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Another Summer by xfindmyway
Another Summerby Tas
"You can't save everyone Violet, not everyone can be saved." Violet's world shatters when her brother dies, she doesn't want to fall to pieces even though the...
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The Life Of Benjamin Cane & Other Stories by MollyMackwell
The Life Of Benjamin Cane & Other...by molly mackwell
A series of Dark, fantasy stories. Stories which are full of black humour, tell tales of confussed kids, spontaneous transformers, and a mum who hates her son. Dark and...
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The Mist by TonySakalauskas
The Mistby Tony Sakalauskas
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Dear diary by JLFox0010
Dear diaryby JLFox0010
Cathy's life is anything but ordinary! Take a sneaky look into her diary (shhh) and find out why.
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Demolishing the 'It' Girl (Kinda On Hold - Editing) by Bluecloud12
Demolishing the 'It' Girl (Kinda O...by Clouds
Clare Wilton used to be the girl who was barely noticed by anyone and blended into the crowd, until one day when she decided to play a humiliating prank on the new stude...
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In the Hood with Janice by YouAreALizardHarry
In the Hood with Janiceby YouAreALizardHarry
Janice is, by far, the sexiest creature out there in the murky town of RoadKill. You've been used to swooning over her for years, without her ever even knowing your name...
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My quirky family. by Cerberus_Crux
My quirky family.by Cerberus
First parts a short story I did for school. The rest are actual stories that I'm telling to provide comic relief.
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Thumbelina Untold | Modern Fairy Tale Retelling by Marsyness
Thumbelina Untold | Modern Fairy T...by Marsy
Sweet, innocent and 2 inches tall. The world is Thumbelina's shiny wet oyster. Unfortunately reality comes dipped in frightful mishaps, and served with a side of cray...
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I Am Iris by RibbonsOfRainSang
I Am Irisby Ally
Enter the world of Iris Mai. She can be considered a bit peculiar... Odd, different, puzzling. No one quite understands her, not even Robot Boy, and especially not Moth...
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MEDICINE by -crybby
MEDICINEby -crybby
"i know this is stupid and not proved, but what if you were each other's medicine?" A MICHAEL CLIFFORD FAN-FICTION
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Love Livie by imhereforthehotguys
Love Livieby Jillian McSwegan
Liv Baxter's life was never easy. With addict parents, depression being a common reminder, and a love life that not even the worst of people deserve(well its not that ba...
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The Alpha Kings Mate by PenguinArmy_
The Alpha Kings Mateby Abby
This is the story of Amalie,also known as Amy. The shy but sassy 17 year old werewolf who has the attention span of a goldfish. Rejected and abused by her pack after her...
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Must Work Weekends by pmedina0125
Must Work Weekendsby Paula
To: Olivia Hawkins <ohawkins@nypost.com> cc: Lindsey Reed <lreed@nypost.com> From: Greg Turner <gturner@nypost.com> Subject: LINDSEY, WHAT THE HELL HAV...
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forget me not by twistedmaze
forget me notby chyenne ☯
| "you're like that flower.." |
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Above by chiddlezz33
Aboveby chiddlezz33
She doesn't know where she is and she doesn't know where she's supposed to be - all she knows is these two girls and their perfect world that is slipping away from her. ...
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Hidden Heartstrings by LemonGlazed
Hidden Heartstringsby Ⓒⓞⓡⓡⓘⓝⓔ
"To silently hate you while secretly plotting your death or poke you in the eyeballs right now, I'm still contemplating." "Choose the opposite of the form...
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Ballad of the Desert by LeftToFly
Ballad of the Desertby Terri Z
Raised by wolves that prowl the Western desert, Jade learnt to become human again after saving a man dying of thirst. Originally a Southern Dynasty citizen, he brought h...
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Blue Haired Alien Girlfriend by JohnHCarroll
Blue Haired Alien Girlfriendby JohnHCarroll
Blue Haired Alien Girlfriend is a stand alone short story. Joshua is a manager at FishBurgers who walks home alone every evening. One night, he comes across an unusual...
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Awakened by skighidk
Awakenedby Skigh Gabriele
"As you read on, you'll realize the importance of what I'm saying, why I'm saying it, and how I learned it. But even if you decide against reading the rest of my st...
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Dork Love by QuirkyDork231
Dork Loveby Understanding
Okay, lets be honest ladies. Who here has visualized themselves with the legendary "badboy" or the notorious "player"? Who here has imagined changing...
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