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Sweet Temptation (B×B) [Book 3 of the Tantalizing Love Series] by Squidtcyc
Sweet Temptation (B×B) [Book 3 Squidtcyc
"Sorry, Sir! I'm really sorry!" The small figure apologised repeatedly as he stood frozen in his spot. "It's alright. Are you okay?" I stared down in...
Uncover  |  Sebastian Stan by StolenSoldier
Uncover | Sebastian Stanby StolenSoldier
Everyone has their secrets. Sometimes these can be dangerous, other times they're not. For these two, their secret is completely innocent. They're married - not that an...
Bad Boy || Xavier  by anna_590
Bad Boy || Xavier by anna_590
Highest rank: #51- badboy #12- comedy Being new in a high school is difficult. Being "claimed" by the supposedly "bad boy" was even more difficult. H...
Mafia's Heartbeat[SS]✔ by Your_Little_Cupcake
Mafia's Heartbeat[SS]✔by Cupcake🦋
Genre:Medical Fiction/Fatherhood/Brotherhood
Immortal Love by abigail_grayson
Immortal Loveby Abigail Grayson
*REWRITTEN VERSION OF THIS STORY IS NOW POSTED AS HEART OF FIRE* | HIGHEST RANK: #13 in Vampire on 5/10/18 #526 in Romance on 7/12/18| She was the girl everyone loved...
Sister of the Bad Boys by Angel_Loves_Books
Sister of the Bad Boysby Angel_Loves_Books
"Why can't you let me be my own person?! You 3 are always controlling my life and I hate it. I hate it!" Turning around, I started to make my way to my room...
YOU AND I (Kendall Jenner) by Aubreyvgd
YOU AND I (Kendall Jenner)by AVGD
Alexander Stanford was a the son of a well known billionaire and also the cousin of the prince of the British Empire, they own most of the well know clothing lines... he...
The HeartBreaks by werewolf10101
The HeartBreaksby Lea
Xander King is a twenty-four year old, he is everything any girl could wish for. His devilish handsome looks causing every girl to fall right into his arms. He owns a st...
A Love Worth Billions | Soon to be edited.  by joynovembers
A Love Worth Billions | Soon to —j.
[ COMPLETED ] Rosalina Vega is the epitome of true grace. She has the looks, the brains and the men falling at her feet: all with but one glance. Mateo Gerardo is an arr...
Two Hearts & One Life by FelicityMaria
Two Hearts & One Lifeby Maria Felicity. A.
They thought they already have everything, a perfect relationship that had been going strong for over ten years, both of families who always supporting them, and last bu...
Married To My Vampire Tormentor by ShamilahBowen
Married To My Vampire Tormentorby Ms_Conceited
Ace Collins, 18 year old human girl, is told the most tragic news she could possibly hear. That she was to marry Kaiden Ryder. The 20 year old vampire, who had made her...
A New Beginning | Selena Gomez by AnyaDiTraglia
A New Beginning | Selena Gomezby AnyaDiTraglia
Justin Bieber is now engaged to Hailey Baldwin. And they're getting married soon, breaking Selena Gomez's heart. Will she be broken forever? Not if Lucas D'Angelo has so...
Beautifully Repaired (Sample) by KittyKash92
Beautifully Repaired (Sample)by 👑K a s h👑
(Damaged Beyond Repair 2) Alana Hayes has learned her lesson; the first rule of falling in love with Rowan Masters is to never let him go, because when Alana leaves, Row...
The Rented Mate by SmilingCherries
The Rented Mateby SmilingCherries
Beta Terrence didn't find a mate. So, he hired Virginia as his fake mate. Too bad, she is Alpha Bradley's true mate. Enjoy reading.
Billionaire's Love by apricotlove
Billionaire's Loveby apricotlove
When Angelina Hawthorne called the devil to herself, she had no idea of who he was but how attractive he looked. She was a different person then, she had everything then...
Beyond Duties by liquidfiredragon
Beyond Dutiesby liquidfiredragon
Serve. Protect. Love. Venera Rustik Yates spent her life walking the runway as a supermodel. Daughter to a billionaire and younger sister to a responsible brother, Vee...
Awesome Threesome by Mimilvly
Awesome Threesomeby Mimilvly
Celebrity couple Joey and Daniel have a bad breakup. Joey is crushed thinking Daniel cheated on him. Daniel is forced to deal with the cruel breakup and the sudden death...
Dangerous Illusions by CyrenaMacRieve
Dangerous Illusionsby Cyrena MacRieve
Alpha Eric Knight the most cocky, arrogant and a player. With the looks that could kill, and he could have anyone he desired. Meet Sebastian Beaudet, omega of the pack...
The New Nanny by ruthless-ruth
The New Nannyby Emily
*warning: I am a very slow updater due to never having time to update nor able to get the write works out of my head. Read if you want, I find that what I have already w...
Family Secret ~My Gangleader by Ciaaakt
Family Secret ~My Gangleaderby Ciaaakt
Emily Rose James your typical 17 year old right.... well that's what everyone though even her but one night changed it all when you get dragged to a party where you did...