Chapter 23

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***Sana's POV***

"Tell me you are not serious," Tzuyu said on the line in a stern voice.

"I wish I can say that, but I am serious, Tzuyu," I told her.

Not even five minutes had passed when I told Bambam that he does not have to drive for me when I get out of the office and here is Tzuyu, already breathing down on my neck.

"If you don't want Bambam to take you home, I can pick you up instead," Tzuyu said with finality.

"Then who is going to pick up Beauty on her nursery?" I asked her.

Tzuyu paused on the line. Of course, she's going to say she will pick Beauty first then they will come here later, but that is not the point.

"I want to think things through, Tzuyu," I told her.

"I am not pressuring you to give your answer right away, Sana. I just told you I want to be with you and Beauty, that's it," Tzuyu said on the phone.

"Our situation has been dragging for quite some time already. It is unfair if I will keep on dragging it by not giving you an answer right away. There are a lot of things I have to consider, we need to consider," I told her.

"What about Jihyo and Jay?" It was a rhetorical question that Tzuyu does not have to answer.

"I can-" I stopped Tzuyu from whatever she was about to say.

"You can, what? Leave them just to be with us? You know I will never be happy when you do that, Tzuyu." Tzuyu did not respond so I take this chance to continue what I want to say.
"Please, Tzuyu. Give me the time and space I needed to truly give you the most honest and appropriate answer I can come up with given our situation. Anyway, this will be just two days," I explained to her.

"Two days of what, being on your own, and not having a bodyguard by your side? You don't know a lot can happen in those two days, Sana. You will not even notice Bambam will be there," Tzuyu tried to persuade me.

"Tzuyu, you are being paranoid. Nothing is going to happen to me," I told her.

"I am not paranoid, Sana. My job made me aware of how dangerous the world is," Tzuyu said in a serious voice.

I sighed. "I will be fine."

"What about Beauty? She will look for you," Tzuyu tried to use our daughter to persuade me to not push my plans.

"That's why you will be staying with her. And I already told her I will be gone since I have a business matter I need to attend to," I told her.

"Business matter, yeah right," Tzuyu scoffed.

Did she just scoff at me?

"If anything happens, you will find m-"

"Before anything happens to you, I will already be there." It warmed my heart when I heard her say those words.

"That is why I know I will be safe," I told her.

"You are not going to tell me where you're staying, at least?" Tzuyu asked me. Her tone sounded defeated because she did not succeed in persuading me not to continue my "me time".

"I am sure I do not have to tell you this information. You will know it the moment I arrived at the place."

I heard a soft knock on the door before my secretary open the door.

"I have to go. And Tzuyu, I will not appreciate it if you have me followed." Tzuyu sighed on the line, indicating she has already planned on doing it.

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