Chapter 24

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When Tzuyu dropped the call, Sana tried to focus on driving, but she could not control the trembling of her hands and the tears that are flowing endlessly from her eyes. Memories from her attempted kidnapping years ago resurfaced and she feared the worst.

What if Tzuyu could not save me? What if she will be too late? What about Beauty? She is still too young to loss her mom!

These are the thoughts that ran through her mind. But she tried her hardest and still drive like her life depended on it, which literally is the case. She did not know how many times she screamed because she almost collided with incoming cars.

When the brunette saw their building, she felt a ray of hope because she knows she will be safe once she's inside the building. She floored her gas pedal in hopes she will have enough time to ride her elevator and lock the building before her pursuer catch her. She looked at her rearview mirror and saw she has gained a good distance to do what Tzuyu asked her to do.

Sana quickly maneuvered her car to the right and went straight to the basement. She screamed when her car hit the barrier but she did not stop there, she went straight to her private elevator and pushed the elevator button non-stop, hoping it can go faster. She heard her pursuer's car entered the basement just in time when her elevator door closes. She felt that her elevator ride has taken forever before she reached her floor.

Once inside her office, Sana quickly put the code on the elevator numpad to disable it. She saw for the first time how the lights inside turned off, signaling that she did it correctly.

She ran to her table and quickly opened the second drawer, throwing all the papers and binders so she can reach the emergency button that was hidden inside. When she felt the button at the tip of her fingers, she pressed it and waited for something to happen. A few seconds later, Sana heard an alarm, and all the lights on the floor were turned off, then the emergency lights started opening one by one. She also heard some metallic sounds and for the first time, again, she saw the steel wall Tzuyu mentioned a while ago. It started to surround her office walls, and somehow, it made her feel safer.

Minutes have passed and all she can hear was the ticking of her wall clock, that's how deafening the silence is. But, aside from the ticking, Sana heard another sound, like something is melting. Her eyes widened and she looked at the steel wall. From her end, she cannot see anything suspicious, but what about on the other side?

Sana hurriedly booted her computer and looked at the CCTV, and yes, men in complete gear were surrounding the wall and one of them was spraying some chemical at the steel wall and she can see how it was melting so fast.

"How come they seem to be prepared for it?" Sana couldn't help but think how these guys knew her office has a steel wall as a means of protection.

Her attention shifted from the monitor to her elevator when she saw the lights from it turned on. Her heart was beating rapidly but she knew no one could access it aside from-

"Tzuyu," she whispered when she saw Tzuyu from the monitor was standing in the basement, waiting for her elevator to come down.

Of course, it was her security agency who installed all the security measures of this building, it is only given that they can also maneuver her controls even though she already disabled it.

Just the mere thought that Tzuyu was already in the vicinity made her feel safe. But it was only short-lived when she heard a loud explosion and the impact from the wall almost made her fall down from her chair.

In just a blink of an eye, around six to eight men entered her office and one of them made his way to Sana and grabbed her in the arm.

"Let's go!" One man shouted before the guy dragged her from her seat.

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