Chapter 17

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***Sana's POV***

It was late afternoon when we arrived at Taiwan. So, instead of strolling around the city, Tzuyu and I decided to just go directly to her house so we can have a proper rest before we start doing our activities here.

Her chauffeur picked us up at the airport but when we arrived at her house, he gave the keys to Tzuyu. I am assuming Tzuyu wanted to spend the entire week with just the three of us.

I helped her get our luggages at the trunk then went inside the house. Beauty was holding my hand on her right and Peppa Pig on her left.

"Mommy, are we staying here?" Beauty asked me.

"Yes, baby. We will be staying here for one week," I told her.

"Is this our new house?" She asked me again. Her curiosity level is at peak because this is a new environment for her.

"No, baby. This is your Mommy Tzuyu's house," I answered.

"But this will be yours too." I heard Tzuyu answered. She put down the luggages she was carrying just beside the main door.

"Mommy, is this where you are staying whenever you leave every night?" Beauty asked Tzuyu. She ran to the middle of the living room, inspecting every furniture the living room has.

I also looked around and noticed nothing much has changed since the last time I visited here.

Which was not too long ago.

I remember Tzuyu told me that she had the whole house renovated when she acquired it legally. Though technically it was really hers since this was her family's property in the first place. When I saw its old photos, it was a traditional house in Taiwan, which was mostly made up of woods. Now, it is a retro-modern house made of concrete and glass- a two-storey house with high walls surrounding the whole property. Inside, the design still has the touch of wood, especially the open ceiling part, giving it a more homey vibe. It gives a welcoming and relaxing feeling.

"No, baby. We are in Taiwan, this is too if I would be staying here every night," Tzuyu explained. Of course, we both know Beauty will not understand what she just said.

"M'kay.. where is grandpa and grandma? I want to see them," Beauty said while dragging Peppa Pig.

"We will visit them tomorrow, okay? For now, you need to rest because you had a long flight," Tzuyu said.

"They are not at the porch?" Beauty asked once again.

"Why would they be, honey?" I asked my daughter.

"Because that's where we found Birdie?" I looked at Tzuyu when I heard our daughter said that. Was she expecting to see them like how we found that little bird?

I saw Tzuyu kneeled in front of our daughter and brushed the strands of hair that was reaching her eyes.

"Baby, when people die, we lay them in cemetery, it is a place where dead people are put into rest," Tzuyu tried to explain its concept the simplest way possible.

"So, we are going to cemetery tomorrow?" Beauty asked once again.

"Yeah, that's why you need to sleep early tonight, okay?" Tzuyu told her.

"Okay! But I'm hungry, Mommy," Beauty said.

"Let me just put our things inside the bedroom then we will prepare our dinner. You will help Mommy prepare the dinner, yeah?" Tzuyu said.

Beauty extended her arms, asking Tzuyu to carry her but surprisingly, Tzuyu did not pick her up.

"Sana, do you mind picking her up instead? I am just going to carry your bags in the bedroom.

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