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Miraculous Fanfic: She Knows? [COMPLETED & EDITING] by cloverb3rry
Miraculous Fanfic: She Knows? [ clover
What happens if Chloe finds out that Marinette is Ladybug? Will they become friends? Will Chloe change? More importantly, will Lila change? an adrienette and revealed i...
Luka X Reader by Ritzmoontheidiot
Luka X Readerby Ritzmoon
-THIS STORY IS CURRENTLY UNDER EDITING- You move into a new town without knowing anyone, due to being in a military family. Despite trying to refuse to move to Paris, y...
Together Forever, No Matter What by 1Moonflame8
Together Forever, No Matter Whatby 1Moonflame8
Lila goes too far, forcing Marinette and Adrien to flee from Paris. 10 years later, they come back untouchable. Look out Lila, you're going down!
Miraculous Ladybug Scenarios (Aka Exposing Lila) by creamsweets
Miraculous Ladybug Scenarios ( creamsweets
Ways of Lila getting exposed
Daminette One Shots by MochiNeko
Daminette One Shotsby MochiNeko
This fandom was introduced to me on tumblr thru the by @ozmav This fandom is based between Damian Wayne and Marinette Dupain-Cheng aft...
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Make sure you're ok by ladynoir0306
Make sure you're okby ladynoir0306
Lila and Chloe have pushed Marinette over the edge. She goes so far and starts doing things she normally wouldn't. Since her parents are gone on a trip they aren't there...
She is a child!!!! : A miraculous Fanfic by Daminette_FORLIFE
She is a child!!!! : A Princess
Gabriel, Nathalie, Adrien are in for a surprise when they find out the have to take care of a Baby Marinette for 2 months, when she gets hit by a magical pink lightning ...
Holding On  by readersmoon
Holding On by Séléné
Marinette is done. She is exhausted, tired of lying to everyone, tired of feeling so alone. Tired of everything. And one day, after a particularly bad altercation with L...
Secret Spy's! by Butterflykingdom33
Secret Spy's!by Butterflykingdom33
What if Nino and Marinette have a secret past and were trained to be spies? what if everything everyone knew about them was a lie, what if their whole life was a lie in...
Day of Justice by SalandraWolfe
Day of Justiceby Salandra Wolfe
In this AU of the Miraculous Ladybug series, Marinette is akumatized after all of her classmates believe Lila's lies. Now Princess Justice, will Marinette choose to obey...
The White Snake - ENGLISH VERSION by RilaZou
The White Snake - ENGLISH VERSIONby Soledad de Los Ríos
Despite Adrien's warnings, Lila defames Marinette again in front of her friends. Causing resentments of the companions towards the young girl, not knowing that with that...
The Trio of Power \\||// A Miraculous Ladybug AU by _saltedcarameI
The Trio of Power \\||// A Caramel
What if they were pretending to hate eachother? What if it was all an act? What if... They were all best friends? Find out what happens with Lila, Marinette, and Chloe...
No More Mr. Nice Guy [Completed] by fandom_official
No More Mr. Nice Guy [Completed]by Blake
[Prequel to 'MLB: Leave Me Be'] Marinette has had it! She's sick and tired of being pushed around. She finally sets aside her morals and lets her dark side take over (wi...
Maybe that wasn't a lie (Lilanette) by MultiShipperAndStan
Maybe that wasn't a lie (Lilanette)by Mars/Max
(Everyone is 17 in this.) Lila made up a lie, that might not be a lie, to make Adrien jealous, and she said that she had a crush on Marinette, unfortunately Adrien didn'...
Be Creative: Hidden Edition by Starskulls
Be Creative: Hidden Editionby Starskulls
BE CREATIVE: HIDDEN EDITION IS A SEQUEL TO BE CREATIVE. READ THAT BOOK FIRST TO AVOID CONFUSION. After the downfall of Lila Rossi, did you wonder how the class dealt wi...
When You Tell a Villain by Elecornatishigaidle
When You Tell a Villainby Elecornatishigaidle
When Adrien sees what Lilas lies are doing to Marinette he helps her after the class leaves her for Lila, it's them against the world. But at what cost will others go to...
MLB ¦¦ Twitter ¦¦ Messages ¦¦ AU ¦¦ by Brixxmiraculous
MLB ¦¦ Twitter ¦¦ Messages ¦¦ AU ¦¦by Brianna
If the mlb characters had Twitter! There are gonna be multiple Au's in this so I will tell you when they change and what they are when they do change. Spam will happen l...
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Thou shalt not take no shit from Lila by iloveMLB2021
Thou shalt not take no shit from lost in the world of maribat
Marinette leaves for a tour with Jagged Stone at the end of Sophomore Year. When she comes back, she has changed physically and emotionally. She might just throw Lila ou...
Lie-la revealed by Fangurl-25
Lie-la revealedby Demiwizard Miraculer
As Marinette becomes more famous as anonymous fashion designer MDC, Lila digs herself a hole her lies can't get her out of. ~characters are not my own~ (completed story)...
Class Salt one-shots by MlbMarichat4ever
Class Salt one-shotsby Dove Taylor
I know there is a lot of class salt one-shots books around but I just wanted to make one. Some will be longer as I felt it needed another page. I am open to suggestions...