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Brave Omega/Omegaverse AU-SunSun by Sunooscrown
Brave Omega/Omegaverse AU-SunSunby 👑 Crownies 👑
"What is so insane about it that we want to be happy and not get bonded with some stupid Alpha who just wants us for his own pleasure?! What is so insane about it t...
Daydream [Sunsun Fanfiction] by gelicacy
Daydream [Sunsun Fanfiction]by moon
Sunoo, a man who always dreams about this one guy, always wakes up having little to no recollection about it but the feelings he felt in it. Little did he know that, he...
Day-Night Love / SunSun by Spy234teen
Day-Night Love / SunSunby Li Axichan
"We finally meet......... My long time love"
Obsession [PART 1] by ilykimddeonu
Obsession [PART 1]by ilykimddeonu
How did a hug start it all? All he wanted to do was to help the latter calm down. He doesn't know how he ended up in this cycle of fighting and forgiving, scaring and be...
Married with the cold man-Sunsun//Enhypen by lin_yi897
Married with the cold Location: Dead End
Sunghoon became a cold hearted person after his father arranged his wedding without telling him while on the other side Sunoo is a soft hearted one and scared of Sunghoo...
ចាញ់ស្នេហ៍សិស្សប្អូន🤍 by sungsunsun
ចាញ់ស្នេហ៍សិស្សប្អូន🤍by sungsunsun
ផាក ស៊ុនហុន និស្សិតឆ្នាំទីបីនៅសកលវិទ្យាល័យសេអ៊ូល ជាសិស្សប្រុសមានមន្តស្នេហ៍ សង្ហា គ្រាន់តែនៅស្ងៀមៗ ក៏អាចឆក់យកបេះដូងពីសិស្សប្រុសស្រីបានដោយងាយ ក្នុងចំណោមនាក់ទាំងអស់នោះក៏មាន...
Bloody Royals | Heesun by -ANGELW0N-
Bloody Royals | Heesunby 𝗱𝗲𝗲𝗻𝗮
❝For anyone else those would be bites, but I want you to call them love marks.❞ In which a gorgeous vampire in the need of saving catches the attention of a young prince...
The babyboy syndrome by poppin_yeonbin
The babyboy syndromeby Elie ✨❤️
Sunghoon is a normal boy who loves to hangout at Stackbucks with his friend Jay. He works as a babysitter to win some money. But one day, Sunghoon gets a text from an un...
Everything About Him by lazyxieee
Everything About Himby Xieee
Sunoo's life is peaceful not until he met the Campus Kings. Will this change his life, for good? What if one of them fell for him? Or not just one?
𝐒𝐨𝐥𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐤 「Sunsun」 by ShephyrVII
𝐒𝐨𝐥𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐤 「Sunsun」by SHANTHUS
A story about Kim Sunoo, an orphan who is sold by his Uncle to a rich business man. Park Sung-hoon. (The story contains some parts of violence)
Love Is Not Easy  by lovewithstories
Love Is Not Easy by lovewithstories
"We love each other but we still can't be together for always.."
Forever With You\\ SunSun Au by Mimi_mi07
Forever With You\\ SunSun Auby MiMi🌻
"Why would I come to you again? let's end and now....Let's break up" Sunghoon was Shocked to hear what Sunoo just said. "What did you just said...
I kissed a guy | sunsun by -psxli
I kissed a guy | sunsunby ♡
"i kissed a boy but i liked it.." this unknown feeling in sunoo's stomach making him question himself. sunghoon's life was already so messy, will make sunoo ma...
midnight cuddles ; sunsun by ntsonvhs
midnight cuddles ; sunsunby nich
a short story where sunoo loves cuddling with his boyfriend sunghoon.
Into to you [SUNSUN] by KwonJinYoung
Into to you [SUNSUN]by Ezaral
'Never trust them, never fall to their tactics again. You've had enough, don't hurt yourself again.' Sunoo whispered to himself as he is his walking home. Sunoo had trus...
with silence. (sunsun) by taehyunsbicep
with silence. (sunsun)by i like to comment ッ
in which the bubbly kim sunoo finds the notoriously silent park sunghoon intriguing.
ENHYPEN FF by taehyungs_wifeyy
7 boys get added to a groupchat.... if you dont like dont read NO SMUT Got the idea from @beomgyushamster
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JustSomeScenesIgotFromEdits by Restart_Now
JustSomeScenesIgotFromEditsby Restart_Now
exactly what the title said. all sunsun.