Chapter 7

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***Sana's POV***

Just great..

I thought to myself.

Mark, Jihyo, Tzuyu, and I are now sitting in one of the restaurants in the mall, grabbing a quick lunch while we left the kids in the playground with Bambam.


"Hey Jihyo! How long has it been? How are you?" Mark hugged Jihyo when we approached them. Jay and Ella are now busy telling stories with each other and I could not even understand a single word that was coming out of their tiny lips.

Of all places and time!

I looked at Tzuyu who was looking at me intently, her eyes not leaving me. She looked pale and thinner, there were dark circles under her eyes.

What happened since that day?

"Sure it has been long, and I am fine, thank you for asking," Jihyo answered him when they broke their hug.

"Is he your kid?" He asked, pertaining to Jihyo.

"Yes, he is my son. His name is Jay. Come here Jay, greet Uncle Mark." Jihyo called for Jay'a attention.

"Hello," Jay said in a small voice.

"Hey there, young man!" Mark greeted him with a smile. Jay went back to where Ella was.

"And how about you? How have you been?" Jihyo returned the question to Mark.

"Oh I have been well. And did you meet Ella already?" Mark asked her. The way he asked her that question does not sit well with me., like he was implying something.

"Yes. Sana and I met by chance a couple weeks back, we were with our kids," Jihyo said.

"And where is his father?" Mark asked Jihyo.

I saw how Jihyo shifts uncomfortably when Mark asked her that question. She turned her head and looked at Tzuyu. That was the time when Tzuyu turned her gaze away from me and looked at Mark.

"Oh, wow I did not know that you two would be an item," Mark chuckled.

"We are about to grab some lunch; we were just registering Jay." Jihyo said. Her tone was indicating it was not an invitation and I did not mind. I cannot stand to be near anyone of them any longer. I just wanted to grab my daughter and storm my way out of everyone.

"Oh look at the time! It's already past noon and I'm pretty starving. Maybe we can have lunch together. What do you say, Sana?" He suddenly asked me which caught me off guard.

"I don-"

"I think that would be ideal," Tzuyu suddenly spoke. The way she was looking at me seemed like she was waiting for me to go against what she just said.

And I'm not going to give you that.

"Yes, I think that would be lovely," I smiled sweetly at Mark. I saw how Tzuyu took a deep breath and I almost rolled my eyes when she did that.

"Ella, we're grabbing some lunch," I called my daughter.

"Mommy, can I play with Jay please?" The way she looked at me made it hard for me to reject her request upfront.

"Mommy, can I stay here with Ella? Please??" Jay seconded when he returned to Jihyo's arms.

"Ella, we already talked about this, right? You should never leave my side especially when we are in public places," I explained to my daughter.

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