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Siblings (Prison Break) by FanficMaddness
Siblings (Prison Break)by Ashieya
I just thought that there not many prison break fanfic, I decided to write one but more focus into siblings and not love story. No description since I'm very bad at it...
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Odd Man Out by La_deesse_du_soleil
Odd Man Outby E.K. Johansson
Skylar (Sky) Anders has a sentence of over twenty years for drug peddling and for attempt of murder. But due to bad behavior at Fox River, the guards decide to play a li...
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Don't Leave Me by Veronica_Snow
Don't Leave Meby Veronica Snow
Michael Scofield. Brother is in jail, dad is missing, mom is dead. What's left to lose? Rob a bank, get thrown in jail with his entire chest, back, arms, and legs tattoo...
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beautiful crime ( michael scofield ) by upsidedowneggo
beautiful crime ( michael coraline
"she has a good heart. she really does. it has just have been broken a lot." prison break 2-5 oc x michael scofield
Rats: Shai's Story by masonfitzzy
Rats: Shai's Storyby Mason FitzGibbon
After a Virus wipes out 98% of the population, the world falls to mass hysteria. Walls are built around major cities, and only the wealthy are allowed in. This results i...
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fox in the chicken coop - prison break by madformads
fox in the chicken coop - prison madformads
Olivia has just been given a life sentence for a string of murders Due to her lack of remorse and pure malice she is being sent to Fox River State Penitentiary, an all m...
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Contingency {M.Scofield} by HyperactiveSpaz
Contingency {M.Scofield}by Jade
Doctor Sienna Tancredi is sent to an all male maximum security prison to serve 35 years for crimes she did not commit. She needs to figure out why she was framed for the...
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✓ | GIF IMAGINES ➤ [multi fandom]  by betalies
✓ | GIF IMAGINES ➤ [multi fandom] by ☒betalies☒
Multi fandoms gif imagines COMPLETED
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Dads best friend                                              |Wentworth Miller| by scofieldsnart
Dads best scofieldsnart
Based on the mini four part imagine series I have in my one-shots and Wentworth Miller imagine book. The title is pretty self explanatory, the book carries on after the...
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inmates by thatsshitwritingdude
inmatesby al
Life's not been too great for Sam. His dad left when he was 9, his family's broke, and he's not exactly the most popular guy around. So when he helps out one of the few...
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Prison Break Preferences (Completed) by AndySambergx
Prison Break Preferences ( Lisanne
Preferences for the Prisonbreak crew; *Lincoln Burrows *Michael Scofield *Sara Tancredi *Theodore Bagwell *Fernando Sucre **Updating**
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Fox River's Female Inmate by Ayame676
Fox River's Female Inmateby Ayame676
Convicted killer, Felicity Dillon, has become the only known woman to walk the grimy, tainted walls of the all-male prison Fox River Penitentiary. She has her reasons of...
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Prison Love (Michael scofield love story) by taytay3212
Prison Love (Michael scofield taytay3212
When Rogue gets herself arrested for murder to get away from her crazy powerful sex trafficking ex what happens when she ends up in Fox River and meets Michael? Will the...
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Prison Break Imagines!!! {NOW OPEN} by all_time_fandom
Prison Break Imagines!!! {NOW OPEN}by all_time_fandom
This story consist of imagines involving the sexy Wentworth Miller. But I might include Dominic Purcell in some, who knows. Anywho, hope you guys enjoy. 😇❤️
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Wentworth Miller/Dominic Purcell Imagines by girlMichaelGC
Wentworth Miller/Dominic Purcell 1d5soslove
Requests are Closed for now sorry. This will be imagines about Leonard Snart, Mick Rory from DC's Legends of Tomorrow and Michael Scofield, and Lincoln Burrows from Pris...
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It started with a cup of coffee by MeganAblett
It started with a cup of coffeeby Megan Ablett
Lily Harper finds the love of her life but not everything is simple, sometimes in life things don't want to go your way as Lily will soon find out.
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Livin' On A Prayer; Prison Break by MackenziePhoenix94
Livin' On A Prayer; Prison Breakby MackenziePhoenix94
SECONDO LIBRO. "Un sogno non può durare per sempre. Arriva per tutti il momento di svegliarsi e di fare i conti con la realtà. E quel momento, purtroppo, è arrivato...
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my new cell mate - prison break fanfiction by wpwriterxox
my new cell mate - prison break • aisling •
"I wasn't a devil but I was stuck in hell and I needed to become a devil to claw myself out." I do not own any of the characters or the characters plots apart...
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The Missing Piece by jakarapledger97
The Missing Pieceby jakarapledger97
When Allura woke from her cryo-slumber, she knew that something was missing, or in this case someone. She feared that he had died a the hands of Zarkon or at least hoped...
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A new leaf || Prison break by georgiapearl21
A new leaf || Prison breakby georgiapearl21
Emily peters, becomes the first women in history to find herself incarcerated within the walls of the all male facility, Fox river state penitentiary. She attempts to ke...
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