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Rishabala OS : The Hired Wife by lazyakabookworm
Rishabala OS : The Hired Wifeby book.worm
Madhu was working as a maid in RK's house when one day unexpectedly she is asked to marry him for a year when his marriage gets cancelled at the last minute.
Love could be that strong #YourStoryIndia by Granger08
Love could be that strong Granger08
Meet Madhu and Khushi, two friends who are more like sisters. Being completely opposite of each other they somehow share a great bond. The calm and determined Madhu equa...
Rishabala SS : Dancing At Midnight by lazyakabookworm
Rishabala SS : Dancing At Midnightby book.worm
She never grew up and he grew up too fast. She was an optimist and he a pessimist. She saw the good in people and he found faults in people. She loves him an...
Rishabala FF: Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You by lazyakabookworm
Rishabala FF: Can't Take My Eyes book.worm
What will you do, if your sister and boyfriend get married? Of course, get even and marry her ex-boyfriend & that's exactly what Madhubala Malik did. What wi...
Revenge - A Love Story [√] by aishu0074
Revenge - A Love Story [√]by Aiswarya
Read on to know how his revenge for her turned to love.. A short story on Rishbala
 My Love by MadameEiffel
My Loveby Nia
Madhu and RK are seperated 5 years ago. They have a 3 years old daughter Amyra or Amy. Amy wants Madhu to bring her papa. Rk is a successful businessman in New Orlean...
POSSESSION : Junoonishq of Behir and Rishbala by difaxxps
POSSESSION : Junoonishq of Behir DR
Four characters. Complicated relations. Interweaven stories. Let's go in this roller coaster ride of Mahir, Bela, Rishabh and Madhubala
Three Shots: Bas Haq Hai Ek Mera by lazyakabookworm
Three Shots: Bas Haq Hai Ek Meraby book.worm
Madhu finally starts her new college and on the first day of college, she attracts the attention of Rishabh Kundra, and ends up being his toy. Cover Courtesy : ImOrginal...
Rishabala OS : The Stranger In My Life by lazyakabookworm
Rishabala OS : The Stranger In book.worm
An inexplicable connection a stranger has with Madhubala.
Rishabala OS : Nanda by lazyakabookworm
Rishabala OS : Nandaby book.worm
RK and Madhu are happily married, but an accident takes Madhu back to the time when she was in love with another man.
Rishabala OS : Canvas & Notepad by lazyakabookworm
Rishabala OS : Canvas & Notepadby book.worm
We usually have an ambitious, career minded hero and a homey heroine... I was curious what happens if the roles were reversed and this is the story I came up with.
Enigmatic Fate (Completed) by DimpleCheeek
Enigmatic Fate (Completed)by SAZ
A story of unconditional love. A man who selflessly loves the girl but there is something that is stopping her. She is stuck in a mess, a mess that has changed her life...
Luck By Chance (Three Shots) by lazyakabookworm
Luck By Chance (Three Shots)by book.worm
RK is in love with the girl he has been seeing near his friend's house. Now it is time for him to go home for 2 months summer holidays and he has just a day to confess h...
Love You Gudiya [√] by aishu0074
Love You Gudiya [√]by Aiswarya
A short story on Rishbala... Rk got married to madhu without knowing she is the sister of Maya a spirit who captured him..
Just A Kiss Away (One Shot) by lazyakabookworm
Just A Kiss Away (One Shot)by book.worm
RK who has still not come out of his heart break from a love failure is forced to marry Madhu. How Madhu wins over RK with her cheerful, happy nature and love forms the...
Dewar-Bhabhi Duology 2 : Gentle Rogue (One Shot) by lazyakabookworm
Dewar-Bhabhi Duology 2 : Gentle book.worm
Madhu is still in love with her dead husband, Armaan but now forced into a marriage with Armaan's younger Rishabh Kundra who holds her responsible for his brother's suic...
Love Triangle [√] by aishu0074
Love Triangle [√]by Aiswarya
story of Rishab kundra & two girls madhu & deepali who claim over him when he was suffering from amnesia..
One Night Jouney [√] by aishu0074
One Night Jouney [√]by Aiswarya
As a part of his investigation ACP Rishab kundra encounters a girl Madhubala Malik which changed his life..
rishbala ff jee le zara / Dilemma Of Life by fariha2908
rishbala ff jee le zara / fariha2908
its a story of a father who is trying to make his own happy, for which he planned fake family for his son bring a fake mother named madhubala to him.