I knew that I was In Love When All those Stupid Love Songs Started to Make Sense

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Alec By hopeforyouandme Updated 2 years ago
Well you all know the story of Renesmee Cullen. Bella and Edward Cullen did the deed and Bella ended up pregnant. And then Bella gave birth to Renesmee.  But what would happen it if Renesmee had a twin sister Phoenix. And nobody loved her so she ran away to Mystic Falls, VA. What happens when Phoenix meets Damon? Will their love be one for the ages or something much more complicated?
@hopeforyouandme nice combo! wish i was inlove with damon! :) love the first chappy btw keep writing
@hopeforyouandme I know! It's actually pretty awesome! This is a great book by the way! Very well written. :)
The picture of Pheonix is the exact same picture as my "Aftermath" cover! Love the chalter!!!!
@hopeforyouandme   it's okay anytime. Looking forward to readin the next chapters in a second 
Lol you give us their bra sizes that made me laugh.
                                    Well i liked the charcter page, and what vampire fanfiction can be as good as mixing twilight and the vampire diaries together. 
                                    I have voted and fanned by the way