Chapter 13

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***Sana's POV***

How long have I been staring at my phone, contemplating on whether to call her now or leave it for later?

“Okay.. I will call her for my daughter’s sake.” I sighed before taking a deep breath again, trying to relax my nerves.

Calling her was never this hard..

"But our situation now is different from before.. God I really need to get this done..!" I said in frustration.

I, once again, scrolled my contact lists and when I saw her name, I pressed the dial button.

I should have never saved her contact details when she took my daughter the very first time ..

Just after the second ring, I heard her voice on the other line.

"Sana? Is there something wrong?" I heard her ask.

Everytime she would answer my call, the first thing she would ask was if there was a problem.

"Can you come over?" But I know I never have to ask her that for she would gladly come anytime.

"You mean, now?" Tzuyu asked me.

"If you're doing something important, you can-" I was not able to finish what I was saying when Tzuyu interrupted me.

"No, give me thirty minutes," Tzuyu said.

"You don't have t-"

"Sana" she stopped me once again. "I will be there in 30," Tzuyu assured me.

There was urgency but at the same time gentleness in her tone when she said those words. And it would be hypocritical of me if I say I did not miss that tone.

If only our situation was different from what we have now..

"Okay.. then I will see you in 30," I ended our call before plopping down on the bed.

Gosh! Why is my heart beating so fast? She was here last night and I kicked her out without any problem.. but a phone call that did not even last a minute is making me like this?? Get a grip, Sana!

"Mommy!" I was startled when Ella came running inside my bedroom.

"You will give me a heart attack!" I said while grabbing my chest.

"Did you call her????" Ella asked me excitedly.

"Yes, I just finished talking to her on the phone," I told my daughter.


"She will be here in 30 minutes." I carried her and make her sit on my lap.

Ella started counting on her little fingers.

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5... 5... 5... 6, 7, 8, 9, 10...." then she looked at me with sad eyes. "I only have 10 fingers...." Ella said while pouting.

I laughed at how adorable my daughter is.

"Baby, that is not how you count for the time." I stand up from the bed while carrying her. "Come on, let's wait for her in the garden."

"Can I have some cookies??" Ella said while she was wrapping her small arms around my neck.

"Of course. And a milk too if you want?"

"Yey!" Ella said excitedly.

While I was making my way to the garden, I saw one of our helpers and instructed her to let the guards stationed at the guardhouse that I was expecting Tzuyu to come by any minute from now, and to just guide her on the way to the garden.

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