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Risen Again (Dabi in RWBY) (Manga Spoilers) by VoidedControl
Risen Again (Dabi in RWBY) ( Riley Smith
After Dabi kills Endeavor with his final attack Dabi falls aswell,killed by his own flames,his only wish now is for the pain of his past to end he-despite all the sins h...
More Issues Than Vogue | ✔️ by BellaLunaa
More Issues Than Vogue | ✔️by BELLA.
*Wattpad Featured Novel* Haley Monroe has moved to the Big Apple and is ready to start her internship at Forward Magazine, the hottest best selling lifestyle magazine in...
Maybe It'll turn out okay. || A Omori Suntan after story kinda fanfic by paranormalCaffeine
Maybe It'll turn out okay. || A DoodleBug!!
This will pretty much be my way to get some emotions out at times, So please don't judge it all too much. It's been almost a year since Basil and Sunny got out of the h...
Pokémon I: Pokémon Love.  by Shadow_an_Umbreon
Pokémon I: Pokémon Love. by Shadow Shirogami
an Eevee fell in love with a Vaporion in which the Vaporeon already had feelings for this Eevee since sometime after he came into this House of Eeveelutions, and little...
Poems From a Mad mind.  by Lordofthemad
Poems From a Mad mind. by Octavian Otto Mayheart
Poems I have written. They tend to be quick reads. Some sad, happy, depressing, deep, and everything in between. They are not all good but I like to think I have a few g...
Midnight Monologues by peachxvision
Midnight Monologuesby P. X. V.
She is known as the writer who creates stories about how the concept of love is formulated, explored, and ultimately destroyed by her protagonist, borne out of their rel...
Confessions of an Intern by feydoc
Confessions of an Internby Michele Regan
These are musings of mine, told as I grow through residency. I hope to share a little insight into the making of a doctor, one who still cannot believe she's been blesse...
Pieces of me by Sberrymonster
Pieces of meby Sberrymonster
This is a collection of poems. Small pieces of my own mental puzzle. You may find my pieces familiar and see pieces of your own puzzle in them or perhaps you won't...
S E X L E S S by AmariOkito
S E X L E S Sby Amari Okito
Margot thought she had everything to be happy, the real deal. Still, Margot's world is crumbling; her long term relationship is on a cliff. Her daughter Diva has predis...
Feed the Muse: Inner Monologues (Vol. I) by _rmal98
Feed the Muse: Inner Monologues ( RMAL
An anthology of random essays, reflections, and other whatnots ©️ 2019 by RMAL
SarAlia - A unique tale of love - Story9monthski closure by Arch_3186
SarAlia - A unique tale of Arch_3186
This is the continuation of Sonytv's show "Story 9 months ki" as envisioned by me. The show was unfortunately axed midway without closure due to COVID-19 induc...
 poetry slams  by AnyasChronicles
poetry slams by Anya
I wrote these poems based on my own experiences with my inner demons and my take on society. They mean a lot to me. Just a fair warning these aren't sunshine, rainbows a...
stones and clouds by kitchen_goblin_
stones and cloudsby epionee
bad poetry written at 3 am
LordGod {In The Ruins}  by TonioHickman
LordGod {In The Ruins} by Ä’lhj
[Our] Change in Spirit and in Flesh....
I Truly Hate Myself by TyffarannoJedi
I Truly Hate Myselfby Tiffany Jedi
Read this in a year, future you will see how much you've improved.
Mr. Jesus Is Very Far Away by _This_Is_A_Joke_
Mr. Jesus Is Very Far Awayby SleepySpoon
Bloberta and Clay finally divorce and Clay is desperate for attention (as usual) I'll update the cover soon 😅 dont have much time to make art now a days! Hhhhh
anochecer by ENAMORAMOS
anochecerby your heart(and mine)
he is almost visible #591 111518 ©︎ enamoramos , 110518
Just Some Random Thoughts by atashi_mimi_des
Just Some Random Thoughtsby MIMI
Why don't you listen and reflect on yourself sometimes...