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How I look on you ~ Ariana Grande - Y/n by SunnyDestiny
How I look on you ~ Ariana SunnyDestiny
Say you ain't in it for the spotlight, Girl Say you don't wanna be a star "Can you handle all this fame?" "Do you like how I look or just how I look on yo...
Craving Her (Normani/You)  by wetclxt
Craving Her (Normani/You) by 1-800SlapAHoe
Today is Y/N birthday and she and her friends decided to hit up the strip club. Once y'all get in you lock eyes with a chocolate goddess Y/n don't know what it is about...
better off ~Ariana - Y/n by SunnyDestiny
better off ~Ariana - Y/nby SunnyDestiny
You keep me in your orbit My love'll have you fall to your knees I'd rather your body than half of your heart I'd rather just watch you smoke and drink On the road a lot...
Bad Angels, Good Demon by Darkmischef
Bad Angels, Good Demonby Pokeylife
*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/* Justin is a somewhat smart 18 year old that happened to have bad luck. Bad luck you say? Yes. Bad luck. He is a greater...
Lou Miller imagines  by dinomilfs
Lou Miller imagines by sarah😸
based on oceans 8 mostly Lou and (sometimes)Debbie there's a lot of smut 😃 gxg BUT i might do g!p if anyone requests yes i know she's married or whatever but this is ju...
goodnight n go ~Ariana - Y/n by SunnyDestiny
goodnight n go ~Ariana - Y/nby SunnyDestiny
Tell me why you gotta look at me that way You know what it does to me You know where your hands should be Play with your mind for no reason Oh, why'd you have to be so c...
I'm Rogue Because I'm Different (GirlxGirl) by Anonymous-Anonymous
I'm Rogue Because I'm Different ( :D
I'm Rogue because I'm different, my pack beat me and my parents left me to die.
Needy   ~ Ariana Grande - Y/n by SunnyDestiny
Needy ~ Ariana Grande - Y/nby SunnyDestiny
(Sequel: How I look on you) I can be needy Way too damn needy Sorry if I'm up and down a lot Sorry that I think I'm not enough And sorry if I say sorry way too much I a...
Let Me Love You ~ Ariana - Y/n by SunnyDestiny
Let Me Love You ~ Ariana - Y/nby SunnyDestiny
I just broke up with my ex Now I'm out here single, I don't really know what's next And I ain't tryna rush you, but goddamn, I'm a mess And I don't normally say this but...
the lovers° || + j.jk  by _GYMIN
the lovers° || + j.jk by 🍃🌹тænnʏ。
Kim Tae-Hyung is a trouble-maker. Being the only son of a businessman has it's perks. Until his parents decide to take action by cutting off his credit cards. They agree...
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Whatever (yizhan) by barkhabiswas
Whatever (yizhan)by blossom ICE
About the story: Top: Wang Yibo Bottom: Xiao Zhan Hello to those who are reading this (Not sure even someone will read my fiction 🤧). Before you read: ~My english is re...
The Naive Boy (Yizhan) by barkhabiswas
The Naive Boy (Yizhan)by blossom ICE
Presenting: Wang Yibo as a teacher - 26 years old. Xiao Zhan as a student - 17 years old. Xiao (Zhu) Zanjin as a teacher - 34 years old. ( Xiao Zhan's parent) Wang(Li...
Niall Horan (sad) one direction Ziall  by HaylaRose190
Niall Horan (sad) one direction HaylaRose190
When people think of Niall they think happy, care Free, energetic, foodie but what if that slowly starts to change as he starts taking hate seriously. Niall goes spiral...
Colorful Twists by SaucyOneCurious
Colorful Twistsby SaucyOneCurious
Seth didn't expect to receive a bundle when he went grocery shopping, but he did. He makes the decision to take care of him. He doesn't expect the turns and twists his l...
𝑔𝑜𝑜𝑑 𝑁𝐼𝐺𝐻𝑇  Nicki/Cardi/you by wetclxt
𝑔𝑜𝑜𝑑 𝑁𝐼𝐺𝐻𝑇 Nicki/Cardi/ 1-800SlapAHoe
It's a nicki/cardi/you story Just read the damn story😐
Lost in Captivity (Book 6) by varzanic
Lost in Captivity (Book 6)by N.A. Carson
~Book 6 of the Demon Series Three years, and Ranger has nothing. Not even a trail to follow. He’s wandering blind in rogue territory in search of two wolves lost among t...
As You Are (Camren) by kinbee34
As You Are (Camren)by kinbee34
Camila: WHO IS THIS?
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Blood MOON: Alpha's Witch | BxB (Unedited) by AJPharaoh
Blood MOON: Alpha's Witch | BxB ( AJ Pharaoh
Newly in town, Milo is the first ever lycan-witch hybrid, unique in every way, from his look to his abilities. He's plans of a simple life gets thrown out the window whe...
Fandom Smut/Imagines by Rachellynn1901
Fandom Smut/Imaginesby RachelLynn
Just some fanfiction I came up with from random fandoms I'm into. I ship way too many characters, cannon and non canon😂 favorite fandoms are OnceUponATime, CriminalMind...
Love Me Harder~Ariana - Y/n by SunnyDestiny
Love Me Harder~Ariana - Y/nby SunnyDestiny
(Sequel: Let me love you) Take my breath and never let it go I know your motives and you know mine If you know about me and choose to stay Then take this pleasure and ta...