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My Cats are All Bigshots by readnovelsallday
My Cats are All Bigshotsby GOGO
Wen Xin transmigrated into a lucky koi novel set in the entertainment world as the female supporting character who served as a contrasting image for the female lead. Wit...
데뷔 못 하면 죽는 병 걸림 by conschlain
데뷔 못 하면 죽는 병 걸림by floyen
Associated Names Debut or Die I'll Die If I Fail to Debut If I Fail to Debut, I'll Get a Killer Disease 데못죽 데뷔 못 하면 죽는 병 걸림 A 4th year student who was preparing for the...
Sweet and Soft Girl is Six Years Old by kcvlnciaaa
Sweet and Soft Girl is Six Years @tinevlncaaa^_^
Su Mian, who had a dream of music, was reborn as an unpopular little girl in the countryside who would be beaten whenever she made a mistake. After the arrival of Xia Xu...
LiHun Zhiqian/ Before the Divorce (မြန်မာပြန်) [Completed] by yomyomQQ
LiHun Zhiqian/ Before the Yomie 💚
睡前故事集·离婚之前 Before the Divorce Author - Man Man He Qi Duo 漫漫何其多 9 chapters + 3 epilogues (Completed) All rights reserved to original owner. This is fan translation.
[MTL] Heaven's Greatest Plan ✔ by _LazyPatty
[MTL] Heaven's Greatest Plan ✔by 𝓟𝓪𝓽𝓽𝓲
Note: I do not Own this Novel. Please Don't Vote, For Offline Purposes only... Happy Reading~♥ *** MTLNovel Home » Heaven's Greatest Plan Heaven's Greatest Plan  4.3 (8...
Guide to Stabilizing the Blackening of the Villainous Husband 稳住黑化的反派前夫[穿书] by rainbowfartfartfart
Guide to Stabilizing the xiāoměixuán 萧美璇
NOT MY STORY FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES ONLY Ling Zhen transmigrated as a female cannon-fodder in a dog blood novel. The female partner had plastic surgery done for the novel'...
Pampered to Heaven by Rich Husband by jb4002
Pampered to Heaven by Rich Husbandby JB
THIS ISN'T MY STORY! I POSTED THIS FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES Also not my translation! Source: MTLNovel ~~~~~~~ Novel Summary Once she woke up, Cheng Youran found hers...
The National Girl Is A Three And A Half Years Old by jb4002
The National Girl Is A Three And JB
THIS ISN'T MY STORY! I POSTED THIS FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES Also not my translation! Source: MTLNovel ~~~~~~~ Novel Summary Gu Suisui, who was a marshmallow essence...
Transmigrated as the Cannon Fodder Abandoned by the Movie Star by Kessho_Yuki
Transmigrated as the Cannon Fuyu no Hana
COMPLETED Author(s) : 有点困 Associated Names : 穿越成被影帝抛弃的炮灰 Gu Qingchi transmigrated as one insignificant cannon fodder. The author didn't set the character design, so ever...
《BL》The Little Mermaid Got The Wrong Script by xiansxi
《BL》The Little Mermaid Got The cucumber bro
《 MTL 》《 ✔️ 》《 Interstellar 》 Author: Lang Kong Yishi Status: Completed (107 Chapters + 1 Extra) ~~~ [mtler/n: 2k letter limit, full ver in ch 1] Introduction: Ruan Chuj...
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Rebirth of a CV Star by Jaimelyn_1995
Rebirth of a CV Starby Jaimelyn♥
(Not Mine) Yan Mu Lin, who just got the Best Male CV award, was killed in an accident, but fate made him traverse into another world. In there, he has more opportunities...
Almighty, Your Persona Has Collapsed by PopsicleAndCake
Almighty, Your Persona Has PopsicleAndCake
Meng Fu was 16 years old when the Jiang family came looking for her. They said that she had been mistakenly swapped with someone else since a young age. Before she can r...
《BL》I'm Really Rich [Entertainment Circle] by xiansxi
《BL》I'm Really Rich [ cucumber bro
《 MTL 》🌟《 ✔️》《 Modern 》 Author: milk tea with full sugar and less ice Status: Completed (150 Chapters + 5 Extras) ~~~ Introduction: Yan Ran, who owns 10 rental houses...
ရည်းစား​လေးထားချင်မိတဲ့ကျွန်​တော် (ဘာသာပြန်) by Rosemary_chen
ရည်းစား​လေးထားချင်မိတဲ့ကျွန်​တော် 🌷
Title- I Just Want to Be in Relationship Author- Lian Shou Status in COO- 97 Chapters+6 extras Original Publisher - Jjwxc English translator- Flying lines Genre- Comedy...
✓Back to Before I Married the Tyrant by MingzuMing
✓Back to Before I Married the 𝑴 𝒊 𝒏 𝒈 𝒛 𝒖
Back in university Lu Yao married the most powerful man in Beicheng, Fu Shishu. In one fell swoop, she turned from a pheasant to a phoenix. Lu Yao should have lived the...
I Became Hugely Popular After Becoming A Cannon Fodder Star by demaurye
I Became Hugely Popular After a l e s s
[BL] Giant Little Stepdad [Rebirth] by Erishi_An
[BL] Giant Little Stepdad [Rebirth]by Sylvie
Giant Little Stepdad [Rebirth] 豪门小后爸 [重生] Author: 橘子舟 Status 84 Chapters (Completed) Description Fang Li defeated Yue Wenxi because of the competition, and was designed...
... by Ace_Of_Raven
#18 Nyxia
Superstar Aspirations by Jaimelyn_1995
Superstar Aspirationsby Jaimelyn♥
(Not Mine) In his last life, he was a superstar that dominated the entertainment circle. In this life, he is a rebellious second generation wastrel. Confronting the aunt...
Film Empress's Daily Face Slapping by Foxie_Wolf_Tigress02
Film Empress's Daily Face Slappingby Tsuki_Miho
SYNOPSIS: After all the effort of climbing from a mere daughter of a concubine to the Crown Prince's consort, before the veil was even lifted, I had become a "flow...