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The Contract by Bleuple
The Contractby Bleuple
Cameron Jaks had to save her family's business from their rival Eli William. Her sister, Daphne's gambling, had almost ruined them. When Kane Martoi called the Red Sava...
Stringent Submission by Ashasharmawrites
Stringent Submissionby Astha sharma
She entered the room , feeling nervous yet confident in some way and got greeted by seven pair of hungry eyes "I am going to assume you will be a good girl" ...
Deja vu  by antisocialI12
Deja vu by antisocial butterfly
It's a story about a very sexually active bisexual girl, who finds herself in middle of a steamy threesome with a couple.
My Kinky Creampie Library Fantasy by TrixieSquirts
My Kinky Creampie Library Fantasyby Trixie Willow
Reading makes me so Horny! When I was attending University, every time I was studying late at night, I found myself fantasizing about getting fucked in the library.. wan...
Pleasure You by BunnyBoo51
Pleasure Youby Ezaria
In this, it will be an interactive story in order to get you to orgasm! This is for females to read though I will do another for males maybe!
『 Punk - Rodrick Heffley 』 by sparkle-sauce
『 Punk - Rodrick Heffley 』by ❦ 𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓵𝔂 ❦
[Warning; This story will contain mature themes such as swearing, underage drinking and drug usage, mild sexual content, and depictions of trauma.] ✄ ✄ ✄ |Desc| Stubbo...
Seven Deadly Sins Oneshots!  by Bans_Wife_
Seven Deadly Sins Oneshots! by Bans_wife
Requests are open! This work is all smut. #1 in Melodias
Avengers Imagines  by koolquacksons
Avengers Imagines by koolquacksons
These stories will include imagines, smuts, gangbangs and hookups. If you would like any specific character and any gender eg nat and a female (you) just ask in the late...
GirlxGirl Short Stories by senselessscribbles
GirlxGirl Short Storiesby senselessscribbles
From steamy make-out sessions to heart-warming confessions, this collection of short stories will satisfy your craving for romantic lesbian fiction.
Debt Collectors  by 0SatansLittleAngel0
Debt Collectors by Z.A.B
"What's your name?" He asked firmly, staring at the young woman intently. "Myra." She answered softly, trying to stay calm. "Myra. Are you reall...
50 Shades Of Lyon. by Karasaekano
50 Shades Of ༒༒𝕆ℝ𝕀𝔾𝕀ℕ༒༒
Cookie/lucious fanfic Lucious dwayne lyon is a ceo of lyon industries, very civilized and likes things a certain way. A woman named Cookoe goes into his office to survey...
Erotic one-shots by xgirlxxxxx
Erotic one-shotsby xgirlxxxxx
Rather self-explanatory. Keep negativity at bay please. Thank you.
Public Fun With Daddy by someterriblewriter
Public Fun With Daddyby SomeTerribleWriter
Experience Some Sexual Shenanigans With A Daddy Dom.
Danganronpa V3 x Male reader by TheCreatorNumber1
Danganronpa V3 x Male readerby TheCreatorNumber1
Y/N never wanted this, being the ultimate librarian he was always known for being a complete pushover, someone whom you could walk all over without getting pushed back b...
The uber DRIVER (Completed) by Anusree100
The uber DRIVER (Completed)by Anusree100
"You think anyones gonna want to fuck your little wife tonight?" #3 in adultlanguage
You're My Favorite Drug [Angel Dust X Reader] by AngelicHeartBeat
You're My Favorite Drug [Angel AngelicHeartBeat
You had a miserable life back when you were alive. Your mother was a stripper and your father was a heavy alcoholic. At school, it was rare to go back home untouched or...
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it cast preference by need_joekerry
it cast preferenceby wolfhard4lifer<3
I think the title say it all warning ⚠️ (adult content)
Connections by Saphireblueelf
Connectionsby Saphireblueelf
Joe decides to travel the world and learn how to cook from the top chefs, right after high school. He says good bye to his childhood best friends and heads out on his ow...