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The Future Beast World: The Wife You Bought, can't Bear Cubs by SiNgamBek
The Future Beast World: The Wife SiNgamBek
Bai Yue, a mental patient who jump into the future world of orc..
Romantic Beast World by SiNgamBek
Romantic Beast Worldby SiNgamBek
Likan is an ordinary human girl that accidentally fall of to the beast world. Can she survive in this harem beast world? ----- This is my original story. Trying to make...
Beastman Forcefully Raising a Wife  by dazzler3razzle
Beastman Forcefully Raising a Wife by P. S
The rich second generation Shu Jintian suddenly transmigrated during his escape after being kidnapped. He was snatched back to the snake nest of a ruthless python. Howev...
Vampire and "Mortal"- Lady Dimitrescu X Female OC by Hail3y_Yeet
Vampire and "Mortal"- Lady Hailey 🇳🇴
Courtney Wheatley is a survivor of the monsters that terrorize the village. She is the sole protector of everyone else. Except.. that might change when she meets the al...
My Wonderful Second Life •》 Life of an extra character by andrea_scribe
My Wonderful Second Life •》 Life Andrea Souza
Luna, an overworked Engineer, had an unfortunate end. Her spirit, feeling wronged, fights Death for a second chance in life. Death grants her the wish, but with a catch...
Curse Of Blood: Gods & Monsters by JeanineCroft
Curse Of Blood: Gods & Monstersby Jeanine Croft
It never bodes well when a prince of Asgard takes an interest in a mortal. Not for Aila. Not when that god is Loki, the infamous father of monsters. To love such a god i...
Li Yi once lived the dream of every pro gamer. He was at the top of his game with the best equipment, the highest stats, and everything a gamer could ever hope for. Howe...
Newt Scamander's Beasts  (Completed) by Starry_stunner
Newt Scamander's Beasts ( Starry_stunner
Upon his return to Britain from his adventure in New York, Newt Scamander meets an unusual, very unusual witch, one he knows from long ago during his time at Hogwarts...
It Doesn't End With Blood by ElleSmurfitt
It Doesn't End With Bloodby Isabel
*Undergoing some quick editing; somethings might be swapped around (Fair warning)* Verun Hampton. 23. Male. Hopeless romantic. Gay. That's a picture to paint in your min...
Moon Child's War (The Enchanted World Book 4)[Wattys2015] by faddiemanzi
Moon Child's War (The Enchanted Faddiemanzi
Read Book 1: Possessed By Lord Mage, Book 2: Tempting The Dark King, Book 3: The Dragon's Keeper first~~~Ruvin, the last known pureblood Lycanthrope and a Commander in L...
Fall to darkness by PinkTonberry19
Fall to darknessby Rachael
Gellert Grindelwald has you tied around his little finger. Yet, there is light in the darkness.
Harry Potter One-shots! by BornUnderABadSign
Harry Potter One-shots!by heebie jeebies
UNDER HEAVY EDITING BECAUSE I WAS YOUNG WHEN I MADE MOST OF THE OLDER ONES AND THEY ARE HORRIBLE. I suggest skipping to the newest for the best content. Mostly Marauder...
The Antagonist Wants A Break   by YuiKim956
The Antagonist Wants A Break by Yui Kim
Happiness doesn't exits every time. Luck never stays forever. Hero,Heroin or you can say protagonist. Have always been better. They got loved by every one. Have you eve...
Skyfall 》Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them by lovethebreeze
Skyfall 》Fantastic Beasts And lovethebreeze
What if Jacob Kowalski wasn't the only No-Maj during the wild beast chase? Meet his friend, Alina Nikolai. What would happen when these two encounter the mysterious man...
Half Blood by Certain_Storyteller
Half Bloodby Certain_Storyteller
The world has hidden a secret that seperates the real history away from mankind...... Creatures, Monsters and Entities from myths and stories proved to be true and aban...
The Anthem of the Imperial Beasts by austeakette
The Anthem of the Imperial Beastsby Austèa E. Kette
!!! AVAILABLE UNTIL 25/07 !!! • • • The Empire of Beasts is a cursed nation where beasts live. But Elynn is only aware of the latter part, and yet not quite. As Elynn di...
Magizoologist's Diaries by Larionov35
Magizoologist's Diariesby Luna R. Scamander
Luna R. Ave is back, but this time, she's a grown woman with a graduate degree in Magizoology and no place to live. After the person she loved dies, she discovers that...
Crew of beast  tigers by muskanarora7063
Crew of beast tigersby LUI SHIRASAGI (Muskan)
A young child addicted to drugs by his father was boss of killers and their gang name was beast tigers all of the members follow the orders of young boss and the weapo...