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Bullet by SimplyxJess
Bulletby Jess
“Love’s like a bullet. It’s fast. It’s furious. Sometimes you can’t see it coming. You can run from it. But you can’t dodge it. Unless someone stands in your way…” Growi...
  • secrets
  • bullying
  • shooting
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Ethereal Encounters: An Abyss of Poetry by Aolani-126
Ethereal Encounters: An Abyss of Canesso
'Ethereal' due to the connection with the above. 'Encounters' due to the inspirations from above. <3
  • imagination
  • god
  • blessing
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Making the Best of Life by Qveen__Shanti
Making the Best of Lifeby Qveen__Shanti
Motivation Encouragement Self-Love Self-Worth Self-help Self-Appreciation Happiness Forgiveness Tranquility Making the best of life is not hard, all it takes i...
  • positive
  • persevere
  • gratitude
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All My Gratitude [Pokémon Short Story] by ImberLapis
All My Gratitude [Pokémon Short Beneath the Mask
Cynthia Shirona is Sinnoh's Pokémon Champion and perhaps the strongest Trainer in the world. Her love of mythology, battling, and her strength are what earned her fame...
  • meeting
  • myth
  • gratitude
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Gratus | Thank You Letters by sunshowered
Gratus | Thank You Lettersby tam
[ an attempt at sending positive vibes your way ] ❝ i read somewhere that we should start saying 'thank you' instead of saying 'sorry'. which is good. because if i have...
  • spreadpositivity
  • gratitude
  • thankfulness
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Meant To Be? Or No? by rachelagan
Meant To Be? Or No?by rachelagan
I love him dearly, as much as he could ever ask for. Countless hardships, struggles, arguments, ups and downs together. How did we end up with a heartbreak? If only I c...
  • commitments
  • emotional
  • time
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A Story on Gratitude by kiksink
A Story on Gratitudeby kiksink
In a short walk, Aly's subconscious discovers the value of gratitude.
  • shortstory
  • psychological
  • gratitude
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Broadcast Into My Life by ArimaMary
Broadcast Into My Lifeby Mary
More non-fiction not quite personal with a bit of randomness, like tags. Plus, announcements about my stories that don't fit into other books. Come on in!
  • bujo
  • non-fiction
  • eal
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Waves by narubooks
Wavesby U. Naru
These waves can only be painted with the brush of words, the people only being washed away in this unfathomable sea. ~N [#5 in Poetry on 8/2/18]
  • poems
  • happy
  • hateful
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The Forbidden Love by RafahRahman99
The Forbidden Loveby RafahRahman99
Busola Adeniran, a Nigerian 25 year old strong woman who's parents died leaving her to take care of her younger siblings Yousif and Hasna in her own. She sacrificed her...
  • strong
  • wattys2019
  • nigerian
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Loyally Yours (On-hold) by EMMacLeod97
Loyally Yours (On-hold)by EMM
They say arranged marriages is an ancient practice, it can make or break a relationship But some old folks says when Love strikes, it's a home run..😜 Let's see if Edwa...
  • tears
  • honesty
  • forgiveness
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Somewhere South of Joy | On-going #Wattys2019 by Kaweheokalani
Somewhere South of Joy | Kaweheokalani
An upcoming collection of uplifting and honest writes, to muster bravery and comfort the wounded in a tired heart. To share unafraid the moments when dishearted, heartbr...
  • poetry
  • writing
  • love
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𝐓𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐘𝐨𝐮 | втѕ ƒƒ by nosegueey
𝐓𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐘𝐨𝐮 | втѕ ƒƒby 🌴 Marimar
"Why do you act so dark and heartless? Clearly you're neither" He unfolded his arms looking down on his question. There was a long pause. "Because,"...
  • jimin
  • btsfanfic
  • hoseok
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A destination To Reach { God-willingly}  by Livingrace
A destination To Reach { Livingrace
Carrying dreams and goals bigger than myself; yet at the very beginning of my journey of turning them into reality I have an obstacle before myself, an obstacle which pr...
  • goals
  • overcome
  • school
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Rishabh's Randoms by RishabhAilani
Rishabh's Randomsby Rishabh Ailani
These poems are my original creations Written on random topics with no connection
  • samosa
  • money
  • gratitude
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Speak Love by KalilahCoulter
Speak Loveby KalilahCoulter
In honor of World Poetry Day: A collection of spoken word performance pieces by me, Black Rain! Copyright @2010
  • relationships
  • streets
  • anthropology
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GRATITUDE: A Lifestyle (A Short Story) by BlackRedHeart
GRATITUDE: A Lifestyle (A Short BlackRedHeart
"If you give thanks I will increase you" Quran 14:7 _________ One thing about life is certain, it is unpredictable. No one ever knows what events will unfold...
  • darkness
  • trust
  • smiles
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Shades of Love  ✔️| Poetry Collection  by -racheI
Shades of Love ✔️| Poetry 𝐫 ✨
"red, the color of connection the mixture of human emotion" ~A Poetry Collection~ *A very short one as the poems are based off prompts* Shades of Love ©️ By R...
  • heart
  • sentiment
  • poetrycollection
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