Chapter 2

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***Sana's POV***

"Mommy, will you be dropping me off to Grandma's house today?" My daughter asked me while we were having our breakfast.

I took a sip from my coffee mug before answering her. "I'm sorry hun but mommy needs to go early today. Bambam will be the one to drive you instead," I told her.

"And who will be driving for you if Bambam is with me?" She asked me again while chewing her food.

"Baby, I told you to never speak when your mouth is full," I used my thumb to wipe the grain off her side lip.

My daughter and I are living in my old apartment. Well, most likely Tzuyu and I's old apartment. I had our apartments reconstructed so it would be just one apartment. Ella is using my old bedroom and I am using Tzuyu's. Her things are still there, I did not change anything except her wardrobe, I added my things there.

I just could not leave our old apartments. They hold so much memories of us.. of her.. her bedroom has been my own sanctuary these past years.. I know that by doing this, I'm not helping myself to get over her. Maybe I really do not want to forget her.. I want to remember her, every single thing about her.. and even if I wanted to, I could not. Because I see her everyday, through our daughter.

Even though Ella looks just like me, she has some mannerisms that remind me of Tzuyu. Like how she would chew her food on one side, how she grins, and how she would look at me first before turning her head whenever I call her attention.

I stirred her milk before pushing it beside her plate.

"Finish your milk so we can go now," I told her. Ella grabbed the glass using her tiny hands then drank the milk.

I took our plates and put them in the dishwasher. I wiped the table then looked at Ella. "Done with your milk?"

She proudly turned the glass upside down, showing me how she emptied her milk. "Done!"

"Very good, baby! Let me give you your reward!" I showered her with kisses and the apartment was filled with laughter.


"Ms. Minatozaki, should we pick-up your daughter or will she be staying the night at the mansion?" Bambam asked me when I got off from work.

"Bam, how many times do I have to tell you to call me 'Sana'? You've been with me for years already. Stop being so aloof or frigid around me," I told him.

"I'm sorry but I cannot do that, you're my boss," he answered.

"You work for me, yes, but I'm not your boss. Your boss is nowhere to be found," I sighed when I said that.

Bambam looked at me from the rearview mirror before returning his gaze on the road.

"I'm sorry," I heard him say.

"What are you sorry for? It's not like it's your fault or something," I told him.

"I'm sorry for not being able to locate her, despite all our efforts to find her," Bambam said.

I took a deep breath before answering him. "I know you guys are doing your best, but we really cannot find someone who doesn't want to be found."

"Let's just go and pick-up my daughter and call it a night," I said before closing my eyes.

Having this kind of talk sure is depleting my remaining energy. Remembering how she just left me without listening to my explanation never fails to bring me pain, and I don't want anyone to know that I'm still affected with what happened before. They all thought I have moved on from the past and forgot everything.

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