Uncle Tom's Cabin (1852) by lanternhill268
Uncle Tom's Cabin (1852)by lanternhill268
"Uncle Tom's cabin" tells the story of African American who suffered from slavery in the United States of America. *This story belongs to Harriet Beecher Stowe...
  • racism
  • america
  • usa
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Pride and Prejudice by OldTexts
Pride and Prejudiceby OldTexts
Written by Jane Austen and published in 1813.
  • janeausten
  • darcy
  • classicauthors
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Roger Taylor Imagines by fools-gold-
Roger Taylor Imaginesby fools-gold-
Just a bunch of Roger Taylor imagines
  • deaky
  • brian
  • deacon
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Beatles Imagines by purplelennon
Beatles Imaginesby purplelennon
Just a collection of some Beatles imagines I've written, that's all.
  • rockmusic
  • johnlennon
  • ringostarr
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slashers x baby! reader by slasher_Fangirl
slashers x baby! readerby slasher_Fangirl
I have a soft spot for two things babies and fictional serial killers. so yeah
  • anightmareonelmstreet
  • jason
  • movies
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Beyond the Basics by miss-germanina
Beyond the Basicsby nina
[slow updates, sorry :/ ] Love isn't about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning, but about...
  • love
  • music
  • lovestory
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Escapade | Daniel Seavey AU by sweetdr3am
Escapade | Daniel Seavey AUby 🐝
❝good meets bad calm meets wild boy meets girl❞ ➳ two people from different worlds get locked in the local library. A good boy with straight A's, stays out of t...
  • love
  • girlmeetsboy
  • danielseavey
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Deborah Jane Sheridan is a housekeeper and a cocktail waitress at one of the most luxurious resorts in Los Angeles, California. She has met many celebrities during her t...
  • queen
  • teresapalmer
  • freddiemercury
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The Introvert // A Breakfast Club Fanfiction by -killerqxeen
The Introvert // A Breakfast :))
Cassidy Brooks was a shy, quiet girl who often kept to herself, with no real friends, her only companion being her books. She believed the rest of her time in high schoo...
  • clairestandish
  • 80smovies
  • allisonreynolds
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Ask Yugioh (All Generations) by KuribohKlub
Ask Yugioh (All Generations)by KuribohKlub
(On hold until further notice) Hey guys. If you want to ask any of the yugioh characters a certain question then this is the place to ask It doesn't matter what generati...
  • yusei
  • yuma
  • yuya
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Wishing Upon Stars by gmohandes
Wishing Upon Starsby gmohandes
Winner of Bronze for Adventure genre in the Pen and Ink Awards Olivia is a girl who's lived her whole life in a house for orphans in London. She is responsible for the s...
  • runaway
  • mystery
  • thriller
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Sal's One Shot One-Stop Shop by sallyjay4
Sal's One Shot One-Stop Shopby Sally Jay
This is where I will be putting all my loose, single-part stories from here on out. The ones I have previously published before this will stay as they are- but I've bee...
  • johndeacon
  • rogertaylor
  • oneshots
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Temptation//Colby Brock by AussieXroses
Temptation//Colby Brockby AussieXroses
temp·ta·tion a thing or course of action that attracts or tempts someone. "There's something about looking into your big brown eyes that makes me want to fuck the s...
  • horror
  • wattys2018
  • imagines
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Project Pretend [Haylor] by JiJixx
Project Pretend [Haylor]by Cara
The project was to pretend be in a relationship. They thought it was going to be for a couple of days but it wasn't.
  • project
  • harrystyles
  • fanfiction
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castle rock || chris chambers by happyatm
castle rock || chris chambersby chambers kid
Marianne aka Mary Hartley is a 15 year old girl who moves from Omaha, Nebraska to Castle Rock, Oregon. She moves in with her Godmother at the end of May, after school is...
  • chrischambers
  • 80s
  • throwback
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To Tell An Altswood Lie (The Altswood Saga #3) by ChloeFairchild
To Tell An Altswood Lie (The Chloe Fairchild
After the chaos of two serial killers in Altswood, the island is finally at a calm. Luca Fern and Gabriel Kingston have become media darlings: the heroes of Bottle Islan...
  • mystery
  • murdermystery
  • thriller
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Restart: A Sans x suicidal reader by Lefluffster
Restart: A Sans x suicidal readerby Fluff
You're depressed. Not only depressed, suicidal. Your whole life has been meaningless, and gone off the wrong road. Taking the leap, you try to end your life, only starti...
  • frisk
  • chara
  • lefluffster
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Beauty and the Beast by taz1613
Beauty and the Beastby Unknown123
A modern version of the classic fairytale Beauty and the Beast on our dearest Avneil.........
  • neilkhanna
  • love
  • zainimam
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Happiness and ROCK by HamoWoods
Happiness and ROCKby Hamo Woods
The mother of fuckrs is back and this time I am going to make you happy. # 291 in humor!
  • glam
  • crue
  • motley
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Truth Or Dare : Team Fortress 2 by BluZombieMedic
Truth Or Dare : Team Fortress 2by BluZombieMedic
I will continue the ass slapping In every fudging character!
  • solider
  • classic
  • truth
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