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Sea Maid's Love  by _Ferocious_Fire_
Sea Maid's Love by M. S.
She is a Mermaid and He is a Human. Is it possible for them to fall in love?? Why not? It a story of Love, not between two different people but between two different cre...
Secret Identity....✔️ by dearpia
Secret Identity....✔️by Crazy Girl...
this story is about music and painting love of fan towards unknown artists....... its about shivika,rikara,ruvyaand priveer..... its completely offtrack of ishqbaaaz...
I wanna be yours by Anjaliiee
I wanna be yoursby Anjaliiee
Omkara and gauri are best friends from the childhood. They cannot be away from each other. Gauri loves omkara. But will omkara love gauri in the same way as gauri??
JO NA KEH SAKE HUM- O SAATHIYA (season 2) by Kehkashawrites
JO NA KEH SAKE HUM- O SAATHIYA (se...by Kehkasha
Under editing as of May 15, 2023. Please note that the chapters that are edited from now on will have Chapter number followed by the title of the chapter. Feel free to d...
THE KING OF LOVE AND THE QUEEN OF WAR (SS) (Completed) by MickyMajhi
Prince ommkara had a cute friendship with his childhood friend gauri who is his servant's granddaughter.... Due to the circumstances they separate in childhood... When...
Hiraeth SS ( Complete) by metoniaa98
Hiraeth SS ( Complete)by Ana
it's my frustration on the Vanwass track..( Rikara centric) Home is where the heart is goes the age old saying. But what happens when you bait everything you've while se...
A MISTAKE (RIKARA) (Complete) by MickyMajhi
A MISTAKE (RIKARA) (Complete)by Micky Majhi
bhavya... please broke your engagement... his brother is a bad man.. what happen didu... why u say like this... why u crying... please broke your engagement with rudra...
Rikara OS collection by confusedaboutmyself
Rikara OS collectionby confusedaboutmyself
A collection of Rikara One Shots, Two shorts, Short series.
The Broken Family  by Chashmissh
The Broken Family by Dil Sha
"Being a father doesn't start when the child is born, it starts when the mother is pregnant" The Oberoi family broke up into two separate families. They separa...
Rikara FF : Just Married by lazyakabookworm
Rikara FF : Just Marriedby Lazy
Omkara and Gauri are complete strangers and they are married, and Omkara has to hide his marriage from his family while she lives in the outhouse as his friend's sister...
A Journey To Happiness  by Lit_Write
A Journey To Happiness by Lit_Write
Omkara Singh Oberoi had left Oberoi Mansion ten years ago. The family failed to trust and understand him. Only after he left did they realise their mistakes. Each one re...
Rikara Story: Trust by hop9676
Rikara Story: Trustby hop9676
All the characters are the same, after Bua Ma gets captured.
Love  marriage ( sairat) by Venomika
Love marriage ( sairat)by Venomika
This is a love story filled with romance , thrills and suspense it's all about virat and sai sai was living in a shadow she wants to come clean fast before it's too la...
Wedding Anniversary ~ Rikara SS ✔[COMPLETED] by WaveTeal
Wedding Anniversary ~ Rikara SS ✔[...by Wave
Gauri is miffed over Omkara's workaholic nature. That too before their wedding anniversary which Omkara has likely forgotten!! Will he be able to pacify the love of his...
O x G • One Shots by ElinaRao
O x G • One Shotsby ElinaRao
Here I'll post all the RiKara one shots. 🏅#376- Fanfiction on 31/01/18
Forced  Marriage  by MickyMajhi
Forced Marriage by Micky Majhi
Shrenu parikh as gauri Sharma.. Kunal jaisigh as ommkara Singh oberoi... I love my rikara till my death... The characters are totally different... I am not saying th...
Substitute by LittleDiana4
Substituteby Little
The story of Gauri Kumari Sharma become Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi .
Trapped [✓] by DezmaFernandez
Trapped [✓]by DezmaFernandez
Without communication, there is no relationship. Without respect, there is no love. Without trust, there is no reason to continue. When Omkara Singh Oberoi bumped into G...
My Nepenthe by souji28
My Nepentheby souji28
Nepenthe-- a fictional medicine for sorrow, pain. "Drug of forgetfulness" My take on the "inspiration" scene and what should follow it. Show related...
Strings Of Heart (COMPLETED) by SFscribbles
Strings Of Heart (COMPLETED)by SFscribbles❤
its a rikara story Previously named as "door karde paas aakar kal humei na koi lamha"