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Uncle's best friend (h.s) by PrincessxStyles_
Uncle's best friend (h.s)by Payge
WARNING: this story is going to contain an age gap, daddy kink and other things like that, So if that bothers you don't read this. "What's your name?" She as...
  • fanfiction
  • harry
  • onedirection
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Brother Complex (BoyxBoy) by killingmeinside
Brother Complex (BoyxBoy)by killingmeinside
Charlie Haynes really loves his older brother, William. He really looks up to him. His friends often tease him that he has brother complex, that he doesn't listen to or...
  • boyfriend
  • gay
  • brothers
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Orphic by _SuperxNova_
Orphicby Arwen Dale
(Will x Reader) Will Byers has returned.. but at what cost? You were once his best friend, yeah one eniee weeniee problem though.. you're not real. You're his copeing me...
  • imaginaryfriend
  • paranormal
  • love
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(Yuri) Fairy Tail Girlfriend Scenarios (GirlXGirl) by Cathy_Lulu
(Yuri) Fairy Tail Girlfriend Denki
Exactly what the title says Lucy Heartfilia Erza Scarlet Mirajane Strauss Juvia Lockser Levy McGarden Cana Alberona
  • fairytail
  • mirajanestrauss
  • canaalberona
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I am his Precious Possession [A forbidden Romance] by Madison_Missouri
I am his Precious Possession [A Madison
A twisted and forbidden tale: 17 year old Danny has always been possessive over his younger sister Mia.He see's her as the definition of "pure" But when Mia...
  • abuse
  • sister
  • brother
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Complex Desires by Cind2010
Complex Desiresby Cind2010
Some people know the meaning of happiness while for others, it's a journey in finding it. Lauren and Callie Carter are sisters seeking to find the true meaning while liv...
  • sisters
  • family
  • complex
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Just a Game » Dave East by BlackGirlLost_
Just a Game » Dave Eastby BlackGirlLost_
Lex's fling with her brother's best friend was supposed to be just a game...until he started breaking all the rules.
  • sexstories
  • fanfiction
  • thug
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Love Knows No Colour by DaliaEllz
Love Knows No Colourby Dalia Ellz
"Okay Melanie whatever changing topics now I don't want to talk about it." "No" "Yes you just won't admit it... Hell even Serenity knows you're...
  • bus
  • interracial
  • weekend
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Inazuma Eleven X Reader by Liselotte_Vermillion
Inazuma Eleven X Readerby Lise
#1 in Anime MY. FIRST. BOOK. This is an X Reader thing...and well...I wrote a story first. After that story in the next chapter the X Reader will come out. Be patien...
  • complex
  • readerxcharcater
  • eleven
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They Won't Know (MithRoss) by GhostlyGhostyGhost
They Won't Know (MithRoss)by GhostlyGhostyGhost
Ross and Max are in a relationship but don't want to tell the fans yet and their friends happened to find out in different ways.
  • mithzan
  • mithross
  • imback
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Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband by LAson4
Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Tahtah Ason
After five years, Ning Xi has returned and is out to take revenge on the sister who turned her parents against her, and the childhood sweetheart who betrayed her for her...
  • arrogant
  • lead
  • female
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X-Marks: Stealing Shadows by imtaeokay
X-Marks: Stealing Shadowsby ✨Taylor K. Owens✨
Children are disappearing. And their parents don't want to find them. After Valen is taken from her home she is used for government plans never spoken aloud. Only the ma...
  • notcliche
  • society
  • diversity
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Hidden Colors|| [Todoroki x OC x Bakugou] by FallenApple13
Hidden Colors|| [Todoroki x OC x FallenApple13
Who knew that Eijirou's cousin would be coming to UA? Karin is a sweet girl with two promising quirks of her own. Unfortunately though, with her mental disabilities, sh...
  • bakugou
  • midoriya
  • gory
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More than friends?? by supriyak334
More than friends??by Supriya Kumari
This is the sequel of the story, "Slave of a Billionaire". This story is about the life of Ronnie's and Caitlin's daughter Susan. Susan is in college now. She...
  • friends
  • romance
  • shortstory
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My Wife Always Thought I Did Not Love Him (Complete) by andri6485
My Wife Always Thought I Did Not Andri Park
Type Web Novel (CN) Genre Drama Romance School Life Shounen Ai Supernatural Tags[ ] Complex Family Relationships Handsome Male LeadMisunderstandings Modern Day Second C...
  • complex
  • family
  • bl
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A Selfish Moment by tanyamiranda
A Selfish Momentby Tanya Miranda
Between single motherhood and a bustling career, Jubilee Ray is too busy for romance. That is until she meets Everett Salerno and has a night she will never forget. Th...
  • newyorkcity
  • relationship-complicated
  • love
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Chris Evans Insta Story by harrywavycurly
Chris Evans Insta Storyby sarahjay92
This is the love story of Chris Evans and long time girlfriend Ciara as told through their instagrams.
  • romancefanfiction
  • instagram
  • steverogers
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The Ravenfall {on hold until June} by DrakenWinterson
The Ravenfall {on hold until June}by D R A K E N
" A modern-medieval madness " Since the era of steel and gold, there has always been a conflict between darkness and light. But amid those bloodsheds were thos...
  • fantasy
  • fiction
  • raven
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I Will Love You  In Every Life Time (Complete) by loveheartdoll88
I Will Love You In Every Life loveheartdoll88
This is a story about a fat girl how does not think she is pretty so no guy will love her but her boss is madly in love with her
  • disagreements
  • completed
  • biggirl
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The Waves by avazrenee
The Wavesby avarenee
Aubree Summers was about to graduate high school, with high hopes for her future. Her home life was good, her mother loved her and so did her father. There was one thing...
  • runaways
  • badboy
  • murder
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