Solitude by AkannieLaurence
Solitudeby Stephieluv Laurence
#1 in Solitude Martha Rollins lost her mother. Nobody is sure how, they are not even sure she's still alive. Nobody but Martha. She knows what happened. She was there af...
  • friendship
  • drama
  • death
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Guilty Parties  [ NoRenMin ] by pentagone_0ff
Guilty Parties [ NoRenMin ]by pentagone_0ff
Everyone is distanced from one another. Families separated, friendships broken. This is the future society. Government corrupted, leading to a new way of life for its c...
  • nct
  • jisung
  • donghyuk
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Someone's Someone ✨#1 REACHED IN SOLITUDE RANKINGS ✨ by KBMallion
Someone's Someone ✨#1 REACHED IN KBMallion
Danny Oneal is to discover all that he needs, after losing all that he once had. Abandoned. Lonely. Depressed. Homeless. He is all of those things because of one regrett...
  • strength
  • sexy
  • sweet
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HUMAN CATASTROPHE by LuizCludioAvalloneBe
HUMAN CATASTROPHEby Luiz Cláudio Avallone Belo
A huge human being. A mysterious research and its side effects. What chain reaction could it cause in the lives of scientists, in the victim of this research, and in the...
  • researches
  • solitude
  • drama
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Mistakes Made ✅ by iSawJamesFirst
Mistakes Made ✅by A. Zah
✖ WATTPAD FEATURED ✖ "Don't erase the mistakes. Learn from them instead." ---------------------------------------------------- For years, Errol Balker has been...
  • friends
  • ewa2018
  • asiansinliterature
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Silence, ou la volonté de mourir by Un_dernier_souvenir
Silence, ou la volonté de mourirby Un_dernier_souvenir
J'aurais aimé être libre. Peut-être que vous ne croirez rien de ces écrits. Après tout, ils appartiennent au passé. Mon passé. Tout cela est vrai. Aussi faux que cela pu...
  • silence
  • vrai
  • père
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Solitude by Echolight7
Solitudeby Just_CrazyClaws
Hurricaine the IceWing was born a hybrid of the seawings and Icewings. Everyone is afraid she will inherit Animus traits, so as soon as they find out who her parents are...
  • wingsoffire
  • phyrria
  • dragon
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playlist. by eleanorafelix
#8 ducktrash
rosaline felix - heartbroken and alone - creates a 5-song spotify playlist for the person she didn't get a chance to love. © e.f 2018 © cover : @thewererabbit
  • hate
  • alone
  • depression
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Astrid by Lorine90
Astridby Lorine
Depuis toute petite, Astrid n'a jamais oublié l'image du château d'Amadicia, royaume dirigé par le Roi Charles II, royaume dont la forêt de Syan abrite la misère. Sa vi...
  • misère
  • royaume
  • orpheline
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Red Out by AmyMarieZ
Red Outby Amy Marie Z
After a one-night stand, Aaron contracts a mysterious STD. As the symptoms get worse, in desperation he turns to Clara, a stranger he meets through an online forum. Whil...
  • murder
  • psychologicalthriller
  • insane
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Lonely Island. by bxxbearx
Lonely Manon
Un voyage. Venise. Deux hommes. Deux inconnus. Un destin de mort, de trouble, de peur. Ces deux hommes aux vies biens rangées, se retrouvant seuls, ensemble, sur une îl...
  • destin
  • solitude
  • louis
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SOLITUDE by Aynarh_dimples
Ahlam yearned for acceptance, but was rejected by all -except for her Grandpa, Omar Bako. Unlike most hybrids, she wasn't proud to be one. She was tagged as a Kabila and...
  • nostalgia
  • islam
  • halal
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A girl named "SAD" by chirppeeness
A girl named "SAD"by chirppeeness
슬퍼- Seul Peo (SAD)'s POV... Some of us are just born to pay for the sins of the people in our past and the ones that are yet to come, we are sent to bear the burden of a...
  • unconditionallove
  • solitude
  • sadness
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Retour à Saint-Cyrien by Cyrlight
Retour à Saint-Cyrienby Cyrlight
Alors que la guerre fait rage en Europe et dans le reste du monde, Pernelle se remémore son enfance douloureuse à Saint-Cyrien.
  • perte
  • souvenirs
  • malheurs
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Everything She Was | ✎ by ishaqzadein
Everything She Was | ✎by ⠀অণ্বেষা 👑
PAIN, GRIEF, LUST. | BOOK #1.1 in THE FRAGILE HEARTS TRILOGY | HIGHEST RANK #48 IN TEEN FICTION ❛ she was judged, and it was the lewd judgments that wrapped around her...
  • stopsexualabuse
  • projectlovecliches
  • romantic
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Articulately Voiceless | ✓ by ishaqzadein
Articulately Voiceless | ✓by ⠀অণ্বেষা 👑
  • hurt
  • perspective
  • quotes
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Mes rêves, ma réalité by Vanireve
Mes rêves, ma réalitéby Vanireve
Maman au foyer depuis 15 ans, Auriane se sent de plus en plus seule. Jusqu'à ce qu'elle prenne le taureau par les cornes et demande des comptes à son compagnon qui la dé...
  • sport
  • délaissée
  • reve
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Pourquoi moi ? by Unehaitienne509
Pourquoi moi ?by _Badd_Giirll_
Hey moi c'est Kayla j'ai 18 ans......Je te laisse découvrir mon histoire Bonne lecture
  • kayla
  • tristesse
  • deception
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Une fille comme les autres. by justavoiceinaworld
Une fille comme les just a voice in a littel world
Haiden est une fille comme les autres ou pas. Haiden aime bien être seule mais des fois la solitude et trop dur alors pour la supporter Haiden bois et fume... Comment...
  • tristesse
  • amour
  • solitude
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