Chapter 1

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Hi guys! So, this is book 2 of 'PTH' A.K.A protecting the heiress. Thank you for reading ahead! If you haven't read book 1, you might wanna go back and read it cos I won't answer questions on your what's, why and how. Don't forget to vote and leave comments cos it helps.

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"Tzuyu, don't leave me… I love you… I love you so much," the brunette said while she slumped on the floor. The elevator door closes in front of her.

Gone is the girl who was always there to make her smile, who always supported her in every thing she does, even the silliest things. The one person who helped her get through the most crucial moment of her life, the one person who made her feel beautiful even when she was at her lowest.

Gone is Tzuyu, the only person who made her feel loved, in every single way possible.

"Sana," she felt a hand touched her shoulder. She saw red.

She stood up so fast that it almost surprised her. She faced the person and slapped him really hard. The sound her palm created when it made contact on his cheek echoed throughout the hallway. Her palm stings but that didn't stop her from throwing punch and slap, she didn't care where it landed as long as she can vent out her anger.

"Damn you! Damn you! Why did you have to come back?! Why did you have to ruin me again and again! Is once not enough?! How many times do you have to break me until you're satisfied?!"

"Sana, I didn't know! If I had known I wouldn't have come back! Please just stop!" Mark tried to stop the brunette but she's beyond furious.

He tried to hug her to make her stop but it only made the brunette go wilder.

"Don't touch me! Let me go! Damn you!" She didn't know how many times she repeated these words while punching and kicking the guy, but she only stopped when she felt like she didn't have any energy left.

"Sana, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry," Mark said while hugging the petite woman, who was awhile ago acted like a wild kitten but is now sobbing in his arms.

"Just go, please.. I don't want you here, just leave me alone.. please.." the brunette said weakly.

Finally, Mark let her go. He left silently, but he took one last look before getting inside the elevator.

"I'm sorry," to what he was for, him leaving her before or him coming back, only he knows.

The brunette fell to the ground while crying.

"Tzuyu…" she kept mumbling her lover's name until darkness consumed her.


She woke up because of shortness of breath. She felt her cheeks. They're wet. Once again, she cried in her sleep.

When are you going to leave my thoughts, Tzuyu?

But is that what she really wanted? Does she really want to forget the woman who was always invading her dreams and her thoughts? The same woman who captured her heart, and left her just when she was ready to come clean and be truthful on how she felt for her?

Yes, for my sanity's sake..

But her heart would not let her. When Tzuyu left, she locked her heart, making sure no one can enter, and took the keys with her. Over the past years, many suitors tried to win her heart, even Mark. He would not leave her even though she tried to push him away.

The day when Tzuyu left her and she lost consciousness, she woke up in her old room. Her mother was beside her, crying silently.

"Mom," she called out to her.

"Oh my baby! Thank goodness! I was so worried!" Her mother hugged her tightly. "What happened? You were not answering our calls and when I called the building, they said you didn't leave and that's when we found you lying on the floor, unconscious!"

Her mother released her from the hug. "Where's Tzuyu? We also could not contact her!" The moment she heard the name, she began to cry again.

"Sana, what's happening?" This time, it was her dad.

"She's gone, Tzuyu's gone! She left me!" She said while crying.

Her mom and dad were dead silent for a moment, before her mom hugged her.

"Oh baby…" her mom said while soothing her back. She hugged her back.

"Mom, she left me.. she left me.. it hurts so much.. I love her.. I need her.. please.." she cried on her mother's shoulder.

When she lost her first debate competition in school, she didn't cry on her mother. When she lost her dog, she also didn't cry on her mother. When Mark left her during their wedding day, she also didn't cry. Tzuyu was always there to be her shoulder to cry on, to give her strength, to be her strength. And now, she is also gone.

Her mother did not know what to do, she only looked at her husband. Mr. Minatozaki just nodded and left the two women alone.

The weeks that passed, she didn't have any memories of them. She was like a living dead. She didn't leave her room, she couldn't eat anything, it was like her own body was rejecting the food itself. Her friends were always visiting her, and so was Tzuyu's father. They learned that Tzuyu truly left, even her father could not locate her.

"It was like she totally disappeared from the surface of the earth," Tzuyu's father said.

She was broken, really broken.. she did not know how she could continue living with the heartache of knowing she wasted such a precious person and their supposed to be happy ending.

I never thought I could love another person aside from you, Tzuyu.. but I was wrong..

She put on her night robe and walked outside her room. She went straight to her old bedroom. The brunette silently opened the door, and automatically a small smile appeared on her lips. She walked silently to the bed, removed her night robe, and went under the comforter. She hugged the small but warm body under the sheet, and she hugged her in return.

When she thought she was about to give up on life, another life sprung, in her very own body.

Her daughter gave her so much happiness, she gave new meaning to her life, she was like the ray of light in her dark clouds.

She kissed her head before closing her eyes, trying to sleep again, trying to suppress the pain that was crawling out from the deepest recesses of her heart.

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