Chapter 8

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***Tzuyu's POV***

I was driving quietly while Jihyo and Jay were busy sharing stories on how their day went inside the car. My mind was busy replaying what happened at the mall. Or more likely, what I observed between Sana and Mark.

Mark said he was still trying to win Sana's heart back again. Why would that be the case? From what I have gathered, they were still seeing each other regularly. They would always have dinner dates from time to time, and Mark would also visit Mr. and Mrs. Minatozaki's mansion to play with Ella.


"She is you daughter."

Sana's words keep on repeating inside my head. I have known Sana for so long and when she said those words, I knew she was not lying. There was sincerity and firmness in her eyes that echoed through her voice.

But how? We were always careful then. She was always on pill.

But pills do not give 100% guarantee that they are safe.

And when I did that unforgiving thing to her, she said she was not on pills that was why we used condoms when I returned from Taiwan, and we did it again the morning after.

But when I left, Mark was always by her side. When she stayed in her parents' house and was not seen by the public for months, Mark would always visit her. And the news about her pregnancy shocked the whole South Korea months after.

And also my entire world..

Up until today, Sana would still be seen having dinner dates with different guys, with Mark topping the list.

Did I receive incorrect reports?

Yes, even when I was nowhere to be seen, I was still keeping tabs on Sana. Even when I tried my best to forget her and the pain I felt when I saw that scene, I could not.. I just can never forget her..

But if Ella is my daughter, why would Sana allow her to get close to any man? And to Mark for that matter. She knew very well what I feel towards the guy.

Do I even have the right to question her actions when I left her, and my daughter, all these years?

My daughter..

I felt a sudden tenderness when I saw Ella's face inside my head.

We have a daughter, Sana..

But is Sana's word wasn't enough for me to believe her? When I looked at my rearview mirror, I saw Jay, who is now busy playing with his toy.

Damn it! What should I do?

"Tzuyu? Are you okay?" I felt Jihyo's hand reached out for my hand that was on the wheel. I did not notice I was gripping the steering wheel too tightly.

"Yes, I am sorry. I was just thinking about.. something.." I told her.

"Okay." Jihyo simply answered.

When we reached the apartment, I just parked the car in front of the main lobby then I opened the door for them.

"You're not coming?" Jihyo asked me. Normally, I would park the car in the basement's parking area.

"No, there's something I need to check," I told her. I leaned down and hug Jay.

"Be a good boy and sleep early tonight, okay? Don't stress your Mom out," I told him while pinching his cheek.

"Jay is a good boy!"

"Yeah, good boy." I stand up and faced Jihyo.

"I'll be off then," I told her then I kissed her on the cheek.

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