His Unwanted Desire

His Unwanted Desire

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Nikita By Gujiya Completed

I pushed him with as much force as I could which made him stumble slightly but he succeeded in maintaining his balance and escaped from falling. That was when I got a chance to see his face.

Oh, my gosh!! He is so handsome...wait...I have seen him somewhere...somewhere...what the...!! He...he is Mr. Shane Adams, the CEO of Adams' Empire. But why the heck did he kiss me? Did he misunderstand me for someone?

"How dare you push me? Do you even know who I am?" He asked, angrily.

"Don't give me that shit of 'Do you know who I am?' I know who you are, but how dare you kiss me without my permission?" I spat back.

My statement fueled his anger and now he was extremely furious. He had his hand balled into a fist. He slowly came closer to me and stopped just inches from me. 

"You lousy mouse. You are nothing but a slut. Do you hear me? You.are.a.slut!" he whispered into my ear from my back holding both of my hands tightly.

I could no longer take it as I was beyond furious at this point. I punched him hard on his handsome face and the side of his lips started bleeding. Serves him better!

And this is how they met; Lara and Shane.

Neither are they poles apart nor do they lie on the same side of the coin. But there's something that attracts them to each other again and again. 

Get indulged in the romantic love-story of Shane and Lara.

PS: You might find this story a bit of a cliche.