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"And? What happened after?" Her 17-year-old great-granddaughter asked her.

"Of course, we got married a week after her proposal," she smiled when she remembered how they rushed everything because she could no longer wait to get tied down to the only woman she has ever loved.

"Granny Tzuyu sounded amazing, I wish I had met her," her great-granddaughter Kwan said in a sad tone. "Do you think she would have liked me if we had met?" Kwan asked her Granny.

"I am confident that your great grandma Tzuyu would spoil you too much, like how she did with your grandma Beauty." Sana coughed and Kwan hurriedly gave her a glass of water. Sana took a sip and when she gave the glass back to Kwan, her wedding band slipped off from her finger.

Kwan picked it up and put it back on Sana's ring finger. However, she noticed that her great grandma fingers were already too frail and thin due to old age. So, Kwan removed her necklace and used it to hold the ring, then wrapped it around Sana's neck.

"I am sure you do not want to be apart from it," Kwan said.

Sana touched the ring and smiled sweetly. "Thank you, darling. You are very attentive and sweet, just like her."

"Nana, how long has it been since..." Kwan trailed off.

"25 years," Sana answered. Kwan does not have to finish her question, Sana understood it.

"Didn't you get lonely? You did not get the chance to grow old together?" Kwan asked her.

"I was looking forward to getting old with her, she had promised me that, but that is the only promise she did not fulfill," Sana said with a sad smile on her face. "I get lonely, of course. I miss her, every single day. I was so used to seeing her face and hearing her voice, that when she took her eternal rest, everything became different. But your great grandma Tzuyu made me feel so loved that even though she's no longer with us, I can still feel her love resonating," Sana said. The look on her face shows that she has taken a trip to memory lane, to the times when Tzuyu was still with her.

"Nana, you said she was a dashing woman, that even though you have been married for so long, other women would still come to her? Did you not get worried about that?" Kwan asked her again.

"I know Tzuyu can be very irresistible, I know that for a fact, but I trust your great grandma and I trust the love she had for me. I know she was loyal and faithful to the best of my knowledge," Sana said.

"Your love story is so wonderful, Nana," Kwan has this wishful thinking on her face that made Sana chuckled.

"Once you have found the love of your life, that would be the most wonderful love story in the world. Nothing is greater than your own story," she told Kwan.

"Nah, I doubt that. Daddy is very strict. He does not even allow me to have a sleepover with my friends," Kwan said while pouting.

"It is because your father Ivan is very protective of you because he loves you so much. Your great grandma was like that to your grandma Beauty too," Sana explained to her great-granddaughter. She remembered how Tzuyu would always intimidate their only daughter's suitors.

"If they get intimidated, then they are not worthy of our daughter," Tzuyu said.

"Did you not get intimidated with my dad?" Sana asked Tzuyu.

"I respect your dad, my love, but I was never intimidated," Tzuyu told her.

"But still..." Kwan whined.

"Would you like to hear more stories about us?" Sana asked kwan.

Kwan excitedly joined her in her bed and get under her sheets, preparing herself for another late-night storytelling.


Sana woke up and found herself laying on a field full of lilies.

"Where am I?" Sana asked herself.

"Sana," Sana heard a voice, a very familiar voice.

She quickly turned around and there she was, standing a few feet away from her. Sana quickly ran to Tzuyu and wrapped her arms around the taller woman's body.

"I missed you, Tzuyu," Sana said with tears in her eyes.

"I know, Sana," Tzuyu said.

"Wait, is this a dream? Why can I feel your body?" Sana removed herself from their embrace, and when she looked at Tzuyu's face, she knew this was not a dream.

"I'm... I'm...," Sana did not know what to say.

"You are with me now, Sana," Tzuyu finished her sentence for her.

"Then, what about Beauty? What about our family?" Sana asked Tzuyu.

"They are ready, Sana. You don't have to worry about them anymore," Tzuyu said.

Sana caressed Tzuyu's face, as if making sure they are really together once again.

"You looked exactly how I remembered you, Tzuyu. While me, a frail and old woman full of wrinkles," Sana said.

Tzuyu laughed when she heard it. "What are you saying? You still looked the same too," Tzuyu told her.

That's when Sana noticed that her hands and arms looked like the arms of a young woman, they are smooth once again.

Tzuyu planted a kiss at the back of her hand. "You still looked perfect."

"Did you wait for so long, my love? Didn't you get lonely here, all by yourself?" Sana asked Tzuyu with tears in her eyes.

"I have been waiting, but I didn't get lonely for I was watching you everyday. You are just right on time," Tzuyu answered. She grabbed Sana's hand and they began walking to nowhere.

"I am sorry. You have always been the one waiting for me," Sana said while leaning her head on Tzuyu's shoulder while they were walking.

"It's fine, Sana. I don't want you to be alone here. And you are worthy of waiting, my love," Tzuyu said before planting a soft kiss on Sana's lips.

And so, the two of them began their journey. They don't know where their destination is, but it does not matter, as long as they have each other, then everything will be just fine.

T H E  E N D.

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