Nerd? I Think Not! by LizzyVZ
Nerd? I Think Not!by LizzyVZ
UNDERGOING EDITING, BUT STILL READABLE...* *** Sasha is the school's average nerd. Well, they believe she is an average everyday loser. Behind her fake glasses and baggy...
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  • pain
  • watties2018
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Adrienette Arranged Marriage by ShanteSOspecial
Adrienette Arranged Marriageby Apple_bottom_jeans🍎
I slowly backed up, then I felt my back hit the wall. He placed his hands at both sides of my head, trapping me. "A-Adrien," I stuttered. His face was a few...
  • adrien
  • switchpov
  • firststory
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My Bad Boy Protector by drowningbird
My Bad Boy Protectorby RAVEN
Lila Evers: A shy, abused girl with no friends. Gray Asher: Hot bad boy with only two friends. When Lila stumbles up the stairs, Gray and her crossed paths. When you mi...
  • lila
  • abuse
  • protect
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Liar Lilar | A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction | by Pink6018
Liar Lilar | A Miraculous Pink Pink
When Lila figure out Marinette's biggest secret (that she is the super hero ladybug) she starts taking advantage of it. What will happen? Will Lila tell everyone her sec...
  • adrien
  • miraculousladybug
  • marinette
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My Purr-incess [Marichat] [COMPLETE] [Under Editing] by Yac_Yac
My Purr-incess [Marichat] [ Yac_Yac
Marriente finally tells Adrien how he feels, what will he say? Who will be there for her if he say no? Will they know each other secret? Cover made by~ @CatW1tch Find ou...
  • cuteness
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Masked Princess? by creamsweets
Masked Princess?by creamsweets
Marinette's parents told her they are not her parents. She belongs to the king and queen of China. Also Marinette's class are going to China and will be staying thier fo...
  • nathaniel
  • sabrina
  • juleka
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 Behind The Smile | Miraculous Ladybug Sad Story by UniqueBookworm15
Behind The Smile | Miraculous UniqueBookworm15
|MAY CONTAIN TRIGGERING SCENES| "Is this the end?" Chloe, Sabrina and Lila start bullying Marinette. Marinette fakes a smile every time she walks into the sch...
  • alya
  • bully
  • harm
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A miraculous trip by JadeRoss2
A miraculous tripby Jade Ross
This is a short story inspired from a challenge taking part on Miraculous Ladybug Amino. Miss Bustier's class hops on a plane to the Canary Islands! Placed in their pai...
  • villains
  • juleka
  • holiday
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Miraculous Cruise by lucky_ladynoir
Miraculous Cruiseby 🐞
"Ships on a Boat" -multi ships \adrienette main/ NOT 100% COMPLETE (Not sure if I ever actually will finish this) Hawkmoth is fed up with waiting for his ships...
  • rose
  • kim
  • miraculous
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Only Him. by Mimi23o5
Only Mimi23o5
Marinette, the girl who always used to be homeschooled, starts a new journey at Francois DuPoint. Little does she know, there's a lot more than studies in store for her...
  • otp
  • miraculous
  • rivals
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📙The Artist & The Writer📗[Marcaniel] by -LiteratureYurisuki-
📙The Artist & The Writer📗[ #SayorikaLover
What if Nathaniel and Marc's beginning had been slightly different from what we were shown?
  • marc
  • nath
  • marinette
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✔ E-życie || MLB by KotKaktus
✔ E-życie || MLBby Queeny
[2016] Marinette rozpoczęła drugi rok nauki w gimnazjum, wraz ze swoimi przyjaciółmi. Krótko po tym, powstaje nowy portal społecznościowy. Daje on możliwość kontaktowani...
  • władcaciem
  • marinette
  • biedronka
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The Voicemail by MemeFreak4life
The Voicemailby CocoForMemes
To be honest this is a stupid story and has a high risk of giving you a heart attack... I take it back I meant cancer. POST REVEAL WARNING, ADRIEN ACCIDENTALLY REVEALED...
  • plikki
  • humour
  • chatnoir
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Watching Miraculous Ladybug by juni0204
Watching Miraculous Ladybugby juni0204
Que pasaria si nuestros personajes favoritos aparecieran en una sala de cine y descubrieran las identidades de los heroes de París?
  • fanfic
  • marinette
  • nathaniel
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Glitter Force Girl Power! by Cherry_Blossom204
Glitter Force Girl Power!by Cherry
Lila, Ellie and Vanessa are total BFFs. They are also Glitter Force fans (especially Glitter Force Doki Doki). But of course, it doesn't exist in real life, right? Well...
  • glitterforcegirlpower
  • maya
  • clara
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Karácsonyi kihívás: Egy-egy novella minden nap - Befejezett by belladonna_77
Karácsonyi kihívás: Egy-egy belladonna_77
Adventi naptár a Miraculous karaktereivel... a szereplők megosztják velünk a legemlékezetesebb karácsonyi pillanataikat, huszonnégy csodálatos napon keresztül.
  • adrien
  • marinette
  • alya
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Her Stained Lips (GirlxGirl) by xUndeadCutiex
Her Stained Lips (GirlxGirl)by ♥︎ Cheshire Cat ♥︎
She was your average girl in a simple world but when she meets Lila a designer for the biggest company in the world. Her life is thrown to the dogs or well vampires. No...
  • love
  • vampire
  • fragile
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Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction The Reveal by KawaiiPinkSpartan
Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction Doomgirl 118
Chat Noir and Ladybug have been heroes for a while now. This story starts with the event both heroes have long awaited. When the two find out each other's identities it...
  • adrienette
  • marinettedupaincheng
  • marichat
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The Teacher's Assistant (Dave Franco) by PhotographyFanatic
The Teacher's Assistant (Dave Haley
**A Dave Franco Fan-fiction** It's senior year, and for Lila Evergreen everything is falling into place. Her future college plans are already set up and with a career i...
  • school
  • dave
  • student
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Change by Starlight2109
Changeby Starlight2109
It's been two years. Chloé Bourgeois has become nicer, but she still has a long way to come. Soon, she finds a weird octogonal shaped box on her bed. Is she up for the c...
  • bourgeois
  • carapace
  • miraculous
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