Of Chores and Crowns (A Merlin Fanfiction) ✔ by Fanatic_308
Of Chores and Crowns (A Merlin Fanatic_308
Dawn had a good life. She was the maidservent to the princess of Deira, and was treated well. However, everything changed when the kingdom of Deira was attacked. Dawn ma...
  • camelot
  • fayelinn
  • princes
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Merlyn - Arthur and Female Merlin Fanfiction [1] by lover_of_historias
Merlyn - Arthur and Female lover_of_historias
No young man or woman, no matter how great, can know their destiny. They cannot glimpse their part in the great story that is about to unfold. Like everyone, they must l...
  • merthur
  • colinmorgan
  • bradleyjames
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Merlin Imagines by bookworm3254
Merlin Imaginesby bookworm3254
Various Merlin imagines from my tumblr! I don't own the franchise or any images used. If you'd like to make a request, please do so there (bbcmerlinimagines)
  • pendragon
  • magic
  • fanfiction
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My Cinderella (Arthur Pendragon love story.) by Maggie106616
My Cinderella (Arthur Pendragon Maggie106616
It is the year 1313, the young Isabella Clarke lived with her mother and father on the outskirts of Camelot. They were a simple family, Isabella had a dog names Jesse an...
  • wattys2017beginnersluck
  • wattys2017
  • wattys2017fanfiction
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Merlin imagines by madfangirl37
Merlin imaginesby forever a fangirl
Putting yourself into the world of Merlin where you can be in love with anyone you want, or if you prefer hate anyone you want. REQUESTS CLOSED
  • arthur
  • wattys2016
  • imagine
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My Dragon  by Mernyer
My Dragon by Mernyer
Arthur Pendragon x Reader After saving the prince's life, you awaken in his bed in pain and confusion, giving way for a blossoming and beautiful romance full of love, s...
  • arthurpendragon
  • merlin
  • onceandfutureking
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A Journey Through the Past by dragonVengeance12
A Journey Through the Pastby dragonVengeance12
Merlin, Arthur, Gwen, and the Knights of the round table find themselves in an abandoned hut in the woods. There, they are forced to watch a series of memories that coul...
  • magic
  • memories
  • knights
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Merlin as a girl by MerlinandArthur2021
Merlin as a girlby WE WANT MERLIN SEASON 6 NOW...
Merlin is a girl. She comes to Camelot to see her uncle Gaius to practice her skill, but what would happen if she fell in love with her prince, her master, Arthur?
  • king
  • dragons
  • lancelot
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Merther Soulmate Mark  by Rin642
Merther Soulmate Mark by Rin
Everyone is born with a soul mark. Your soul mark is the first and last initial of your loves full name. In this story Merlin will have to battle Enemies, finding out w...
  • merlinarthur
  • romance
  • soulmate
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peaky blinders imagines by asthelightsgodown
peaky blinders imaginesby ♕maddie
all imagines can originally be found on my tumblr @ birminghamblinders !! hope you enjoy :)
  • peakyblinders
  • tommyshelby
  • arthurshelby
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First Slow, Then All At Once by pointlesstests
First Slow, Then All At Onceby IDFK ITS ALEX
Merlin and Arthur have become closer than ever, and Arthur shared some of his most secret opinions. Will Merlin be accepted, or will be rejected? sorry the descriptions...
  • lgbt
  • merthur
  • merlintvshow
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the marriage law. by MissCarradice
the marriage Faye
Hermione granger was always expected to end up paired with a weasley. But what happens when it's the one that nobody expected? Move over Ronald and step in Fred, the luc...
  • fred
  • potter
  • george
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Inferno ⤑ Arthur Pendragon by relevances
Inferno ⤑ Arthur Pendragonby — zeyn
❝Long live the queen of Camelot.❞ merlin ― season one to five © copyright 2018 | relevances
  • arthurpendragon
  • pendragon
  • sorcery
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Merlin one shots by -Line-28-
Merlin one shotsby -Line-28-
Just random Merlin oneshots. I try my best to be as original as possible. Goes from being sad, to funny, to mad.... You get the gist. I don't ship Arthur and Gwenivere...
  • arthur
  • pendragon
  • cute
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Michael Gray Imagines by bonniebird
Michael Gray Imaginesby Bonniebird
This is a collection of reader insert imagines (Smut and Fluff) from Tumblr blog
  • gray
  • peakyblinders
  • finn
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Royal Disaster by dameolga
Royal Disasterby gillies
When Kaia Castor's summer is interrupted by a controlling and obnoxious Arthur Bennett, she knows the moment that he steps out of the airport that it isn't going to turn...
  • kaia
  • parents
  • kidnapping
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A Manservant's Loyalty  by Grace_LXOX
A Manservant's Loyalty by Grace XOX
The adventures of Merlin, Arthur and the knights of the round table. Short stories are rated: PG (Unless stated otherwise) Stories may contain adult themes: - Langu...
  • magic
  • prince
  • merlin
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Finn Shelby Imagines by bonniebird
Finn Shelby Imaginesby Bonniebird
Imagines from my Tumblr blog
  • finnshelby
  • alfie
  • solomons
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Fandom Spanking One Shots by Creepypasta_013
Fandom Spanking One Shotsby The android sent by CyberLife
Sorry, none of this is Yaoi, insest, Yuri, or smut in general. It's all non sexual spankings. Eddsworld Hetalia Yu-Gi-Oh Undertale Fullmetal Alchemist Legend of Zelda Su...
  • frisk
  • alfred
  • gamzee
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John Shelby Imagines by bonniebird
John Shelby Imaginesby Bonniebird
Imagines from my Tumblr blog
  • tommy
  • shelby
  • solomons
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