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Another Wave of You ✓ by jayscitylights
Another Wave of You ✓by Jeihan
With the limited time they have, she teaches him how to love. And he teaches her how to let go. Copyright © 2018 by jayscitylights. All Rights Reserved.
Forget me lots (Completed) by NodaOrtiz
Forget me lots (Completed)by Noda🌱
❀Editors' pick feature February 2021❀ Much against his will, River Allen can't drag his gaze away from the new student, seventeen-year-old Dawn Gray Brooks. It isn't tha...
No description...intro padhne mein sirf 2 minute lgega... pleeejjjjjj bache ka intro padh liyo😂🙏🏻
Brave Soul by LadyMortis
Brave Soulby Brave Soul
"Those monsters scream at your doorstep during the awakening of storms and although the sun shines once more, some of them enjoyed their stay--they never left."...
Tales of a Girl by peachxvision
Tales of a Girlby P. X. V.
At night, she pulls her blanket to herself, takes her pen, and remembers every bit of detail in her life. She had a lot to write about her regrets of the past, her doubt...
Try {Emerson Barrett} by Ssh_Im_writing
Try {Emerson Barrett}by Ssh_Im_writing
Emerson was broken. Barely a ghost of the man he once was. His heart had been shattered by someone who taught him how to feel, and someone who took off the mask he once...
Chronicles of a Fat Teenager (Complete - Sequel coming soon) by BeckyDyer
Chronicles of a Fat Teenager ( Becky J D
At sixteen, Beth Evans was used to living a solitary life. "The Clones" were a group of perfectly pretty girls in school who preyed on Beth's insecurities. In...
Surviving Your Darkness by Astro_Kat_
Surviving Your Darknessby Callisto
A poetry book about survival. This book will be about how to live with the trauma of the past, how to survive your demons. A girl falling and embracing her darkness I w...
Give Up On Me by Soloughlin16
Give Up On Meby Skyla O'Loughlin
Chris always knew the risks. He knew he could die. He ignored it. He sidestepped around that fact, always pushing it to the back of his brain when he knelt in front of t...
Little Button by itsoriginalee
Little Buttonby itsorginally
"I am a man--but I won't hide my tears." "It is a sign of weakness--" "It is evidence that merely human and that I have a heart. One that...
The Art of Self love by DarlingAD
The Art of Self loveby A.D.
No one can be taught self love, but you can learn some things about how to start your journey.
Confident by maxineee1405
Confidentby lildumb4ss
Sanay si Criza na palaging kutyain ng ibang tao.Sino ba namang hindi masasanay,simula pagkabata ay lagi siyang kinukutya ng ibang tao.They say she's ugly,jejemon,that he...
Laro by _siopaonaclara
Laroby clara
Isa, Dalawa, Tatlo. Iiwanan mo ako.
The Dear You Series by __thundervibes__
The Dear You Seriesby shroonys
You are a beauty that the universe cannot contain, an epitome of everything wonderful and tantalizingly breathtaking. So it gave you flaws that you so hate. But they mak...
Midnight Monologues by peachxvision
Midnight Monologuesby P. X. V.
She is known as the writer who creates stories about how the concept of love is formulated, explored, and ultimately destroyed by her protagonist, borne out of their rel...
Damsel In Evolution by TheDreamingPooh
Damsel In Evolutionby TheDreamingPooh
Witness how a timid girl, who lives in nightmares, find her own lights and hop out of the dark valley with the help of her hard-to-find friends and a bit of new feelings...
VI Words Story by brawnybam
VI Words Storyby rawr
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Persephone || A Greek Mythology Retelling by madisonkunzler
Persephone || A Greek Mythology Madison McClay
- Book Two in the Kore Series - * NOT a stand-alone. Please read Kore before reading this novel!* For her entire life, Kore had allowed others to make decisions for her...
Save me //by telwi_ by telwi_
Save me //by telwi_by telwi_
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