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The Heart Of His Beloved by PhantomOfTheLibraryX
The Heart Of His Belovedby Erin
After hearing some dreadful news Alwyn has to leave everything behind. Her school, her friends, and even her mate. Her beloved boyfriend can't accept the fact that she l...
  • trust
  • alone
  • heart
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My Demons by JohnCooper3
My Demonsby John Cooper
  • solitude
  • depression
  • separation
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Understanding by Jarmeran
Understandingby Pihla
Short story in English this time. It's pretty random, it has no beginning nor end. It's just words summed up together. Maybe it's just a first draft for something bigger...
  • depression
  • anger
  • solitude
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Il ne s'agit que de Paix. by user69020425
Il ne s'agit que de Eymeric
"Tout était déjà noir autour de moi"
  • amitié
  • paix
  • amour
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the quietest feelings by wilddamsel
the quietest feelingsby jrunje
it's 4 in the morning; 4:25 to be exact. i get the sudden urge that this is something i have to do. a collection of my poetry when the words are too much to bear it spil...
  • realisticfiction
  • profound
  • life
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I Dream Of Fields by PeteMAube
I Dream Of Fieldsby Pete
We all have a place we can go to recharge our batteries, this is mine.
  • solitude
  • natural-wonder
  • day-dream
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Epoch by summertear_s
Epochby lokingquenzelle
"I keep falling and always end up breaking." Alyssa Taylor keeps longing for the home she can't return to and the home that she never had.
  • heartbreak
  • solitude
Insomnie by Leo-Ch
Insomnieby Léo Ch
Dis, tu la connais, toi, la solitude ?
  • tristesse
  • passé
  • nostalogie
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Alone by Rae_Madison
Aloneby 𝕣𝕒𝕖 _𝕞𝕒𝕕𝕚𝕤𝕠𝕟
A girl and her wolf live alone in the world, until they find more than they thought ever existed.
  • girl
  • alone
  • wolf
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Sans nom by plumeee14
Sans nomby plumeee14
Essai de livre, juste voir les réactions
  • amour
  • solitude
  • sable
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Blood Solitude by yettiking
Blood Solitudeby prince david nsor
end of solitude
  • vampire
  • love
  • bloodthirsty
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The Hunter of Thought by CarlosGarcia583
The Hunter of Thoughtby Carlos Garcia
It is at the depths of solace that the fountains of thought break the chains of the noise around us. Solitude as a wild beast hunts for us in its thirst for our essence...
  • existential
  • solitude
Depression isn't a whining impudent  by diegocontrera
Depression isn't a whining diegocontrera
This is a project Really for myself. Hope you like it . ( prelude's at the end on purpose)
  • love
  • emotional
  • people
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Just a moment by Seruza
Just a momentby Seruza.
Salut, j'mapelle Klara ... La suite venez la découvrir
  • solitude
¤ Partie 1 ¤ by LouRochais
¤ Partie 1 ¤by Lou Rochais
Bon, je pose les bases ; je m'appelle Helena Curses, j'ai 16 ans et je suis en première Littéraire au lycée St Florent à Angers. Notre professeur de Français nous à prop...
  • solitude
  • vivre-ensemble
Five Nights at Freddy's returns and deaths  by ceeperboss3000
Five Nights at Freddy's returns Ginger Hackler
bonnie dies then comes back then golden freddy dies
  • solitude
Bye by neverwonit
Byeby Ariana Omnomnom
Thoughts on a breakup
  • relationship
  • sad
  • heartbroken
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Getting rid  by user09166002
Getting rid by moona noor
its a poem which reflects my imagination . The above cover i have used is not mine. i have taken it from google .
  • poetry
  • limit
  • depressio
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Destined for Darkness | ✔️ by MeowTheCatSays
Destined for Darkness | ✔️by i'm no cat
The voices said one thing, her heart said another. In which a girl listens to the voices in her head, and ends up regretting it entirely. In which a boy tries to befrien...
  • family
  • cold
  • romance
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Lost by sebastianmichaelisx
Lostby ᏚᎷ
told by Ciel Phantomhive
  • ocean
  • alone
  • cielphantomhive
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