Alpha Raven ✔ by SmashingInnocence
Alpha Raven ✔by Aria Hale ✌
Even though the room was dark, I could still the one person who made my heart skip a beat. He stood there, his hands tucked in his pockets, staring at me. So entran...
  • abuse
  • secrets
  • werewolf
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Ignite by silversnowleopard
Igniteby Snow
Hey, it's me again. Yes, Tide, the one and only Double Elemental. Even among the freaks I'm a freak. How fun. But enough about that. I'm a little busy trying to save th...
  • experiments
  • literally-dont-know-what-im-doing
  • wind
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Chains of Fate [Book II of Seize the Day] by KatieSpektor
Chains of Fate [Book II of Seize t...by Katie
Book II of SEIZE THE DAY, Winner of the 2014 Wattys Instant Addiction Award. If you haven't read Book I, SEIZE THE DAY, please do! There are spoilers ahead! **** Lannie...
  • royals
  • fate
  • royalty
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My Vampire Mate: A Wild Love [Editing] by HinataHyuga122
My Vampire Mate: A Wild Love [Edit...by Sharrika ♍
Vinnie Monarch lives in a world where humans are aware that vampires and werewolves exist along with other supernatural creatures. To escape the constant bullying and un...
  • teenfiction
  • twists
  • elementals
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Percy Jackson Son and Elemental of Chaos by xXKillerSlimeXx
Percy Jackson Son and Elemental of...by That Weirdo Who Writes
Percy Jackson was forgotten and had everything taken away from him. Just when he was about to be killed by Zeus, Chaos had come and changed his life forever. Not gonna...
  • chaos
  • pertemis
  • betrayed
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Elementals [A Pack FF] |BOOK 1| re-writing [discontinued] by Shippingthepack
Elementals [A Pack FF] |BOOK 1| re...by Jazzi
I'm just different, There's no need to shock you. I'm not your play toy, I can freeze you to death. I'm not your son, I could fly away from th...
  • elements
  • elementals
  • vikklan
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Star of the Sky by AuthorMHAfa
Star of the Skyby M.H. Afa
16-year-old Ella is an A+ student who's failing Global History. When she gets the chance to redeem her grade, she ends up in a fantasy world of tag-along knights, damsel...
  • teengirl
  • student
  • cursedprince
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Academy For Elementals by Clarissa-Chase
Academy For Elementalsby Bethany
everything in her life was normal, well as normal as an elementals life like Juliette's can be. however thing turn interesting when she goes to an academy for people lik...
  • action
  • romance
  • elementals
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Sacred Ties by phoebeliciou
Sacred Tiesby Phoebe Sonia Kadzanja
There first meeting wasn't great. One was called rude and the other thought he was childish. More than one encounters couldn't just be an incident. But one late meeting...
  • mate
  • vampires
  • mpreg
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Jade moon (Elemental Wolves: Book 1) by Ladythief66
Jade moon (Elemental Wolves: Book...by Missy
**COMPLETED** Every generation four wolves are blessed by the alpha and luna gods The Leader born strong under the Jade moon The Seer born wise under the Ruby moon The W...
  • mates
  • bonds
  • teenfiction
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Whispered Kiss (ON HOLD) by MelanieCoetzee
Whispered Kiss (ON HOLD)by Melanie Coetzee
When a man burst out of nowhere and pins you down unexpectedly, your brain goes into a panic. Your eyes dart for the first object within reach, something to use in self...
  • paranormal
  • spirits
  • magic
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The Elemental Experiment (On Hold) by NovaNeptune
The Elemental Experiment (On Hold)by ♕ ʟaʊʀa ♕
After an incident at a train station, Uriah Woods is taken to Titanium Laboratories, where he is changed and modified. When he awakes, he discovers that he has supernatu...
  • magic
  • wattys2017
  • power
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The Element apprentices (a BBS fanfic) by Shadowmist45
The Element apprentices (a BBS fan...by a motherfucker called Misty
¤ CURRENTLY BEING MASSIVELY EDITED ¤ When a freak accident causes some of the BBS crew to have to move in with Vanoss himself, it doesn't seem too bad. But things are d...
  • daithidecalibre
  • fanfiction
  • h20vanoss
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Who We Are (The Pack AU) by Ava_Owl
Who We Are (The Pack AU)by Ava ⭐️
They say that every child wants to have powers beyond human abilities. If they really knew what it takes they may change their minds. This is my first book. I hope you e...
  • lachlan
  • bajancanadian
  • elements
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Elementals II: Prophecies by RocketMason
Elementals II: Propheciesby Katrine
[SPOILER ALERT! This is the sequel to "Elementals". If you haven't read it, don't read further.] Following the events on the moon, our two Elementals...
  • fantasy
  • planets
  • war
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Anni Moon by MelanieAbed
Anni Moonby MelanieAbed
Fantasy, adventure, and mystery converge in this new middle-grade series perfect for fans of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Fablehaven. Anni doesn't know about Element...
  • dragon
  • tween
  • harrypotter
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More than Trinity by FanfareWriter
More than Trinityby FanfareWriter
The Supernatural world was crashing. Wars between Supernatural races were starting to seep into the human world and pandemonium ruled. The Moon Goddess, creator of all S...
  • toomanytags
  • fae
  • elementals
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Frost (Book One of the Destined)(BoyxBoy) by Silver_Morning_Star
Frost (Book One of the Destined)(B...by Blue Diamond
Andrew always new he wasn't normal. He had always felt different from everyone else, like he had a higher purpose for living. And he was right ~~~~ It was on...
  • legends
  • alternateuniverse
  • shifters
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