Chapter 27

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When Jihyo left, Tzuyu returned a few minutes after. Sana tiptoed and kissed tzy on her lips.

"I'm sorry," Sana said.

"Why are you saying sorry? I was the one at fault," Tzuyu said.

"Let's not point fingers on who's at fault. We both had our shortcomings, we are both guilty as to why things happened the way they were," Sana said. "But I want to understand one thing, just one thing, Tzuyu," Sana said in all seriousness.

"What is it?" Tzuyu asked her.

"Why did you suddenly leave that night? Why didn't you give me the time to explain? Am I not worthy of giving even a tiny bit of benefit of the doubt? After all we have been through?" Though Sana did not want it, her voice started to shake.

Tzuyu wrapped Sana in a tight embrace, hoping it can ease the pain she's seeing in the woman's eyes.

"I'm sorry, Sana. I'm really sorry.." Tzuyu said while kissing Sana's head. "Would you like to listen to a story?"

"I had a mission before where I had to save a well-known businessman from his captors," Tzuyu started. "Doing a dangerous mission is like a walk in the park to me, not because I am confident with my skills but because I trust my comrades."

"Upon saving this businessman, I met his daughter for the very first time. The moment I saw her running down their grand staircase, for the first time, I felt something unexplainable. It was something new and strange for someone like me. Sana, the very first time I laid my eyes on you, you made me feel things I should not feel."

"It was a dilemma because I don't mix my personal feelings with my mission, and you were my mission then, Sana. But you, you did not make things easier for me. Your cute eyes seemed to always read my soul whenever you look at me, your gummy smile that always made me smile inwardly whenever I see it, your soft voice that always soothes my demons away, but most importantly your amazing personality that pulled me more into you. I have always been in love with you, Sana, for so long."

"But you never saw me past being your best friend, and it was fine with me, what's important was you were happy. I thought I can live with that, but when I saw you were being happier and livelier because of Mark, that's when my insecurities started. I was never insecure with myself, I was always confident with who I am, but compared to him, I felt like I was just a speck of dirt," Tzuyu said.

Sana shook her head in disagreement. "Tzuyu, do not say that. I never thought of you that way," Sana said.

"I know, Sana, I know.." Tzuyu grabbed Sana's hand and kissed it. "Anyway, I thought to myself, if you were happy, then I have no choice but to be happy for you too, even though that happiness does not include me, because that's what I want for you, to be happy. I swallowed the bitter taste of my pain and jealousy for so long just to see that beautiful smile on your face."

"However, when he left you, and things happened between us, I thought, maybe it was my time. Maybe, someone from above had heard my deepest wish, and that was to be with you. Maybe they took pity on me and they gave me the chance to experience happiness with you."

"That night, I was so ready to come clean, I was ready to tell you everything, Sana. But when I saw you with him, wrapped in his arms, like a dam, the pain I buried all those years suddenly surged. I was blinded by pain, anger, jealousy, and insecurities. I felt very little and inadequate when it comes to him. I gave you everything while he treated you like shit and yet, you were still in his arms."

"So, to answer your question, I left that night not because you were not worthy of explaining your side, but because I was stupid and a dumbass. I let my emotions took over my judgment."

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