Chapter 10

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***Tzuyu's POV***

"Damn it, Tzuyu! Why would you do that?! You disappoint me so much!" Seulgi was obviously irritated when I told her what happened when I visited Sana's apartment few days back.

"This is Sana we are talking about! For you to to accuse her of such a thing is beyond my wildest imagination! What the fuck happened to you?! Do you have some loose screw inside your head or did you actually lost some?" Seulgi finished her glass of beer because of how frustrated she is with her friend.

"I know, I am the worst. I feel terrible," I said while sighing.

"You really should be. You are a dumbass jerk though I do know there are a couple more words to best describe you and your big mouth. Damn, Tzuyu.. this is Sana we are talking about.. The same Sana you worshipped the very first time your eyes laid on her? What's happening, buddy? This is so unlike you.." Seulgi eyed me.

I don't have any answer to her questions, really. Even I myself could never understand why I could not filter the words that were leaving my mouth whenever Sana and I talk.

"Whenever I think of her being with that guy, It's just.. it rubs me off the wrong way.." I finished my glass of beer in one gulp.

"That is jealousy that is speaking, Tzuyu. I know you're better than that," Seulgi said.

"How can he visit her and my daughter whenever he wanted but I can't?" I asked Seulgi.

"Why? Did you even do anything to win back Sana's favor? For the last four or five times we have seen each other since you came back, the story you're always telling me is how you and Sana always ended up arguing," she said.

"You know what? You better go home. Just sleep, take some rest to cool off your head, and once you are already relaxed and have calmed down that jealousy that has been eating you out, go visit her and talk to her. Like TALK. You guys badly need that," Seulgi said.

"I think you're right," I told her.

"I know I'm always right," Seulgi said while grinning.

"Does Irene know that?" I asked her and I know what the real answer is.

"There is always an exemption for every rule, my friend."


I followed Seulgi's advise. I slept early that night and when I woke up in the morning. I prepared myself mentally and emotionally to meet Sana today. The only question is if she's going to come out and see me.

From what I have gathered, they have been staying in her parents house the day after THAT night. I have two options: to meet her in their house or wait for her at Minatozaki's Corporation.

If I will go to their house, that would also mean talking to her parents and I am not sure if I'm ready to face them. I know that if they start questioning me, I could never lie in their face and that's one thing I'm still not prepared to do at the moment.

If I will go and meet her in her company, that would mean going to the reception and I knew right then and there I would be kicked out from the premises. But there's one place I wouldn't have to ask for an appointment and where I would see her directly but it's a long shot, I'm not sure if I still have an access. But I will take my chances.

So here I am at the basement, waiting for Sana's car to arrive at her designated parking space. I just tried my luck and see if the guards would accept my ID from the agency but I never really had to show it, when the guards saw my face they immediately opened the barricade. They still recognize me as Sana's old bodyguard and friend.

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