Chapter 28

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When Sana heard the chime of her private elevator, a smile made its way on her lips. And when the elevator door opened, she saw the most dashing woman she has ever known.

"Hey you," Tzuyu greeted her while walking towards her desk. She leaned down and planted a soft kiss on Sana's waiting lips. "I missed you," Tzuyu said before pulling away.

"Hmm… I missed you too," Sana answered before caressing Tzuyu's cheek.

Tzuyu sat down on top of her table. "Are you ready to go?" Tzuyu asked her. They both decided to just report half day in the office because they wanted to spend some time with Beauty. They are about to pick her up from her nursery and watch the newly released animated movie because Beauty said she wanted to see it.

It has been a month since they have been honest with each other, and even though Tzuyu wanted them to start living with her in her Pyong villa, they decided it was still not safe. Her house is still not equipped with enough security measures, and Tzuyu does not want to take chances just by merely installing equipments, she wanted to have people stationed in her house too. Thus, it was still under renovation. In the meantime, she's living with them in their mansion until her own house has been fully renovated.

"Let me just give a quick reminder to my assistant," Sana said before pressing her intercom to call her assistant inside her office. Tzuyu stood up and went to sit down on her couch while watching Sana giving a last-minute reminder to her assistant.

Tzuyu would not believe it if you told her before that she and Sana would patch things up in the future, because it seemed like a farfetched idea, but here they are now, enjoying every single moment they can have with each other.

When Sana was done talking to her assistant, she closed her laptop then walked to where Tzuyu is. She extended her arm and lightly pulled Tzuyu up.

"Shall we?" She asked Tzuyu. Tzuyu intertwined their fingers before walking to the elevator.

While on their way to Beauty's nursery, Tzuyu asked Sana.

"You already made a reservation at the cinema, right?" She asked Sana. Though Tzuyu wanted to rent out the whole cinema, Sana argued about it and said she wanted her daughter to experience the actual feeling and ambiance of watching a movie on a big screen. And of course, Tzuyu would have no choice but to always agree with whatever Sana decides.

"Of course," Sana simply answered while she was playing with Tzuyu's hand that was on the gear stick. She loved the feeling of always playing with Tzuyu's long and slender fingers, and she would sometimes trace the veins that were visible at the back of her hand.

Tzuyu parked her car across the main gate of the school. Sana went out of the car to pick Beauty while Tzuyu was browsing her phone and checking the timeslot of the movie they are about to watch, thinking if they would have enough time to grab a quick bite.

When Tzuyu noticed Sana has not returned yet, she looked up and saw Sana talking to the guard at the gate with a worried look on her face. Tzuyu furrowed her eyebrows and went out of the car to check what's happening.

"What's wrong?" Tzuyu asked Sana.

"They are saying Mark already picked Beauty up," Sana said. "I tried calling him but he is not picking up."

"What? Why would they allow Beauty to go with anyone else other than her parents or Bambam?" Tzuyu asked her but her eyes are already killing the guards of the school.

"They knew Mark because he would sometimes visit Beauty here, and Beauty knew Mark so she came with him when he picked her up," Sana said.

"Damn it!" Tzuyu murmured.

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