-explanatory... some reasons not to kill yourself. Just know that you're worth it, okay? |-/
  • purpose
  • encouragement
  • reasonstolive
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Purpose ❆ Benny Rodriguez by notmakayla
Purpose ❆ Benny Rodriguezby 𝐩𝐨𝐢𝐬𝐨𝐧 𝐦𝐞
[Book 2 - Sequel of All That Matters] ❝You give me purpose.❞ All Rights Reserved » NotMakayla
  • yeahyeah
  • thesandlot
  • benny
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Justin Bieber Interracial imagines by NeededmeJB
Justin Bieber Interracial imaginesby °Gamba°
#Wattys2017 Start July- 2016 Ended- Agust 2017 "Thank you so much for all the support, and keep supporting us. Okay?" *Beware hella pranks*
  • purpose
  • fame
  • cheater
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DM • JB  by mwmbjp
DM • JB by •Alora Lynn•
//In which Justin Bieber DMS an Instagram famous model // @JustinBieber liked your photo @JustinBieber started following you @JustinBieber sent you a message
  • instagram
  • purpose
  • justinbieber
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Purpose |Justin Bieber| •Sequel to: To The Moon & Back• by Jerryismypizza
Purpose |Justin Bieber| •Sequel to...by Bizzle
"You're my purpose" Love over powers all. Sequel to: To The Moon & Back
  • love
  • justinbieber
  • bieber
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Dark Visions by AmberLeeH13
Dark Visionsby Amber Lee
{Completed} Tallulah isn't a normal girl. Since the age of six she's been able to see the dark side the world has to offer. Demons, ghosts, angels, and monsters are all...
  • paranormal
  • protect
  • mental
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Hold Tight | Jason McCann | by Jerryismypizza
Hold Tight | Jason McCann |by Bizzle
A tale in which two worlds collide, bringing inner peace to a Criminal who hasn't felt peace in years, and true love to a girl who simply dreams about the feeling of lo...
  • jason
  • jasonfanfic
  • justinbieber
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Mark My Words| Part 3 to: To The Moon&Back| by Jerryismypizza
Mark My Words| Part 3 to: To The M...by Bizzle
"Mark my words... That's all that I have Mark my words... Give you all I got In every way I will You're the only reason why Ohhh, I don't wanna live a lie"
  • youtube
  • bieber
  • justinbieber
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Purpose||Zion Kuwonu  by ardvxs
Purpose||Zion Kuwonu by 𝙬𝙝𝙖𝙡𝙚𝙨 🐳
In which Zion Kuwonu falls in love with no good girl
  • prettymuch
  • purpose
  • zionkuwonu
Worth Waiting For by AliasToBi
Worth Waiting Forby Calob Zero
For the vampire princess who has wondered the earth looking for a purpose, she most definitely did not expect to find it within a three year boy. Since the day she met h...
  • traumaticpast
  • love
  • princess
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dms ➳ bieber by -unstables
dms ➳ bieberby 𝖆𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖑𝖎𝖖𝖚𝖊
"i dare you to text justin bieber some crazy shit." lowercase intended. started:1/31/16 completed: 4/20/16 #11 under what's hot for haileybaldwin! !! ...
  • interracial
  • jason
  • bizzle
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The heart of Agent 47 by akankshya123
The heart of Agent 47by bloodboundsisters
A happy-go-lucky girl Sasha is held captive by a handful of scientists who want to produce a human clone with enough statistical and analytical powers to help eliminate...
  • meat
  • project
  • heart
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Recovery by myboybieber
Recoveryby My Boy Bieber
He was rich He was famous But he wasn't complete... She was fun She was popular But she wasn't driven... When the two are brought together in marriage, with a stained h...
  • justin
  • mrsbieber
  • justinbieber
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artist | bieber by niallengar
artist | bieberby kim
she loved art and he fell in love with hers. artist © niallengar started: mar 26, 2017 completed: -
  • bieberfanfic
  • jb
  • bieber
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Generic Fanfics Guaranteed To Make You Cringe by Scarkittymaster666
Generic Fanfics Guaranteed To Make...by Scarkittymaster666
There's always that one fanfic that just makes us cringe the worst cringe we've ever cringed in the history of cringes. These are some examples of those fanfics.
  • one
  • stupid
  • ever
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Together Forever. by iwontletyoufall
Together Forever.by Kacie
"Together Forever," he breathed out slowly as he intertwined our fingers. "Don't make any promises you can't keep, babe." I reply. He grabs me by my...
  • fanfic
  • heartbreak
  • graduating
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Falling For The Deaf Girl. ✔ by Unapologetically_Me
Falling For The Deaf Girl. ✔by Samantha
"Music is the most important thing in my life."-Dean Conaway. That was my motto, my simple motto that I followed very strictly. After all, it was there for me...
  • drugs
  • deaf
  • break-ups
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Jacob's Curse |COMPLETED| by ka_lollypop
Jacob's Curse |COMPLETED|by ⓛⓔⓧⓘ ⓩⓔⓗⓡ
•Book 2 of the Strength Series• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• "So you must be Jacob." A young man in his mid-twenties steps out from the doorway that leads to...
  • secret
  • teen
  • historical
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