Troublesome Twins •Dramione by MadamNalu
Troublesome Twins •Dramioneby Queen Laufeyson
Hermione finds out she is adopted by the Granger's, best friends to the Malfoy's...pre Voldemort days. Hermione's real name is Alexandra Bella Malfoy, she is Draco's twi...
  • twins
  • slytherin
  • wizard
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snapchat ➳ drarry by takeshikovacz
snapchat ➳ drarryby poe deserved better
Snapchat AU What happens when Harry accidentally stumbles upon Draco Snapchat? Drarry Happens thats what
  • muggle
  • muggledraco
  • pinning
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Scars ˚✧˳✧ Remus Lupin  by rainyylovegood
Scars ˚✧˳✧ Remus Lupin by rainyylovegood
The markings scattered his back, interlocking and over-layering to weave a tapestry of anguish and indescribable pain. As she opened her eyes, the comforting smell of co...
  • potter
  • scars
  • patronus
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The Star And The Moon: wolfstar Muggle AU by SiriuslyLupinn
The Star And The Moon: wolfstar SiriuslyLupinn
Remus Lupin is a 16 year old, scared bookworm with an abusive past. Sirius Black is an abused 16 year old, hoping to find comfort somewhere. When Sirius finally asks...
  • âu
  • jily
  • wolfstar
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LIGHT ME UP.   cedric diggory by casuaIIy
LIGHT ME UP. cedric diggoryby — ellie
❝You fell in love with a storm. Did you really think you would get out unscathed?❞ prisoner of azkaban » goblet of fire m. dean-valan...
  • gobletoffire
  • prisonerofazkaban
  • cedricdiggory
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Path | Dramione  by Lsmith05
Path | Dramione by Lsmith05
Warning ⚠️: I don't know how much I will like this book so idk but I hope you guys will like it!! • • Draco Malfoy is one of the most spoiled rich kids in the world. But...
  • potter
  • draco
  • murder
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Impressions by PotterHeadDRAMIONE
Impressionsby Amy Moreland
Summary: An emotionally, physically, and mentally wounded Draco needs someone to help him, whether he wants to admit it or not, after his father lands in Azkaban, his mo...
  • hogwarts
  • dramionefanfiction
  • draco
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The Girl with the Emerald Eyes [Jily] by hamilace
The Girl with the Emerald Eyes [ k. ♡♡♡
Lily Evans is in her 7th year at Hogwarts. For the first 6 years, she hated James Potter and his arrogant ways, but something changed in her last year at Hogwarts. My fa...
  • severussnape
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  • harrypotterfanfiction
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your eyes 》 HARRY POTTER [Book 1] ✔ by tittylord
your eyes 》 HARRY POTTER [Book 1] ✔by sishtar kristyn
❝ She's a ray of sunshine I don't mind being blinded with. ❞ a young girl found about her magical abilities and attended the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry ...
  • weasley
  • witch
  • ron
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Apples and Cologne: Draco x reader by averagestormtrooper
Apples and Cologne: Draco x readerby averagestormtrooper
an American muggle-born witch is sent to Hogwarts in order to further develop her magic due to Illvermorny not accepting muggle-borns (or no-maj's) into their school. Sh...
  • newtscamander
  • dracoxreader
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Hufflepuff & Slytherin by supernatural3073
Hufflepuff & Slytherinby supernatural3073
Two houses, two students and two different sets of values. Hufflepuff values hard work, patience, justice and loyalty. Slytherin values ambition, cunning, leadership and...
  • death
  • malfoy
  • loss
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Finally Me ~ by xXMade2LoveXx
Finally Me ~by Scarlett
Alex is the youngest in a family of fifteen. To make things worse, she's the only one who isn't a twin... Or a boy. Growing up in the muggle world, Alex didn't even know...
  • muggle
  • pregnancy
  • fanfic
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- POTTER, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? by vloedemort
DRACO IN THE MUGGLE WORLD / - follow draco as he discovers a diverse assortment of muggle things. and getting terribly confused by it. ft. an agitated harry potter. (ONG...
  • bxb
  • mxm
  • humor
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Wizard Born by Roseathorn
Wizard Bornby Roseathorn
Roxanne Weasley, daughter of George Weasley, thought that all she had to worry about once she turned eleven was avoiding her brother Fred's pranks, working up the courag...
  • hpnextgen
  • percyweasley
  • fanfiction
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Two Faced||Dramione by fanficgurl37
Two Faced||Dramioneby fanficgurl37
There are two sides to every story, including Dramione's story. "What did you think I was gonna let you kiss me and have you seen my keys?" "Well you did...
  • fanficgurl
  • romance
  • muggle
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A Court of Witchcraft and Hogwarts by AelinFairchild
A Court of Witchcraft and Hogwartsby Ms. Waffles
Feyre and the Inner circle go to Hogwarts. What could possibly go wrong? The plot and writing gets better as the story progresses.
  • crossoverfanfiction
  • wattpride
  • rhysand
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Lily Potter (Harry Potter Fan Fiction) by chocolatte-agb
Lily Potter (Harry Potter Fan chocolatte-agb
In his whole life, Harry had lived with his horrible Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon and his cousin Dudley. He was being starved, imprisoned in his room and was deprived from...
  • wizard
  • granger
  • malfoy
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My Time With Tom Riddle by Ghost_of_the_Night
My Time With Tom Riddleby Ghost of the Night
Lilly Potter is back for her second year at Hogwarts and ready for whatever comes, or is she? Follow her through her ups and downs in an attempt to break free of the cha...
  • draco
  • twin
  • alexandria
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Muggle Meets Magic (Harry Potter Fanfiction) by PSMalcolm
Muggle Meets Magic (Harry Potter PSMalcolm
Alyssa Castilian is a muggle at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Despite being an outsider, and having no magical blood whatsoever, she is determined to learn...
  • hogwarts
  • wizarding
  • hp
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Audrey's Secret  by II_BLACKOUT_II
Audrey's Secret by II_BLACKOUT_II
[A Dialogue story] ---------------- "I can't believe you! How could you do this to me? After I told you...I trusted you and you left m-me! "You were suppose to...
  • wrongnumber
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