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Love You Forever by Writer-Saraa
Love You Foreverby Sara
If we are meant to love each other forever then we will love each other's forever. Even though I'm unsure about most things in life, I am certain that I love you, and I...
Being in love again by AnVeSu
Being in love againby
It is a fanfic on Ragini from swaragini serial. It will be same till kavya getting arrested but Ragini is not stabbed in the story but was poisoned and was having very h...
Two Halves of a Whole by tejranxinfinityy
Two Halves of a Wholeby tejran
this is a story of a simple girl married to a guy who was simple before but later due to some unfortunate circumstances he become rude and cruel he star torturing a girl...
Hoke Juda Hum Juda Na Ho Sake ✔ by Dharani17
Hoke Juda Hum Juda Na Ho Sake ✔by Dhaరणि
# 1st In TeMish on 21st August 2019 # 3rd in RagLak on 28th Feb 2020 Peep in 😊
Love Happens Again by 957ck1234
Love Happens Againby 957ck1234
Enter the book and 📖read
Devotion Of Love: The Never Ending Saga by sha_writes01
Devotion Of Love: The Never Ending...by Shalini
A saga of beautiful love story between two poles apart from 16th century... A saga which was written on books of love... A saga of two people falling in love slowly and...
love,lies And Misunderstandings  by ink_fable01
love,lies And Misunderstandings by anushka
ft. tejasswi prakash and karan kundraa other character will be added Concept- tejasswi a newbie in the industry and karan a very famous actor comes together for a show...
Crossing The Hurdles~Tejran. by Mystery_id2
Crossing The Hurdles~Tejran.by Ace_
A tejran story.
hey peeps! this is me your writer. It's my first time and I'm super thrilled to deliver something very special to you all. It's a story which is scripted based on their...
FOREVER YOURS by SamyukthaWarrier
He is a successful actor and she is a struggling supporting actress... They are secretly married for years ... Let's see what they have got to say to us ♥️
Destiny: The Missing Puzzle Piece _(TejRan fanfiction) by LKtejran
Destiny: The Missing Puzzle Piece...by LKtejran
Life is like a puzzle... before finding the right piece to fit the incomplete part of the biggest jigsaw puzzle called life, you need to try lot of misfit ones. But onc...
Swaragini - A Story (season 2) by pby_bong
Swaragini - A Story (season 2)by pby_bong
This is from the serial track.. but this is not the continuation of my previous story (season 1) Totally a new one.... If you like the first episode, then read further...
Hadsa-e-ishq  by TejRan-Galaxy
Hadsa-e-ishq by TejRan-Galaxy
A rich guy coming to a village to attend a wedding of his friend's Sister but instead getting married on his own Want to know how there journey goes peep in to know
SACHE RISHTE by Kyy_family
SACHE RISHTEby MultiFandom
both were separated because she could no go against her family and he had to fulfil the responsibly as a son.......but in saving their family relations...there own rel...
TEJRAN'S LITTLE MAGIC ❤ by santhiyasuresh
TEJRAN'S LITTLE MAGIC ❤by SanthiyaSuresh
A Fairytale Love story which made everyone in the world believe in love, which made few envy them for the love they had for each other, which made their fans go crazy fo...
Read krlo pata chal jayega
Roadies : Ride With Khatron  by Bestbudy
Roadies : Ride With Khatron by Riddhi
it's story of kk and teja meeting on roadies show for the first time. take a look to know more about their journey.
What happened to us?  by dikila4
What happened to us? by dikila
I m very new to writing Just scribbing whatever comes to my mind Bear with me! 💪☺
Us - Finding Love  by mehakchoice
Us - Finding Love by anonymous writer
Hello there my cute people 🤩 This story is about our cutie pie teju and hot shot karan kundrra Before giving you sneak peak let me tell u dis story is going to be ver...
#TejRan: FEMINA AWARDS  by noob_writer17
#TejRan: FEMINA AWARDS by noob_writer17
The plot is completely hypothetical. it's about how and why karan skipped the femina awards which he was supposed to attend with teja and what must have happened after t...