Chapter 18

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***Sana's POV***

"I knew you two would end up together," Mia said while I was helping her prepare our lunch for today.

Tzuyu decided that we should visit Mia before we take Beauty to her grandparents. So, we went to her restaurant after we had our breakfast and Mia was surprised, to say the least, when she saw Tzuyu entering her door, with our daughter clutching her left leg.

"You were really inseparable when she first introduced you to me, and I'm feeling a bit of déjà vu whenever I look at her with your daughter," Mia said.

"Yes, they have been like that ever since Beauty learned Tzuyu's her mother," I told her while I was cutting some carrots.

"I can see your face in her but I am also seeing Tzuyu in her manners. It's like I am looking at the two in one body," she said.

"Yeah, I get that a lot," I answered.

"Anyway, Tzuyu must be really happy when she learned you have been visiting me and her parents' grave all these years." Mia took all the vegetables and put them in a bowl.

"She did not know any of it," I told her.

"What? Why?" Mia asked me, her face was showing the confusion she was feeling.

I sighed. "Tzuyu and I are not together, Mia. You know how she left and vanished like a bubble for years."

"But she is back, and she is here with us again. Isn't that the same as being together?" Mia asked me again.

She has another family, so we cannot be together.

But that is not my story to tell.

"We are... taking things slowly.." is all I said.

"Young people this day.." Mia sighed.
"Back in my days, everything was simple. We know what we want so we did anything and everything to get it. We did not overcomplicate things, because if you do that, you never know, it might be too late already."

I did not answer her. I sat at one of the chair and just watched Tzuyu and Beauty playing at the counter top.

Good thing there was not so many patrons today.

"And I am sure Tzuyu also knows what she needs to do. Not a single Chou turned their back on a responsibility," Mia said.

Is that all we are to her? A mere 'responsibility'?

I sighed.

All this thinking will not help me or us in our situation. What we need to do is to have that much needed 'talk'.

But, do I really want to know? Do I really need to know? Am I ready to know her answer? The truth? Can I accept it?

But for the sake of our daughter, we need to clear our situation. I need to know where my daughter and I stand in Tzuyu's life.

"Sana? Are you all right?" I heard Tzuyu's voice.

"Sorry, what were you saying?" I asked her.

"I did not say anything. I just noticed you were spacing out?" Tzuyu said. She was softly caressing our daughter's hair while Beauty was playing with her doll.

"Mommy, is our food ready? I am hungry," Beauty said when she turned to look at me.

I smiled when I heard that and walked towards their direction. All the while I can feel Tzuyu's stare at me, and I tried my best not to look at her. I do not want her to notice that something has been bothering me, but I also know that this attempt is futile because nothing can escape her piercing gaze.

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