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Evolution || poetry by hanahakitrance
Evolution || poetryby Halley!
"Relearning and revival, Visions and revisions. No more ephemeral, forever eternal." Evolution does not occur overnight. It occurs one mistake an...
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So Many Things Mean Love by CregEffs_Author
So Many Things Mean Loveby Creg Effs
My second collection of Love Poems that speaks from my heart
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Friendlier: Date #2 by Christine_Owen
Friendlier: Date #2by Christine Owen
Friendlier | Blind Date 2 of 31 Suzi needs a date. Well actually, based on the bet she just made with her two best friends, she needs thirty-one dates. Thirty one blind...
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Undeath by Chocolate by StevenBrandt
Undeath by Chocolateby Steven Brandt
Have you ever met a necromancer with dreams of being a mariachi player? Have you ever mixed a potion with dragonfly tears, or made a deadly wish on a cake and had it com...
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Daily Malec Fix Two by MalecLovely
Daily Malec Fix Twoby Hannah Lovely
A new Malec chapter everyday? Wahoo! This is full of one shots and multiple part short stories. If you want more check out Daily Malec Fix:
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Preventive • Paul Lahote • by Abundance_of_Fiction
Preventive • Paul Lahote •by An Abundance Of Fiction
pre·ven·tive prəˈven(t)iv/ {adj.} 1.designed to keep something undesirable such as illness, harm, or accidents from occurring. ○○○ Not every story starts with an introd...
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The Age of Waking Death by CyFaust
The Age of Waking Deathby Cy Faust ☆
The Age of Waking Death Series :: First Three novels The Dragon's Disciples: Placed by the hands of a god into the womb of Dragoloth's royal family, Pharun has struggle...
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Lockdown on London Lane by Reekles
Lockdown on London Laneby Beth Reeks
When the London Lane apartment block is put on lockdown, its residents are in for a whirlwind week. Imogen's stuck living with a one-night-stand in Number 14, and has to...
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tibits by angerbda
tibitsby angerbda
The temple bell stops but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers. --Matsuo Basho - - - Series of short stories for various competitions and ideas tha...
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Fragile Musings by BEHaynes
Fragile Musingsby B.E.Haynes
A collection of short stories, one-shots and fragile musings of a hopeful writer.
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Unexpected Inspiration - Short Stories by MeriGreenleaf
Unexpected Inspiration - Short Meri Greenleaf
This collection of short stories is an lgbt+ lighthearted/comedic fantasy series where artists, inventors, and carnival performers fill the cast. Each short story in thi...
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How's It Hangin Potter?↪Drarry One-Shots by erinlynn123
How's It Hangin Potter?↪Drarry Erin
-Draw My Cover Conest currently active, DM me or read the last chapter for more information (Rewards!! Boosts!!)- A collection of my Drarry writes, including smutty, sad...
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after all by kovalactic
after allby bon vivant
a collection of feelings and redemptions. © all rights reserved 2017 | kimi
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A Little Tease by TamaraLush
A Little Teaseby TamaraLush
This book is a collection of short stories, writing prompts and Wattpad contest entries. In 2020 I'll be exploring more contests and writing challenges, and the snippets...
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Sex, Secrets and Submission by IslandSenorita
Sex, Secrets and Submissionby Tonii
An anthology of erotic short stories.
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Waiting for you #FLA2018 ✔️ by shakthi
Waiting for you #FLA2018 ✔️by shakthi
A short story for Forbidden love collaboration contest. "Your lover died years ago, so you try dating again but the love you feel for him/her is as strong as ever...
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luna by cherrybombs-
lunaby black lives matter
kill me like a star
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Roads To Hell: A Horror Anthology by Sam_Castle
Roads To Hell: A Horror Anthologyby Sam Castle
A collection of horror short stories and flash fiction. Alex is awakened by the sound of a dog barking from inside his house, but he doesn't own a dog. Three boys find a...
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my poetry. by GayCultureBeToSuffer
my Jaya
Just some old poems that I wrote a few years back.
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AFTERMATH - Trilogy by HighCommanderStudios
AFTERMATH - Trilogyby HighCommanderStudios
Previously Known as Brendan and May. Brendan and May. The beloved main characters from Pokemon ORAS journey continues in a collection of fun and exciting stories which t...
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