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My Everything by Samskruthikrishna
My Everythingby Samskruthikrishna
what happens after talent hunt when Manik is asked to choose between Fab5 or Nandini.. This is my first story.. please support me....
@manan@ A SECRET RELATIONSHIP by NamrathaNamratha
@manan@ A SECRET RELATIONSHIPby Namratha
YEᕼ ᕼᗩI ᑕᕼᗩᕼᗩTEIᑎ - //UPDATES When Time Permits// by Naughty_Breeze
YEᕼ ᕼᗩI ᑕᕼᗩᕼᗩTEIᑎ - //UPDATES 🦋🄽🄰🄽🄽🅄🐇
Book Title Translation ; This is desired love. #OPH - 1 { Over Possessive Husband. } Daily updates only if the given target complete.. Peep In To Know More!! Highest Ran...
arranged to be together by Kyy_family
arranged to be togetherby Kyy_family
cover by -@adorable_az this story is about an arrange marriage of our manan and their life.....their kids....and many more....
Manan: Pyaar ya Dosti? {Completed} by TKS_wonderland
Manan: Pyaar ya Dosti? {Completed}by Tania Sawlani!!
~X~X~X~ "Getting hold on my breath, I released hand and said ," Sorry actually you know.. and yeah thanks as well." To which he answered ," Kuch Ku...
MaNanff Life Can Change In Blink by AnuskaSharma
MaNanff Life Can Change In Blinkby Anuska Sharma
Hello guys this is Anushka but this story is not mine I am helping my friend only this story's writer is starwillshine I am sure u will love the story so Please check...
Love means trust  by Mahimaheshwari
Love means trust by Maheshwari Bhat
Story of a shattered soul. When even her husband didn't trust her she felt dejected and went away. Months after he realised, what he lost and went in search of her. Will...
Passionate love  by Aanya1999
Passionate love by Aanya1999
A joyful girl, full of life. But is it?? What happened if a boy who was pampered all his life met a girl who struggled to get a small thing?? How will be their love st...
Sunshine To My Darkness by flowbutterfly
Sunshine To My Darknessby flowbutterfly
This story continues after musicana where manik left nandini because of dhruv. So tune in to read to know where destiny will take these two & there story continues after...
relations by heart by Kyy_family
relations by heartby Kyy_family
its about manan and their daughter
MANAN FF: YEH DOSTI MILTHI NAZEEB SE by hamesha_and_forever
MANAN FF: YEH DOSTI MILTHI hamesha_and_forever
Hey guyzzz I'm very much new in this writing field and i'm horrible at english and hindi grammer because basically i'm a malayali. if you guys are ready to bear with it...
Forever My Guy...ON HOLD by flawed_angel11
Forever My Guy...ON HOLDby Vishzzz
She loved him , he ignored her She cried for him , he was the reason she cried She hugged him , he pushed her She chose him , he rejected her She consoled him , he hur...
Manan's Family  by AnkitaBiswas22
Manan's Family by Ankita Biswas
A total family story with lots of fun .here you able to see the bond of friendship the love and bond of the siblings and love of family and obviously love story to hain...
FORGIVEN OR FORBIDDEN? by krishirathode
FORGIVEN OR FORBIDDEN?by krishirathode
Manik-Nandini, Cabir-Navya were two couples madly in love with eachother. what will happen if destiny plays a cruel game on them and both the couples get separated? what...
Manan ff Love Hamesha ( Complete) by tum_mile
Manan ff Love Hamesha ( Complete)by crazy parthian
This is ff of Manan it's fully imagination guys no bash comments
After Talent Hunt by hrtlzz
After Talent Huntby hrtlzz
Aliya,and dhruv ask to chose fab 5 or nandini? What will manik answer?
Waves Of happiness by Fanfiction__universe
Waves Of happinessby Y/N
cousin's when you hear this word don't your MOOD lit upp that's bunches of carzy animal whom you can be as wild as you can we cousin are not born from same mother Womb...
STEPS WITH YOU by sauforevershine
STEPS WITH YOUby Shining World
She is a crazy sweet and happy-go-lucky girl. Can bring a smile on anyone's face. A big fan of his voice. He was attracted to her the first time he heard about her. But...
COLOURS OF LOVE❤ by krishirathode
COLOURS OF LOVE❤by krishirathode
She is a girl surrounded by mysteries and he is a open book. Both thought eachother as enemies but ended up as family and got entangled in a ocean of mysteries. She is f...
Until Forever😘😘 by Minnzzsoul
Until Forever😘😘by Minnzz
This story starts from Neil choose Juhi and Mishti over Avni. There will be certain changes. Peep into story to know more Cover and banner credit: @MaitreyiTiwari