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A Sudden Realization 1/3✅ by rejoiceo
A Sudden Realization 1/3✅by Adrien is Cute
"What have you been hiding from me?" "What?- nothing. Totally nothing." I could feel my heart pounding. No one was allowed to know. But somehow it fe...
  • vex
  • secret
  • ladybug
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Secret Identities (UNDER EDITING) by rejoiceo
Secret Identities (UNDER EDITING)by Adrien is Cute
With her smart brain, Alya was finally able to figure out that her closest friends had been Paris' famous heroes. But she realizes that a lot of misunderstandings have...
  • ladyblog
  • miraculous
  • chatnoir
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To The Moon And Back || Miraculous by Mishka-adv
To The Moon And Back || Miraculousby ● Negin ●
❝We Can't Stay Stuck In This Bubble Together Forever!❞ In which Chat Noir's Cataclysm Never Worked When They Were Stuck In That Bubble That Bubbler Made. Number Of Chapt...
  • miraculousladybugawards2018
  • miraculousfanfiction
  • kwami
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Living With Agreste by Savaboo
Living With Agresteby ❥ savannah ❥
At 16 years old, Marinette gets ready for the chance of a lifetime! Internships, closer to defeating Hawkmoth, overcoming the awkwardness between her and her crush... bu...
  • miraculousladybug
  • adrienagreste
  • tikki
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Believer || Miraculous Ladybug Fanfic by ur_fave_ship
Believer || Miraculous Ladybug what
"She's not Ladybug, Alya! Can't you see it?" Marinette cried to her so called best friend, grasping her by the shoulders and shaking her. "Sorry, Mari, I...
  • heartbreak
  • marinette
  • wattys2018
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Miraculously Roommates by lucky_ladynoir
Miraculously Roommatesby 🐞
Marinette and Adrien end up as roommates in college. With the new romantic tension, and responsibility of being Paris's saviours, will their identities remain secret? Wi...
  • mlb
  • marinette
  • fanfiction
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Post-Reveal by AnotherPhandomMember
Post-Revealby Meme Lord ™
When Marinette slips up and reveals her identity to Chat Noir, their lives are flipped up-side down. Romance flourishes, secrets grow, and Papillon grows more daunting w...
  • marichat
  • marinoir
  • miraculous
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Too Many Tears by FandomAlien135
Too Many Tearsby FandomAlien135
Updated Description: Marinette Dupain-Cheng was a victim of bullying for as long as she can remember. Adrien Agreste and his best friend Chloe Bourgeois. From his first...
  • adrien
  • ladybug
  • adrienette
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Reader X Nathanael | ✔ by tylers_shoes
Reader X Nathanael | ✔by Abandoned
You are new a student attending Marinette and Adrien's high school, but working for Hawk Moth as a spy. As your duty, you try to learn their secret identities. You becom...
  • nathanael
  • miraculous
  • chatnoir
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New Stars- Adriennette story by fangirling15051
New Stars- Adriennette storyby fangirling15051
Adrien is frustrated by the dating rumors going around. People are assuming that he is playing with Chloe and Marinette, when Ladybug is the one he truly loves. As chat...
  • adrien
  • chatnoir
  • marinette
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Love Square -Adrienette/LadyNoir/MariChat/Ladrien MIRACULOUS LADYBUG FANFIC by phanimaniac
Love Square -Adrienette/LadyNoir/ phanimaniac
With the same two people tangled up in four different ship couples, how will Marinette and Adrien be able to decide who they really love? Read all about their Love Squar...
  • alyaxnino
  • ladynoir
  • fanfiction
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The Third Miraculous ✦ Adrien x reader by its_mo3
The Third Miraculous ✦ Adrien x moe (・ω ・✿)
y/n was just an ordinary girl who lived in Toulouse, France. But everything changed when she moved in with her Grandpa. There's a new student in town and also.... a new...
  • luka
  • superhero
  • chatnoir
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Just Fine  by PotatoPopTart31215
Just Fine by Potato-Pop-Tart
*under editing* WARNING. THIS WILL GET EMOTIONAL. TALK OF DEPRESSION AND SUICIDE. She didn't expect senior year to be easy. No one did. But no one went through what she...
  • fanfic
  • ladrien
  • miraculous
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Red String • Marichat by marichat_sins
Red String • Marichatby Taylor Alexis
"A Princess deserves to get spoiled everyday, but on her birthday, she should be spoiled even more. Especially since she's you Marinette." These characters are...
  • tayrisa
  • completed
  • redstring
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Under Lock and Key by edendaphne
Under Lock and Keyby Eden Daphne
Marinette is thrilled. She's spending her afternoon at the museum with Adrien, and even Manon unexpectedly tagging along with them can't tarnish her happiness. After all...
  • ladybug
  • chatnoir
  • miraculous
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Soulmates → miraculous by its_nusa_obviously
Soulmates → miraculousby i'm acE BITCHES
{THE STORY GOES FROM 1 TO 10 IN FIVE SECONDS. DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YA} "Hey Marinette? Who's your soulmate?" "Chat Noir." A world where, you get a...
  • alya
  • ladybug
  • noir
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Extremely naughty by teverittt
Extremely naughtyby Tyreece j everitt
All credit goes to miraculous fanatic on fan as I could not find his story on wattapd I uploaded it myself His wattpad account is @chachoo1 Rated M for late...
  • paris
  • adrienette
  • tiki
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On Our Toes [ Miraculous Ladybug Breakdance au ] by T_TacoBurrito
On Our Toes [ Miraculous Ladybug Taco Sauce
"If you don't mind me asking, I just noticed how when you dance, your toes are sometimes pointed. Do you take ballet?" Chat waits for an answer as lights flick...
  • âu
  • adrien
  • cove
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Not so oblivious anymore by Arolla_Pine
Not so oblivious anymoreby Lena Klimka
Ladybug and Cat Noir have been shot with oblivion bullets. They don't remember who they are, what their superpowers are, what they are for each other... They have to fin...
  • marinettedupaincheng
  • adrinette
  • miraculousladybug
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【🐾Dangerous Touch🐾】 || Adrien / Chat Noir X Reader by FontFreak
【🐾Dangerous Touch🐾】 || FontFreak
His attitude had changed. His personality was strange and manipulative, his smile was fake, and his touches were uncomfortable. He was a changed man, as if his happier p...
  • fanfiction
  • readerinsert
  • adrienagrestexreader
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