Chapter 5

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Days have passed since that little moment at the park, and since then Ella has been bugging to let her play with Jay. I was just telling her that I have neither contacted Jihyo nor Tzuyu because I still don't have their numbers, which seemed to pacify her until she asks me the same question the following day.

I called my parents and told them that Tzuyu has returned in the country. They cut their vacation short to check on me and my well-being. They initially thought we have patched things up and I introduced our daughter to her, I did but not in the way they were expecting. That night, my mom cried with me, because of sadness and pity for her daughter and granddaughter.

I also called my friends and told them Jihyo has returned, and I was not surprised to know that no one in our circle heard anything of her return, and that she did not contact anyone for the past years.

I was startled when my phone rang. I checked and I got confused when I saw an unknown number was calling me. My personal number is very private and only those people I keep contact with know my number.

I was not really planning on answering it, thinking it could be just a prank but it kept on ringing so I picked it up.

"Hello?" I answered.


***Tzuyu's POV***

"Mommy, isn't she coming out yet?" Jay asked me for the nth time.
We are currently parked outside of Ella's nursery school. It was my fault for coming in too early, now Jay is becoming bored of waiting, which is by the way, by only 15 minutes only.

"Not yet buddy, but she will soon, so let's just wait patiently for her, okay?" I told him. I looked around and saw one of the Minatozaki's private cars, probably Bambam and a chauffeur were inside.

I was not wrong because when the bell rang, I saw Bambam get off from the car and waited right in front of the school's gate. Minutes later, I saw Ella walking towards the gate, and I swear, I always see Sana whenever I looked at her. I felt the familiar pain in my heart when I thought of Sana.

I shook my head a little to keep me focused on my mission.

"Come on buddy, she's here." I get off the car and opened Jay's' door and I guided him out of the car.

"Ella!" Jay shouted and he ran towards the direction of the gate.

Upon hearing her name, Ella turned around and a smile instantly broke on her cute little face.

"Jay!" She ran towards us and the two kids hugged each other.

I walked towards the two kids and I saw Bambam doing the same thing also.

"Ms. Chou, what are you doing here?" Bambam asked me.

"Jay wanted to see Ella, and he would not stop. He was becoming really handful which left me with no choice but to let him go and see Ella," I told him.

"Now they have seen each other, I think that is already enough for your son? Ms. Minatozaki really doesn't want Ella to linger too much outside of their house and school especially when she is not around," he said. I understand what he was trying to say, but I myself am not yet done with what I am about to say.

"I am taking Ella," I told him.

"I'm sorry?" Bambam said. I saw him took a deep breath and slowly released it. His stance also changed from being relaxed to what looked like he was ready to get in between the two kids if deemed necessary.

"I am pretty sure you heard and understood what I said. Jay wanted to play with Ella, and we did not bring any toys here, so I am taking Ella with us today. Don't worry, I will bring her home tonight." I told him. I did not avert my eyes from his measuring eyes.

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