Chapter 26

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"Tzuyu!" Sana shouted then she woke up. She was startled when she felt an arm wrapping around her body.

"Shhh… I am right here," Tzuyu said in a sleepy voice. Sana turned around and saw the woman lying naked on the bed. Her flawless and muscular back in full display, only the lower part of her body was covered with her satin sheets.

Sana snuggled closer to Tzuyu's warm body and pulled the sheets up to cover them both. She felt Tzuyu's hand starting to feel her body, it went up from her waist to her left breast and it started to slowly knead it.

"Am I really holding you now? Tell me I am not dreaming, Sana," Tzuyu said to her ear. Her ear is one of the most sensitive parts of her body and surely Tzuyu knows what she's doing and how it is affecting her.

"Hmmm…" Sana softly moaned. But she stopped Tzuyu before things get any hotter. "I need to go," Sana said.

"You are still leaving?" Tzuyu asked dumbfounded.

"You can come with me. I am pretty sure you're never going to allow me to leave without you by my side," Sana said.

"Like hell I am allowing you after what happened last night! But do you really have to go?" Tzuyu asked Sana.

Sana turned around so they are face to face before answering her. "I am meeting with someone."

Tzuyu's eyebrows furrowed when she heard it. "Don't tell me you are already cheating on me?" She joked. Sana raised her eyebrow in return.

"I was just joking," Tzuyu smiled then leaned forward to plant a kiss on Sana's lips, but Sana faced the other way so her kiss landed on her cheek instead.

"You know I can be with anyone right now, I don't have to 'exclusively date' you," Sana said. It was Tzuyu's turn to be stunned when she heard it.

"Oh god! You should see your face!" Sana said while laughing.

"Geez, woman. I think I need to guard you 24/7 again," Tzuyu said. She trailed kisses down to the woman's cheek to her neck. "You think I can be your bodyguard again?" Tzuyu murmured before nipping Sana's shoulder blade.

"I do not date someone who works for me," Sana said while she was caressing Tzuyu's hair.

"Is that the reason why you never dated me?" Tzuyu asked her.

"Who knows... All I know is that you never asked me," Sana said.

"I know," Tzuyu agreed. She leaned up and used her elbow as support then looked at Sana's eyes. "We need to talk."

"I know," it was Sana's turn to agree. "But we can do that after I meet this person," Sana said.

"May I know who you are meeting with that you did not want to be accompanied by anyone?" Tzuyu asked her when she remembered Sana was very adamant she wanted to go alone yesterday.

"You will know when we get there," Sana said. She wrapped her arms around Tzuyu's shoulder then said, "right now, don't you think we need to catch up for the six years we lost?"

"Agreed," was all Tzuyu said before she welcomed the kiss the beauty in front of her is offering.


"This is where you are meeting this mystery person?" Tzuyu asked Sana when they arrived at the address Sana saved on her GPS.

They are in a small private resort. Though she can understand Sana wanted to have privacy, but why in a resort?

"Yes. I told you, I had to think things through," Sana said while they are entering their room.

"But you do not have to do that now, do you?" Tzuyu asked her. She cannot hide the fact that she somehow feared Sana might change her mind.

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