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Rumor Has It by cocomiyu
Rumor Has Itby cocomiyu
Bradley was happy to learn his daughter already made a friend on the first day of school. But the girl's mother was a mystery to him. AU where Bradley and Gaga meet und...
how a concert can changes lives  by favoritegaga
how a concert can changes lives by lene
A seventeen year old girl went to a concert since then her life completely changed GagaxReader
Hotel: the re-opening by _aquafina_
Hotel: the re-openingby Jose ♒️
This story is solely based on American Horror Story's season 5, Hotel. This story is about a *girl*, that moves into Hotel Cortez without knowing anything of it, but whe...
Maybe I Love You  by Delfien5
Maybe I Love You by Princess die
Lady Gaga fanfiction. A girl named Victoire is in the streets all alone and she is about to make a terrible mistake but luckily someone saves her. How will they end up...
BloodLust by La_chameleon
BloodLustby Countess
Alcina Dimitrescu x The Countess 🔞NSFW🔞 A letter exchange arranged by Mother Miranda leads to a meeting at the Dimitrescu Castle between the very refined and establish...
Joanne  by littleblacktiger7
Joanne by littleblacktiger7
For years she tried to forget about her, to let her go she reminded her of trauma and she didn't want to remember but she couldn't so now Gaga decided to go and find her...
lady gaga imagines by gagaslvst
lady gaga imaginesby gagaslvst
gxg imagines leave requests :) ❤︎ highest ranks ☟︎ #3 in the ladygaga hashtag #2 in the gaga hashtag ❤︎ started 7 november 2022
Innocence meets Darkness by ToxicWinchester
Innocence meets Darknessby ToxicWinchester
Victoria's mother drags her daughter along to go visit an old friend of hers, Elizabeth. They plan to stay at the hotel for a month. What happens when Victoria bumps int...
The Recording I left Behind- (lady gaga) by characterswifey
The Recording I left Behind- ( ♥︎
(Lady Gaga x girl) After moving to her university in New York, Johanna crosses paths with a girl with big dreams, she knew her by Stefani back then. Between the spotligh...
its all for you by govermenth00ker
its all for youby v
some one shots of gaga gxg ill take requests!
Don't think by lovinlovee
Don't thinkby lovinlovee
AU! Gaga(Stefani) is a 2nd grade teacher. Bradley is a fire fighter chief. What happens when Bradley ends up attending bring your dad to school day, for his niece (who's...
ONE SHOT by multishipslover
ONE SHOTby lauriqueee ✨
Very , very graphic and strong language. Smut and kink 😏 One shot.
Late Night  by bornthisway-86
Late Night by bornthisway-86
BradGa smut~ a bunch of suggested smutty stories. Feel free to suggest one if you'd like! 💕 enjoy 😉
Bradga - One Shots🔞 by sweetangelbest8
Bradga - One Shots🔞by zoi kali
A series of hot Bradga shots 🔞You read this with your own responsibility.🔞
Xavier Thorpe Imagines ☆ by love4robin
Xavier Thorpe Imagines ☆by 🫀
☆6 in Xavier Thorpe Short written chapters of Xavier :)
Sold to a Mafia Boss by LadyJenBlue
Sold to a Mafia Bossby Jenel
Si Erina Swane ay nag iisang anak ng Swane, pero, ang hindi niya alam ay mayroon siyang nawawalang kapatid. Her parents died when she was 15 years old. Because of an acc...
Killer Love by UrDadsS1ut
Killer Loveby hoe
James March falls in love in 1926 with a flapper and one day believes she is also seeing the greatest screen lover: Rudolph Valentino, which is not the case. Valentino s...
Bradga-OneShots♡ by Love-Bradga
Bradga-OneShots♡by ❤
A few One Shots/different Stories of Bradga ...just ideas that came to my mind. Please remember that everything is just FICTION😊😘 Fun Fact: Most of the time they get a...
PROMISE by Maxisunset
PROMISEby Maxisunset
A tragic event connects Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga with a bond that will last them a life time.
why did it have to be me? - boreo by obviphe
why did it have to be me? - boreoby obviphe
theodore decker had felt jealousy in life, almost everyone had. but when the one person he felt happy, loved, and calm around got a girlfriend? god, it sucked.