Chapter 12

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***Sana's POV***

I slightly opened my eyes when I heard and felt movements on my bed. When I opened my eyes, I saw my daughter, wearing her favorite Peppa Pig pajama, kneeling with a coloring book on her lap and a couple of colors in her hand.

I am sure she requested this pajama set last night..

I straightened my left arm to reach her back and slightly caressed it.

"Why are you awake already?" I asked her in a drowsy voice.

"Nothing." Ella said while still focused on what she was doing.

"Hmm.. something the matter, baby?" I asked my daughter. It was unusual for her to answer me with just one word.

"Mommy? Is Aunt Tzuyu sick?" My daughter asked me when she turned around to face me.

Aunt Tzuyu? She thought Tzuyu was my friend like her Aunt Mina and Aunt Chaeyoung.

"Why did you ask baby?"

Tzuyu was far from being sick. She was way too "healthy" to be sick.

I thought to myself when I remembered how hard she was in my hand a couple of nights ago and my daughter is a living proof of her being healthy.

No! Stop it! Gosh why was I thinking of such thing early in the morning with my daughter in front of me!

"Because she was crying yesterday?" My daughter told me.

I was taken aback by what she said.

Tzuyu was crying? It was rare for her to cry, even before. She was way too composed in front of people to do such thing..

"She was crying?" I asked my daughter to be sure I heard her right, though I knew I heard it correctly.

"Yes. I asked her if she was in pain," my daughter said before she continued with what she was coloring awhile ago.

I got up from the bed and rested my back on the headboard while watching my daughter.

"And what did she say?" I was surprised that my daughter was having a conversation about other people. She would always talk about rainbows and unicorns but not about other people.

"She said she was just happy? But I told her she should not be crying if she was happy, she should be smiling and laughing because that's what I do when I'm happy?" My daughter looked at me with a confused look.

"You see, baby.. sometimes, when adults like us are happy, we tend to cry because of too much emotion." I told her.

My daughter just looked at me without saying anything. After awhile, she turned around again to continue with her coloring book and I knew that our conversation has ended already.

But boy was I wrong.

When I was about to reach for my phone at the bedside table, my daughter spoke again.

"Mommy? Where is daddy?" She asked me.

My arm was literally frozen midair with what she said.

"What- what did you say?" I instantly felt cold. My daughter never asked about her father , not even once. So her sudden question really caught me off guard.

"Because yesterday, Aunt Tzuyu and I were watching Cinderalla. And Cinderella's daddy went away in the beginning of the story. I asked her if I also have a daddy?" My daughter was looking at me so intently.

I gulped. I reached out to her signalling for her to come to me. Ella crawled to my lap without breaking our eye contact.

"And what did she say?" I asked my daughter while playing with some strands of her hair to mask my ongoing nervousness.

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